Should I Spray Eyelids Open Without Insiders

Should I Spray Eyelids Open

"Should I spray my eyelids open??” This is a question that many women have asked in the past. Spray eyelids is a cosmetic method to help bring slimmer and sharper eyelid contours to women.

However, many of you still wonder if it is really beautiful and safe. To answer the above question, please see the sharing below of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about whether to spray eyelids open!

Should I Spray Open Eyelids?

Spraying eyelids open - Should or should not?

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According to the experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center and customers who have used this method, the answer is yes. Eyelid spray is a modern method of eyelid spraying, applying advanced technology from abroad, so you can be completely assured of this eyelid spray technique.

Compared with other traditional eyelid spraying methods, open eyelid spray has a spray line from the middle and white veins to the closed tail to give your eyes a clear and impressive eyelid contour.

At the same time, this method has the ability to make the eyes more round and attractive, in accordance with the current aesthetic trend.

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Experience eyelid spray service open at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

The technique of eyelid spraying not only brings aesthetic beauty to the eyes but also overcomes the aging and ferocious defects of traditional tattooing methods.

With a team of highly skilled professionals in the beauty industry, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center confidently bring you beautiful natural eye color, long lasting, not dull but also safe for skin.

The open eyelid spray method uses an embroidery pen tip with a microscopic size, only 0.2 mm, allowing experts to control the depth and depth of each embroidery ink line.

With this technique, the eyelid contour will be embroidered meticulous, precise , and nature more. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center committed to using 100% of the ink extracted from natural herbs originating in Europe, so the ink color on the skin is always natural and the time to use is longer than other common types from 3-5 years.

Eyelid spray does not directly affect the eyes or vision, but only affects the epidermis of the skin. Wanting to own sharp eyelids requires a highly skilled technician to create slender eyelid contours, close to the base of the eyelashes.

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Spray eyelids open

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In addition, sugar eyelid spray will be formed right on the old eyelid crease, helping to create accents for your eyes. Thanks to that, you will not spend much time on complicated pencil or pencil eyeliner steps anymore.

Technique of spraying eyelids open in Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center highly appreciated by customers, from the preparation stage to the steps performed in the minor surgery process. Experts pay great attention to the injector angle. The needle tip must always be perpendicular to the skin surface, the holding position must be firm; The driving force must be even and smooth and flexible. The spray speed is slow but must be sure and decisive to avoid going back and forth too many times, which will easily injure the skin around the eyes.

After this article, you must have found the answer, should you spray your eyelids open or not? If you want to learn more about this method of eyelid spraying, please contact the hotline 1900 7018 to be the experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Free consultation.

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