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The secret to choosing which method of beautifying eyebrows is the most natural and suitable today for Men and Women?

Beautify your eyebrows: Which eyebrow cosmetic method should you choose?

Need to Understand Before Doing: Difference Between Tattooing, Spraying, Embroidery and Sculpting, Hairstrokes

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As you know, being more beautiful every day is the desire of all of us, one of which is make beautiful eyebrows. Because of the non-stop technology transfer, many of you feel confused and confused between method XaEyebrows – Eyebrow spray – Embroidery or Sculpture.

You're worried about your face, eyebrow shape , and eyebrow thread What method should I follow now? Beautiful, harmonious, natural, gentle and not aging before age or fierce?

Today, the Expert at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you answer all your questions in this detailed article.

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1) Eyebrow Tattoo

Tattooed eyebrows is the form of use cosmetic needles put a quantity of substance, color ink on the bottom eyebrow skin. You can imagine this is the same method as tattoo tattoo on the body. Professionals will draw eyebrow frame first, then use a specialized needle to put the ink deep through the skin to perfect it eyebrow mold.

beautiful natural eyebrows make eyebrows how to draw curved eyebrows eyebrow sculpting teach eyebrow liner how to draw eyebrows how to draw natural eyebrows methods to beautify eyebrows
Beautiful Natural Eyebrows


Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques - Eyebrow Tattooing

Advantages of eyebrow tattoo

+ Bold eyebrows and according to right eyebrow frame predetermined;

+ Time high color fastness, durable time must be 10-20 years;

+ Low cost of eyebrow tattoo;

Cons of eyebrow tattoo

+ Eyesbrown formed into a thick frame ink, less natural;

+ Bold tattoo color so usually after tattooing your eyebrows, you have to accept that you are a bit old and your face is somewhat evil;

+ Process painful, red, swollen and need time to rest because the tattoo needles deeply affect the dermis of the skin.

Eyebrow tattoo time

100 - 150 minutes

Cost of eyebrow tattoo

From 500.000 VND – 1 million VND (depending on facilities and materials)


2) Eyebrow Spray

Eyebrow spray is an improved technology from Traditional eyebrow tattoo on. However, we need to distinguish Spray eyebrows only lightly touching the epidermis but not deep into the dermis like old method of tattooing eyebrows. Currently, there are many names as well as improved technologies from spraying such as Spray eyebrow powder, ombre eyebrow spray, Shading eyebrow spray,...

Live Video Spray eyebrow powder at Miss Tram beauty salon

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Eyebrow Spray Technique - Eyebrow

Advantages of eyebrow spray method

+ Small needle, high speed sprayer at the same time the needle point Gently glides on skin should completely no swelling or pain;

+ Eyebrows after spraying smoother, softer and more elegant than old tattoo technology before;

+ Eyebrow spray suitable for girls who often make-up because of its youthful sharpness, easy to change color to suit matching hair color;

+ Time color fastness also suitable, usually ranging from 1 - 5 year Depends on the quality of the ink.

Disadvantages of eyebrow spray method

+ You have to find the right one prestigious eyebrow spray address and good professionals because it will be easy to confuse with old tattoo technology;

+ Only suitable for those who like sharp, frequent makeup;

+ If your eyebrows are not enough, thin and light, the eyebrow spray will feel rough, lack of harmony.

Eyebrow spray time

45 - 120 minutes

Cost of eyebrow spray

1.000.000 VND – 3.000.000 VND (depending on the facility, ink quality)


Top 10 addresses to make the most beautiful sculpted eyebrows in the city. HCM - Top 5 places to sculpt / spray / embroider eyebrows in Saigon
Eyebrow spray is suitable for girls who often wear makeup

3) Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is the way create traditional eyebrows has existed for a long time. A form of using a machine head with a micro-needle to put ink into the skin. The specialist will put the needle tip according to the predetermined eyebrow shape to create each stripe line interspersed with real eyebrows yours.

