Should I spray my eyelids naturally?

Should I Spray Natural Eyelids

Spraying natural eyelids is an advanced tattooing technique today. Help women own beautiful natural eyes with beautiful sharp eyelids anytime, anywhere without spending a lot of time on makeup. With great advantages, natural eyelid spray is increasingly being interested and widely used by women.

Should I Spray Eyelids?
Should I Spray Eyelids?

What is natural eyelid spray?

Spray embroidery of natural eyelids is the solution to create sharp eyelid edges with tattoo ink. The specialist will use the spray tool, which is the micro-needle tip, to act on the epidermis of the skin to make the thin eyelid line close to the upper eyelid with a slightly rocky tail, in order to create the most beautiful and natural eyelid contour.

The advantages of spraying natural eyelids at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Owning modern technology, ink color imported 100% from abroad ensures high durability, so when spraying eyelids, it will be effective for a long time, the time can last up to 5 years. Although keeping the long-term effect depends on the customer's care, don't worry because at Miss Tram the experts will advise customers on the most suitable methods to keep the color fastness. eyelids.

Advantages when spraying eyelids at Miss Tram
Advantages when spraying eyelids at Miss Tram

In addition, natural eyelid tattoo spray at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center also has advantages such as:

  • Sharp, beautiful natural eyelid lines in harmony with the eyes and face.
  • Correcting the defects of the eyes (big, small or convex) creates a harmonious beauty for the eyes, making your eyes more attractive.
  • Help women have beautiful eyes all the time without spending too much time on makeup.
  • The process is fast, only 15-30 minutes, completely painless, no downtime due to the application of high technology. After this is done, you can still go to work, go out and resume normal activities immediately.
  • Effective long-term with the most reasonable cost for customers.
Sharp Eyeliner, Natural Beauty
Sharp Eyeliner, Natural Beauty

The process of doing natural eyelid spray at Miss Tram

Step 1: The esthetician will examine and consult to help customers understand how to perform and choose the right eyelid color for the customer's face and eyes.

Step 2: Clean the eyelid area and numb it in place

Step 3: Technicians will spray eyelids

Step 4: Clean the eye area just sprayed, customers will be applied vaseline or eye ointment immediately to keep the beautiful eye color lasting after peeling off.

Eyelid spraying has a quick implementation time, but it is essential to ensure perfect safety, because this is the area closest to the eyes, if we are accidentally negligent, we will be seriously affected. Understanding the importance of this, eyelid spraying at Miss Tram must be done by experts and skilled KTV. Thus, we can meet the most beautiful, natural and safe results for our customers.

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In addition, after spraying eyelids, the consultants of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center We will guide you on how to take care of your eyelids properly, helping you keep the longest effect. Along with quality service and dedicated customer care, you will feel the difference when going for eyelid surgery here.

Spray Eyelids Naturally And Safely At Miss Tram
Spray Eyelids Naturally And Safely At Miss Tram

To ensure the most effective eyelid spray, you will need a team of highly skilled estheticians and technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. This is something you will not get when you go to a reputable cosmetic center.

When you come to these centers, you are not only not assured of quality, but also face many risks such as ink colors of unknown origin, unqualified equipment, and poorly skilled technicians. These risks are very likely to bring health sequelae to you. Therefore, finding a reputable cosmetic center to give "trust" is an extremely necessary thing.

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