Will Eyelash Extensions Make Your Eyes Dry And Get Dirty Than Term

Will Eyelash Extensions Make Your Eyes Dry And Get Dirty

|Q&A| Will Eyelash Extensions Make Your Eyes Dry And Get Dirty

Will Eyelash Extensions Make Your Eyes Dry And Get Dirty Than Term

Around the topic EYELASH EXTENSIONS, customers want to be consulted more carefully by experts about their concerns: Are eyelash extensions will make the eyes DRIED , and Easy to get dirty than not?

As you know, eyelash extensions are one of the forms of beauty for eyelashes, especially creating accents for the eyes to be more attractive.

– Eyelash extension operation is to increase the length and curvature of real eyelashes by attaching more false eyelashes, using an adhesive that is eyelash extension glue.
Optimal eyelash length is ⅓ of eye width. The lashes help reduce evaporation (which causes dry eyes) and dust accumulation by up to 50%. This benefit is due to reduced airflow from the eyelashes to the eye.

Many people think that eyelash extensions will make their eyes dry and easier to get dirty for the following reasons:

Eyelash extensions too long:

That is, when the length of the eyelashes is more than ⅓ of the width of the eye, they no longer trap air, but instead form a funnel for air into the eye, increasing evaporation and accumulation of dust. In this case, the eyes will be drier and dirtier, and may even bleed non-stop.

So, Miss Tram's advice for women when intending to eyelash extensions:

– Should consider, learn and choose for yourself a reputable - professional - dedicated eyelash extension facility because there will be standard equipment and a team of experienced professionals who will advise you. About the type of eyelashes, the length of eyelashes is suitable for the eyes.

After eyelash extensions, if you feel itchy, uncomfortable, swollen eyes or around a rash, you need to immediately go to an ophthalmologist, do not arbitrarily handle to avoid unfortunate defects.

The time that can keep the shape of the eyelashes after joining will last about 2-3 weeks depending on the growth of natural eyelashes, and how you take care of them.

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