Spray Embroidery Sculpting Cosmetic Eyebrows Spray Embroidery, Sculpting eyebrows HCMC
Eyebrow embroidery is a traditional method of creating yarn that alternates with real eyebrows


Eyebrow Embroidery Technique – Eyebrow

Advantages of eyebrow embroidery

+ Gentle eyebrows, still keep natural eyebrow color;

+ Satisfy your wishes with The eyebrow shape is suitable and has many strands;

+ Small needle Only gentle on the epidermis so it doesn't cause pain.

Disadvantages of eyebrow embroidery

+ embroidery yarn Sợi there are degrees rough, will usually be the difference compared to the real eyebrows;

+ Only suitable for eyesbrown had really pretty eyebrows or really big eyebrows, when interlaced, there will be a natural degree. For those of you who have sparse eyebrows then embroidery still leaves a rough feeling on the face;

+ Embroidery needles form stripes in a certain direction, each stripe is long from the head to the tail of the eyebrow, without the interlacing like natural eyebrows.

Eyebrow embroidery time

60 - 120 minutes

Eyebrow embroidery cost

1.500.000 VND – 3.500.000 VND (depending on the facility)


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4) Eyebrow Sculpture

Sculpture of eyebrows This is the most aesthetic eyebrow shaping method available today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with Super small blade to bring ink to the skin, carve each strand meticulously and intertwine naturally like the real thing.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Some countries also call This technique is Microblading or is Embroidery technique is also a though Embroidery means embroidery.

today, European technology eyebrow sculpture phibrows has all the advantages of naturalness. This technology is also called Sculpting eyebrows 9D or Eyebrows as you always hear.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Brow Sculpting Technique - Eyebrow

Advantages of eyebrow sculpting

+ Sculpture of eyebrows will give out each eyebrow thread Follow the contours of the real eyebrows, file with your own color and size Natural eyebrows your body with a slightly large, pale head and a narrow middle, a sharp tail, each sculpted eyebrows There is a degree of interlacing with the eyebrows so you are difficult to recognize after doing.

Using specialized equipment, the sterilization & sterilization of tools is easier and more thorough.

+ With Modern eyebrow sculpting techniques hey, professionals can có control the shallowness - depth on each ink line so it's non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime.

+ Quality ink color of natural origin, has passed rigorous testing stages, no iron oxide components. So will Không bloom green, bloom red over time but still Keep the natural dark brown colorNon-irritating, suitable for all skin types.

+ Is a technology not only for women but also for men to choose safely because amazing naturalness.

Cons of eyebrow sculpting

+ You must choose a reputable facility with a good, experienced specialist to follow the right technique and Create a natural aesthetic eyebrow shape according to the golden ratio of the face your;

+ High cost than other methods, in return you get one perfect, durable eyebrows (depending on ink quality) because if done correctly, the ink quality is not durable, it can only keep about 6 months – 1.5 years.

+ The fiber adhesion partly depends on the customer's skin condition, in case of oily skin, only about 60-70% of the sculpted fiber will be kept.

Eyebrow sculpting time

45 - 120 minutes

Cost of eyebrow sculpting

VND 3.000.000 – VND 6.000.000 (depending on facility, ink type and care policy)


If You Want Eyebrow Spray/Embroidery/Scarving, Don't Forget 6 Addresses

Q&A: Where is the best place to sculpt eyebrows in Saigon?

EYEBROW CLEARANCE RESULTS After performing at Miss Tram Spa: Eyebrows with moderate thickness - thin, carefully trimmed to ensure 4 elements: romantic, luxury, sexy and full of charm. The eyebrow shape is very suitable for girls who like Western features & catch fashion trends!

5) Eyebrow Hairstrokes

Hairstrokes is a technique that uses a nano-needle machine to go each microscopic hair, randomly arranged, not big, not hard and create soft, flying eyebrows.

