Should You Spray Powdered Eyebrows At Miss Tram

The Technological Process of Powder Eyebrow Spraying at Miss Tram. The Outstanding Advantages of Powdered Eyebrow Spray Method

Should You Spray Powdered Eyebrows At Miss Tram

Spray powdered eyebrows It is currently a famous trend in the cosmetic world because of the naturalness of the eyebrows brought about by this method. It can be said that this is a breakthrough step in beauty industry help women dispel the obsession with couples sparse, pale eyebrows so long ago.

Should I Spray Powdered Eyebrow at Miss Tram?

What's the difference between spraying powdered eyebrows at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center?

Spray powdered eyebrows is a method of combining techniques embroidered eyebrow spray and the use of powder to get the eyebrows exactly as you want, but still the most soft and true. In particular, powder spraying will shape the eyebrows more beautiful. Spray eyebrow powder at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center implemented in many different ways, helping customers have more choices:

Methods of spraying beautiful powdered eyebrows at Miss Tram
Methods of spraying beautiful powdered eyebrows at Miss Tram

– Method 1: Mix powder with water level and spray normally. Then you get a color massage for 15 minutes.

– Method 2: The technician will spray the water level to 80%, then add the powder to mix well and then spray again. Then you get a 15 minute color incubation massage.

Method 3: Mix the eyebrow powder with water to make ink and then spray normally, finally rub the powder on the eyebrows and incubate the color for 10-15 minutes. (Refer to the The hottest method to beautify eyebrows The current).

The process of applying eyebrow powder embroidery technology you need to know

powder eyebrow spray
The process of applying powdered eyebrow spray at Miss Tram

Step 1: Clean the area where the skin is sprayed and embroidered, ensuring safety standards in minor surgery.

Step 2: Design and edit eyebrow style, suitable for body shape and face. Then, the technician will advise you to choose the right ink color for your skin tone and hair color.

Step 3: Incubate the area to be numbed

Step 4: Conduct eyebrow embroidery. The technician will use specialized machines to spray eyebrow embroidery because the needles go very small and thin to create delicate embroidery lines, not hurting your skin.

Step 5: After spraying is completed, the powdering process will begin. Miss Tram uses a smooth, long-lasting powder that evenly applies the powder to the pre-shaped eyebrow line so that the eyebrows appear natural as they are or as smooth as a pencil line.

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Outstanding advantages of the powdered eyebrow spray method

powder eyebrow spray
The results after the treatment of eyebrow spray powder at Miss Tram

- Eyebrow powder spraying is considered to be no swelling or painful discomfort. In particular, the fine powder coating will look more elegant and natural than the traditional tattoo spray. In addition, the powder sprayer has the added advantage of not being discolored or deformed.

The eyebrow shape will be softer if you choose the right color for your skin and hair color.

– This method at Miss Tram does not leave scars or cosmetic traces. At the same time, you can be assured of the quality of the ink, because we are committed to using products imported 100% from the US, natural ingredients, so it is extremely safe for the human body.

Despite possessing many advantages, powder spraying is limited in color fastness. This method only keeps about 6 months because it is herbal powder. After this time, you should go to the center again to keep the perfect eyebrow shape.

To get a beautiful and safe powdered eyebrows, the selection is done at a Prestigious beauty center This is something that you need to consider before you decide to do it. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Confident is one of the beauty centers specializing in the field embroidery spray, eyebrow sculpture in Vietnam, can bring to you the most beautiful - natural - suitable eyebrows. Come to Miss Tram, you will be beautiful in your own way, confidently shining anytime, anywhere. (Refer to the eyebrow embroidery technique & error handling safe, best standards).

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