Should You Sculpt Your Eyebrows For Beauty? No Recognition

Should You Sculpt Your Eyebrows For Beauty?

Sculpture of eyebrows famous as a modern beauty method, capable of giving all genders clear lines, suitable for the face but still keeping the most natural look. However, there are still many people who are still confused about this method as well as wondering if they should try it. If you are wondering about this issue, let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center learn about it.

Should Or Shouldn't Sculpt Eyebrows For Beauty? 

What is eyebrow sculpture and when should it be done?

Should I sculpt my eyebrows or not?
Beautify with eyebrow sculpting method

Besides tattooing and spraying embroidery, sculpture is a beauty method applied on eyebrows. Although it has only appeared for a short time, it has quickly become a trend, loved by girls. Not only that, more and more men are looking to this method to improve their eyebrows.

Sculpture also uses specialized aesthetic needles to bring ink to the eyebrows, but it must be a micro-blade, meticulously carving each strand and interwoven with real eyebrows. The world calls this technique Microblading or Embroidery technique, but in Vietnam you can hear terms like 9D eyebrow sculpture, brows...

There are many eyebrow sculpting technologies and currently the most popular is European technology Phibrows because it perfectly meets all criteria of natural beauty and safety. This technique can create bold eyebrows to make the face more sharp or light to increase the youthful look, especially you can sculpt colors that are in harmony with your favorite skin and hair color.

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When should we sculpt eyebrows?

Sculpting eyebrows Điêu is one of the cosmetic interventions to beautify, and it can completely change the "look" of your current eyebrows. And this has a lot to do with anthropology. In anthropology, eyebrows decide 80% of the face, if you are beautiful, your face will be beautiful and vice versa you will be less sharp.

Eyebrows are said to have the ability to blur imperfections on the face, helping to balance and harmonize the overall face. For a certain person, eyebrows not only play an important role in terms of aesthetics but also have a lot to do with the path of fortune and happiness in life. Therefore, you need to carefully consider whether you should do it or not.

Steps to perform the most standard eyebrow sculpting
Steps to perform the most standard eyebrow sculpting

Sculpting eyebrows or any other beauty method should only be applied when:

  • Your eyebrows are blurred, the lines are not clear
  • Missing the tail or the tip of the eyebrow
  • Lost an eyebrow area
  • You like to have natural eyebrows, you don't know if you have cosmetic intervention

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Experience when sculpting eyebrows

To get the beautiful eyebrows you want, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Share with you some of the following experiences. These are the basic things that you should apply before and after the eyebrow process.

beauty with eyebrows
The method of beautifying eyebrows is a hot trend right now

Should do eyebrow sculpting at a reputable establishment

Why is that? Because reputable places will have clear headquarters, modern equipment, professional processes, guaranteed ink quality and especially high professional skills. Eyebrow sculpting is described as simple, but the process requires high concentration and certain ingenuity. The person in charge must be technically strong and have experience in handling all situations that occur.

When finished, you must ensure that the lines are crisp, soft and harmonious. Besides, during the procedure does not cause much pain, does not cause bleeding. Sculpting eyebrows if done in places that do not guarantee you will be put metal-containing ink on the skin, after a while the color of the eyebrows will be changed and even harmful to health.

More importantly, at professional facilities, before any cosmetic surgery is performed, there will be a specialist to advise customers carefully. Not only help customers understand technology, but these experts also do the job of consulting on eyebrow shape, how to get customers to have the best and most suitable eyebrows in terms of anthropology. When you're done, you get a warranty, free repair or extra miles which is an advantage when you go to reputable addresses.

Should talk more with the consultant

Before you do it, take the time to talk to your consultant. Be clear with them about your wishes and current health status. Remember, it is very important to let the consultant know if you are allergic to anesthetics or ink colors. Because they will let you test first to ensure safety during the implementation.

It is recommended to check the equipment before doing it

When you do, ask to have the tools checked out for you. Some equipment such as tattoo needles and engraving knives must be used only once for each person to ensure safety and prevent infection. And now you can see how important it is to choose a reputable establishment.

Prepare mentally after you're done

Your done will be darker than usual, that is of course when it comes to cosmetic interventions. And some of you will be surprised, even a bit "shocked" with your new look (especially those who rarely wear eyebrows). However, do not worry too much because only a few days later we will have a beautiful natural eyebrow line with the most elegant colors and lines.

Should follow the instructions of the consultant

After sculpting eyebrows, you will be advised to limit water contact with your eyebrows, in addition to absolutely avoid swimming and bathing in the first few days because these water environments contain a lot of chlorine that can affect the color. ink. This will help the ink color to be more stable and more durable.

Hope some share on here of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center helped you gain more information and experience about eyebrow sculpting. Wish you have beautiful eyebrows like you want. (Refer to Standard eyebrow sculpting process at the top prestigious spa).


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