In addition, hairstrokes also combine gentle shading into the gaps between the fibers to cover the imperfections on the eyebrows, creating a more natural eyebrow effect.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You
Hairstrokes combined with Shading seeds to create a natural, soaring eyebrow


Eyebrow Hairstrokes Technique 

Technical advantages of Eyebrow Hairstrokes

+ Hairstrokes This is the most surreal eyebrow hair technique today to bring a perfect, natural, soft eyebrow.

+ Hairstrokes is also the same fiber creation technology as sculpting, but Hairstrokes eyebrows are longer, softer, more flighty and especially the technique of Hairstrokes is more modern and sophisticated.

+ Hairstrokes touch and pull on the skin small lines with a depth only through the epidermis of the skin, so it does not cause bleeding - tissue water or swelling on the surface of the skin.

+ Outstanding eyebrow thread strength Compared with conventional eyebrow sculpting, the fiber retention rate is more than 90%, including oily skin, no streaking, no fiber expansion after peeling.

+ Suitable for all ages, for both men and even eyebrows that have been corrected.

Disadvantages eyebrow hairstrokes technique

+ You must choose a reputable facility with a good, experienced specialist to follow the right technique and Create a natural aesthetic eyebrow shape according to the golden ratio of the face your;

+ Hairstrokes require specialized high-tech machines and good ink quality.

+ High cost than the previous methods, but in return you will have surreal hairstrokes eyebrows each strand plus the softness of the eyebrow shape will bring elegance to the face with Outstanding color fastness.

Execution time eyebrow hairstrokes technique

60 - 120 minutes

The cost of eyebrow hairstrokes technique

VND 5.000.000 – VND 10.000.000 (depending on facility, ink type and care policy)


Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You
Hairstrokes are suitable for all skin types, all ages, even on the basis of previous eyebrows mày

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Thus, we have fully reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the Eyebrow cosmetic method The current. Here are some eyebrow shape You can consult:

where is beautiful eyebrow sculpture in tphcm beautiful eyebrow sculpting address in tphcm eyebrow sculpture in prestigious eyebrow sculpture in tphcm where is the most beautiful eyebrow embroidery in tphcm where is the most beautiful eyebrow sculpture
Korean standard horizontal eyebrow shape - Soft and feminine bow-shaped eyebrow shape - Standard willow-leaf eyebrows for Asian women - Tilted eyebrows exude a determined temperament

In addition, depending on brow bone of each of you that before doing Tattoo specialist We will give you more detailed advice as well as create a pose directly on the face so that you can clearly visualize it first, then you will be satisfied.

6 Golden Criteria for Beautiful Men's Eyebrows

  1. Eyebrows are bold, even, straight, not messy, neither curved nor short.
  2. Beautiful male eyebrow shape must be suitable and in harmony with the face.
  3. Eyebrow color, skin color and hair color match each other.
  4. The eyebrow shape shows masculinity, but the first part of the eyebrow is not wide, hard, the part between the eyebrow and the eyebrow has an evenness.
  5. The distance between the eyebrows of the two sides is not greater than the width of the base of the nose.
  6. The end of the eyebrow should be on the same line as the corner of the eye. It is of the right length, without scattering, without clutter, of equal width, and with adequate curvature.

Most Important: Men's eyebrows absolutely do not see the eyebrow frame, just add the part of the eyebrow you are missing and in some cases it is necessary to create a "thin eyebrow" around the eyebrow shape to create a natural look. In addition, the space between the sculpted eyebrows must have the space of the skin, not sticky or form an ink board.


