Should Remarkable Puffy Eye Surgery

Should Puffy Eye Surgery

Puffy eyes This is one of the reasons why people's eyes look old, less flexible, and reveal people's real age. So many women intend to resort to cosmetic intervention to solve this problem.

So the thing liposuction Is it really effective? And we Should I have eyelid surgery?? All answers will be given by the leading estheticians of Miss Tram VietNam Answer by writing below.

Should I have eyelid surgery?
What are eye bags? Should or should not plastic surgery eye bags?

Plastic Surgery for Puffy Eyes – Should or Shouldn't?

Puffy eyes is the result of skin aging process, making the region sensitive skin in the eye will quickly thin and lose elasticity. Following that, the subcutaneous fat layer gradually accumulates to the sunken areas and swells up under the eyes to form puffiness.

Puffy eyes, though not harmful to health, cause aesthetic loss, making the face tired and old. This is really the suffering of many people, especially women.

The cause of puffiness is mainly due to age that accelerates the aging process, in addition to genetics, lack of sleep, working in front of the computer too much, improper diet, drinking too little water, hormone changes, etc.

Wrinkles make you look older
Wrinkles make you look older

Some people use tea bags, cucumbers, potatoes, ice, etc. to make eye masks. But this only helps the eyes to reduce swelling and reduce dark circles, but not to remove puffiness. The main way to remove eye bags today is to do minor surgery to remove the newly formed fat layer.

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Should I have eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is known as a modern beauty technology of the world, by making a small incision close to the edge of the eyelid, then removing the excess fat and stitching the surgical area.

However, at present, there are very few facilities in our country capable of performing this service. Although introduced as a gentle minor surgery, the eye skin area is a particularly sensitive area, if not careful, it can cause the eyes to shift, pull and unnatural. In addition, if you encounter a poor quality cosmetic facility, it can cause pain, infection and leave ugly scars.

Therefore, if you want cut eye bags, you need to learn this method carefully, find reputable addresses as well as be carefully examined to avoid possible unfortunate consequences.

Puffy eyes are puffy
Puffy eyes are puffy

In case you do not want to touch the cutlery, you can carry out natural rejuvenation for the eye area with HiFu S + technology TU Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center. This is a technology that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to generate heat of 60 - 70 degrees, impact at a depth of 4,5mm to create great effects:

  • Stimulates collagen production, strengthens the elastin fiber structure in the skin, keeps the skin healthy and youthful
  • The ability to connect broken links, restructure epidermal cells, help skin smooth and fade wrinkles
  • Deep impact, support lifting, visibly improve sagging skin

Thanks to that, you will see your eye skin become firm, smooth, effectively reduce wrinkles. The rejuvenation of the eye area will also make you much more fresh.

Besides skin rejuvenation, you can eyelid spray to help the eyes have depth and become more attractive. The eyelid spray is completely painless and does not take any downtime, so you can be completely assured of this problem. Eyelid spray at Miss Tram uses the most modern spray technology today, giving you the most beautiful and natural eyes possible.

A beautiful, safe and prestigious eye bag surgery address in Ho Chi Minh City
A beautiful, safe and prestigious eye bag surgery address in Ho Chi Minh City

Also you can eyelash extensions for eyes. Although angel lashes For glitter eyes or black rose eyelids to bring sharpness, eyelash extensions at Miss Tram also ensure beautiful, natural and safe elements.

Cutting eye bags is considered an effective method, but if you do not really believe this method, there are still many solutions for you. Skin rejuvenation, muscle lifting, eyelash extensions or eyelid spraying are all safe beauty methods that give you a beautiful, flexible, youthful eyes and help you "cheat your age" effectively. (Refer to the Pinterest's hottest eye makeup styles from today's top makeup artists).

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