Should You Spray Eyebrow Tattoo For Beauty? Information

Should You Spray Eyebrow Tattoo For Beauty?

Eyebrow spray is one of the modern beauty technology, can help eyebrows become more elegant, in harmony with the contours of the face. This is the way many girls choose when they do not have time to make-up every day and are not skillful enough to use lead or paint. eyebrow powder. However, in fact this way meets the safety and brings the expected beauty?

Eyebrow spray - A famous trend in the cosmetic industry

Owned eyesbrown Clear, bold lines in harmony with elegant eyebrows will help attract eyes and make the face stand out much more. Even, when you are beautiful, you can obscure other defects on your face. However, not everyone is born with a perfect eyebrow and a lot of girls are bothered by their eyebrows being too thin, their eyebrows growing in a wrong way or losing part of their eyebrows because of an accident. want.

Some girls will resort to pencil or eyebrow powder to improve the shape and make the eyebrows more beautiful. But in today's busy life, taking care of your eyebrows takes a lot of time and do you admit that sometimes you are "tired" with this job? Therefore, more and more people rely on the support of beauty technologies to change the appearance of their eyebrows.

Should I spray my eyebrows for beauty?
Beautiful eyebrow pictures

In cosmetology industry, the production of eyebrow spray technology It is considered a perfect improvement, which can give women sharper but more beautiful and natural eyebrows than traditional tattooing. If the tattoo uses a needle to pierce the skin to put ink in, spraying is the way to use it embroidery machine With a specially designed needle tip, it acts gently and evenly on the skin surface. The ink spray will go delicately in the form of fibers, down towards the tail of the eyebrow. After spraying, the eyebrows have a smooth, dark and harmonious shape.

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Before spraying, the eyebrows will be shaped and the practitioner undergoes an anesthetic process to reduce pain when performing. Spraying eyebrows does not cause pain, does not take time to rest and we do not have to abstain from eating like when tattooing eyebrows. In general, this technology is safe, capable of improving eyebrow shape, suitable for many ages and natural beauty standards today.

Who should and shouldn't spray you?

Should You Spray Eyebrow Tattoo For Beauty? Information

Although it has the ability to beautify, improve eyebrow contours and bring harmony to the face, we should not "disrespect" follow the trend of eyebrow spray. Before implementing, you must carefully consider whether you really need to rely on this technology to change. You need to remember that eyebrows greatly affect your fortune line.

From the point of view of anthropology, the eyebrows are the master of personality, business and career, the love line has advantages or difficulties, more or less, you decide. If you don't understand well, you can "break your general" yourself.

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We should only do eyebrows when:

  • Short, sparse eyebrows
  • You are pale, you don't know your shape
  • Lost part of my eyebrow

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In addition, the following subjects absolutely must not make eyebrows or interfere with cosmetic technology:

1. Pregnant women

Although eyebrow spray has a high safety index and does not cause bleeding, it is not guaranteed when performed on pregnant women. During the injection process, we have to go through an anesthetic step to reduce pain, and the anesthetic is not suitable for the body in this sensitive period. You feel fine, but it's the baby in your belly that is the hardest hit.

Not to mention, if we do it at a less reputable facility, using metal-mixed ink will cause toxins to penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream, affecting the fetus, causing unpredictable complications.

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2. People who are prone to allergies, dermatitis

Everyone's body is different, so it will have different reactions to external influences such as drugs and embroidery ink. Many people are normal to these factors, but for some it is extremely serious. Just being allergic to any element, the beauty results will not be as expected and we have to face other dangerous problems.

Therefore, if you are the type of person with sensitive skin, or have problems with chemicals, it is recommended that you do not intervene cosmetically, or if you have to be carefully consulted and supervised of experts and doctors.

As women, we have the right to be beautiful to stand out and be happier. However, you need to consider and be wise to choose a reputable center with the right technology to make you really beautiful.

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