6 Golden Criteria for Beautiful Men's Eyebrows
Results of male eyebrow sculpting at Miss Tram


  • Miss Tram listen desire and carefully advise the eyebrow shape suitable for your own facial features, not following the trend;
  • The quality of the ink has clear origin from Korea, Germany, Japan, USA - Durable ink 3 - 5 years, colorless oxidation;
  • We are confident as Professionals LEAVE - EXPERIENCE, spread the heart of the profession;
  • The procedure does not cause skin damage, does not require abstinence and does not take much time to relax;
  • Supporting policies MONOPOLY 1 years - after that, if you want to adjust color or shape as you like within 1 years will be supported FREE 100% unlimited number of times;
  • Customer care regime Conscientious – Miss Tram always accompanies you from work, reminds you to check in until you are absolutely Satisfied!

Beautiful eyebrows give you confidence to shine naturally!

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With more than 17 years of establishment and development, Miss Tram is proud to be one of the Leading brand in the field of beauty.

Miss Tram Tam Niem: "If you beautify yourself, you will introduce friends and relatives to Miss Tram and Word of mouth is the most prestigious advertising method"

Team of Experts and experts at Miss Tram always update modern technologies, hone professional skills with precise and meticulous aesthetic embroidery to help women be more confident and successful in life.

Miss Tram is honored to be voted as a prestigious and preferred brand in 2015
Miss Tram is honored to be voted as a prestigious and preferred brand in 2015
CEO Dong Bao Tram was honored to receive the Golden Hand trophy awarded by the state in 2016
Miss Tram was honored to receive the Golden Hand trophy awarded by the state in 2016
CEO Dong Bao Tram - Director of Miss Tram Spa met with Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh
CEO Dong Bao Tram - Director of Miss Tram Spa met with Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh
Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You
Cup – Commemoration – Certificate of Commendation

[Frequently Asked Questions When Beautifying Eyebrows]

Question 1. My eyebrows have never been done, there is a head but the tail is missing, I want to make it natural but a little sharp to help draw more eyebrows, what method should I do?

Hello, with eyebrows have never been done then you can choose between Eyebrow shading or Sculpture of eyebrows Please! Both are natural, but depending on your preferences, you can decide as follows:

If you like a youthful, sharp eyebrows similar to each light makeup then Spray shading is suitable;

If you like to have eyebrows with many natural eyebrows like real eyebrows mày Sculpture of eyebrows is great, before doing you will be consulted the appropriate eyebrow shape dáng Golden ratio standard, satisfied, and then proceed to carve each natural eyebrow according to that frame.

Also, you can combine Sculpting your head + Spraying the tail of your eyebrows It will satisfy the desire to be both natural and sharp young!

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Question 2. My eyebrows have been done before (tattooed/spraying/embroidered) but now want to sculpt it naturally?

Hello, with Have you ever tattooed, sprayed or embroidered eyebrows? Depending on the current eyebrow condition, before doing it will be consulted in detail by a specialist. Usually there are 2 options:

If your current old ink color is very light, almost only a light background is not much, maybe handling eyebrow ink then sculpt! The cost of handling old ink colors ranges from 1.000.000 – 3.000.000 million depending on the basis and method. Implementation time only 45 – 60p .

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

For eyesbrown have done it and are still dark, if you want to sculpt it again, you should erase 1-2 times to make it light, then sculpt it again to be beautiful. By sculpted eyebrows It is very fine, natural and thin, so if the old color is still dark, the sculpting will not be clear, on the contrary, it will also cause an unnatural clumping of the ink.

Question 3. My mother has been hanging her eyebrows for more than 2 months, can she make eyebrows?

Hello, with your mother's eyebrows after 2 months of hanging your eyebrows, you can do it normally, no problem! For eyebrows that have been hung over, there will often be a scar, the specialist will do more carefully to create a natural, even color for both eyebrows, you can rest assured!

Question 4. I heard that eyebrow spray will quickly fade color, is that true?

Hi, because the injector only makes micro-touch on the surface of the skin, the powder coating spray has not as high color adhesion as the old tattoo method. However, the color fastness of powder spraying will depend on the ink quality of each facility you perform. At Miss Tram, there will be 3 ink qualities for you to choose from, corresponding to the color fastness time that can be up to more than 5 years!

With more than 15 years of experience in the profession, we are always sure to ensure the quality of genuine eyebrow ink. Consult carefully before doing so you clearly understand which solution is right for you.

Question 5. Eyebrow sculpture at Miss Tram, why is there a free support period of up to 1 year?

Our difference is in the mode of care like a family member.

You need to know that eyebrows are a place that is likely to change over time (fall, grow). For those of you who are careful, even if it is a "non-standard" thread, you will lose sleep and eat. Understanding that feeling, in a year, if something makes you feel unsatisfied, even the smallest, like you want to be darker, add eyebrows or correct color, you can visit Miss Tram unlimited times. And absolutely free of charge!

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Question 6. Currently, many 3D - 6D - 8D - 9D advertising facilities do not know how different are they?

Hello, 3D – 6D – 8D or 9D . technique are all eyebrow threading techniques. However, depending on the real eyebrows of each of you, you will be advised which method is appropriate because these 4 techniques are completely different in terms of naturalness, color and method of creating fibers.

More specific, 3D sculpture will be similar to the old embroidery technology before, the eyebrows are formed into a stiff frame with each unnatural parallel line.

Sculpture 6D By machine, there will be no eyebrow frame like 3D but 6D sculpted eyebrows There are still quite rough strokes, not yet soft, the distance between the fibers is still sparse and there is no natural interlacing.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You
Results of sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers at Miss Tram

Sculpting eyebrows 8D is an improved fiber engraving method from eyebrow sculpture 6D However, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to carefully and gently put the ink on the skin. The result of 8D sculpture Also appreciated for its natural softness, 8D eyebrows begin to intertwine, but for those of you who have no, sparse or light eyebrows, 8D is still not the perfect choice.

Sculpting eyebrows 9D This is the most aesthetic eyebrow shaping method available today. Sculpting eyebrows 9D will produce each eyebrow according to the contours of the real eyebrow, file with the color and size of your own natural eyebrow with a slightly large, pale tip and The middle is slim, the tail is sharp, each sculpted eyebrow is interwoven with real eyebrows so it's very hard for you to notice after doing. This method also gives a natural look even if your eyebrows are faint, scarred, lack of tails, protruding out of shape or even you don't have real eyebrows.

Standard beautiful eyebrow shape after cosmetic surgery with the golden ratio of the face
Standard beautiful eyebrow shape after cosmetic surgery with the golden ratio of the face
Question 7. I used to make eyebrows at facility A but now it's colored, can it be fixed?

Hello, with your eyebrows done and colored, the first thing you should do is to process the old color for later để Spray or Sculpt new eyebrows will not be discolored.

today, method to remove or treat eyebrows It's also more advanced, so you don't have to worry about leaving scars. You should visit Miss Tram for expert examination and advice, absolutely do not go to unreliable facilities, it will be worse, money will be lost, it will be difficult to fix it later!

For old ink blooms If it's pale, you can handle powder spraying or sculpting. If the ink is dark, you can erase it lightly and redo it!

Before and after pictures, the results of the treatment of old, discolored legs and 9d eyebrow sculpting
Before and after pictures, the results of the treatment of old, discolored legs and 9d eyebrow sculpting
Question 8. Do you need to abstain from food or rest?

Hello, as above we have reviewed the The method is only eyebrow tattoo About to abstain from certain foods such as seafood, beef, eggs, sticky rice, water spinach, soy sauce, etc., because of the invasiveness and damage to the tattoo area.

In addition, the remaining methods such as Spray embroidery or sculpt eyebrows All are just touching the outside of the skin, so it won't hurt, no need to abstain from food or rest! It is important that you choose the right one Prestigious eyebrow cosmetic facility to avoid skin irritation caused by equipment not being properly disinfected.

Question 9. Why do some places make eyebrows only a few hundred thousand?

Here is a question that Miss Tram has received a lot during the past time. As we all know, the above methods have different prices. In addition, in each method, depending on the quality of the ink, the quality of the specialist, The cost of cosmetic eyebrow surgery won't be the same.

Be a smart customer to choose the right reputable establishment because grandparents have a saying: "What you pay for", once done once is difficult, the first time making eyebrows will be easy, fast and beautiful, but if you do not look good, you have to fix it again and again, it takes a lot more time & cost.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Question 10. Hello Miss Tram, my eyebrows have been done for more than 3 years, now they are not very dark but they are red. I like to spray eyebrows but don't want the eyebrows to be square because they look bad, hope the Center advises me how to be beautiful!

Hi there, with The case of eyebrows has been done and sprayed Otherwise, it is quite simple because the specialist will process the old ink color and then spray the new ink. However, as I have also learned, Spraying eyebrows from head to toe will often be unnatural at the beginning of the eyebrow.

Currently Miss Tram has applied Shading seed spray technology can meet her wishes, so she can be completely assured of owning new eyebrows that are both natural, not square on the head, and sharp and youthful with fine powdered ink quality. I send you a picture to see more about this technology!

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Question 11. Hello center, I'm a man, in fact, I don't care much about my "façade", but because of some issues related to feng shui, I learn to make eyebrows. The issue I care most about is the naturalness, I don't want my business partners, customers or the opposite person to realize that my eyebrows are aesthetically pleasing because frankly, I am a "straight man".

Miss Tram greets you, with more than 15 years of working with the profession, we have met, understood and helped more than 1578 men who are more confident when owning beautiful natural eyebrows that are no different from real eyebrows. .

Accordingly, depending on the needs of the customer, the male eyebrow specialist at the Center will discuss, listen and advise in detail the appropriate method.

Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right For You

Question 12: Can I ask if I should make my eyebrows with black skin, can my eyebrows be raised after I'm done?

Hey E, the dark skin color has no effect on the results of the technology's threading 9D filament sculpture Hey there! Before working as a Specialist, I will help E create a standard eyebrow shape with the golden ratio of facial features, thereby meticulously sculpting each eyebrow that is intertwined with E's real eyebrows, as natural as real eyebrows. I'm worried that the slightly dark skin will affect the color of the eyebrows, but I will notice that there are many celebrities with dark brown skin who still have sharp youthful eyebrows, I am assured!

Question 13. Let me ask you, I heard that making eyebrows will shave off all real eyebrows and then spray or sculpt, is it true, if I shaved my eyebrows, I would not dare to do it because it is too wasteful and not beautiful anymore, Do you keep looking at your eyebrows?

Hi E, E's question is an interesting question and many of you have the same question as E. With this question, the Center will answer E as follows: “With the motto of helping customers get a pair Gentle, natural eyebrows today at Miss Tram in particular, taking advantage of the customer's real eyebrows is the first choice E!

Thereby, before working as a Specialist, I will proceed to align the appropriate eyebrow shape according to the golden ratio of my own face, then the excess will be trimmed, but I do not worry about shaving all the hair my eyebrows, thanks to keeping my real eyebrows, after doing E, I will immediately own natural eyebrows that are no different from real eyebrows! I'm safe."

The result of sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers for customers at Miss Tram
The result of sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers for customers at Miss Tram
Question 14. Hi Miss Tram, I really like eyebrows with natural fibers, but my skin is oily and acne prone, I don't know if I can do it or just spray, hope the center responds soon!

Miss Tram greets you, this is also the concern of many customers who like to own natural eyebrows when coming to the Center. Currently, Miss Tram has applied modern Hairstrokes eyebrow threading technology that can meet more than 90% fiber retention even for oily skin from the first time so you can confidently and safely do it. be beautiful!

Is the hairsrokes method at miss tram correct?


20 thoughts on "Choose Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Is Right"

  1. Tuan Hong says:

    I want to do eyebrow cosmetic method but don't know which reputable and quality address to choose, can you recommend me some addresses?

    • Myanmar says:

      To choose a reputable and quality address, you can refer to the addresses that are well-reviewed or introduced by relatives and friends. Consulting and experience of people who have done at that address is also a good way to assess the quality of service.
      If you are interested in the service at Miss Tram, please leave a contact message

  2. Baby Mai says:

    Hi admin,
    I want to know more about the procedure of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, is it painful? And after it's done, what points should I pay attention to to protect the tattooed skin and eyebrow area?

    • MissTram says:

      Eyebrow cosmetic method with tattoo spray can cause mild pain and discomfort during the procedure, however, the performer will use numbing creams and pain relievers to minimize pain. Once done, you need to protect the tattooed skin by avoiding direct sunlight, do not use chemical skin care products, and do not shave or pluck your eyebrows for 2 weeks after getting tattooed.

  3. Hong Ngan says:

    I am wondering between eyebrow cosmetic method by tattoo spray and by color acupuncture, can you tell me the difference between these two methods?

    • MissTram says:

      Hi Hong Ngan,
      I can summarize some of the answers to your question as follows: The method of cosmetic eyebrow spray by tattooing is a technique of putting ink into the second skin of the eyebrows by a machine, while the method of acupuncture color using a manual tool to bring ink into the top layer of skin of the eyebrow. Spray tattooing typically gives longer-lasting results and a lower rate of smearing, while tinting is less painful and has a faster recovery time.

      And information about the methods and techniques of tattooing are shared specifically in the above article, Ngan can read it specifically. If you have questions for direct advice, please contact Miss Tram at the hotline number shown on the screen

  4. Minh Vien says:

    I want to ask about the most suitable eyebrow cosmetic method for me, can you advise me?

    • MissTram says:

      Hello Minh Vien,
      Please answer Vien as follows:
      Choosing the right brow cosmetic method for you depends on your needs, skin condition and experience. However, you can refer to methods such as tattooing, coloring or a combination of both for the best results.
      For specific advice for your case, Vien can contact Miss Tram at phone number 0899 194 519 Vien. Or Vien can leave your contact information below for the Center to contact you.

  5. MissTram says:

    Can I ask what kind of water should I drink after tattooing my eyebrows to get a nice color, and after tattooing my eyebrows, what foods should I eat or not?

  6. Tran Thanh Thuy says:

    Annoying the ad, can you send me some pictures of the actual customers that the center has done? What is the form before and after eyebrow tattooing so I can see.
    Thank you ad

    • MissTram says:

      Hello Vy,
      About the cost of feng shui eyebrow tattoo, it depends on many factors, when consulting directly, the center will give you a more specific quote. You can contact 0899 194 519 for advice, make an appointment for a consultation.

  7. My Heart says:

    Should I sculpt my eyebrows or spray them with powder? Please consult with your doctor

    • MissTram says:

      It also depends on how your face looks. And specifically, please contact the consultant to schedule an appointment and get specific advice

      ✅ Call Center: 1900 7018
      ✅ Phone: 0899 194 519
      ✅ Email:

  8. sea ​​oats says:

    From what time does my side work for you to make an appointment to beautify your eyebrows.

    • MissTram says:

      The spa side works from 9am to 18pm every day.
      You can make an appointment in advance, contact 0899 194 519 for better service, no need to wait.

  9. Thuy Dung says:

    I want to make eyebrows like Di Bang sister like in that clip, how much money do I make? Ms. Tram advise me.

    • MissTram says:

      With each set of eyebrows, you need to match your face.
      If you currently have a similar face to Di Bang, then maybe. But here the center advises in a general way.
      Only direct consultation can accurately advise you on the method, style, and type of ink from which to have the most accurate price. You can contact 0899 194 519 to book an appointment

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