Is Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Cost Very Expensive?

Is Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Expensive?


tattoo removal with yag laser technology

The cost of YAG Laser tattoo removal will depend on 02 parts:

– Tattoo size
– The depth of your tattoo: determines the number of tattoo removal sessions of the process.

If your tattoo is as big as ½ a pack of cigarettes (Miss Tram describes it for easy understanding), the cost will range from 500k - 600k for one removal.

The cost of the later deletions will be lighter than the first ones. As for the depth, it must go through the first erase process to be evaluated. (Refer The most modern tattoo removal technology Currently applied by many leading prestigious spas).


- Every times YAG laser tattoo removal taken 1 month apart (most cases)
– A team of experienced tattoo removal specialists, equipment that meets the standards of health agencies: will more or less affect the health safety, speed and beauty of the skin after removal.

And Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Share some information about YAG Laser tattoo removal technology for everyone's reference. Yag Laser tattoo removal technology is currently the most modern tattoo removal technology that brings safety and effectiveness to customers:

- Using a new generation of American laser, which is a short pulse type combined with 4 wavelengths of 1.064nm, 585nm, 650nm and 532nm. The diversity in wavelengths allows the laser to penetrate deep inside the skin surface, actively working on all layers from the surface to the epidermis, dermis and dermis, helping to remove tattoo ink completely. and safe.

– Laser Yag removes even the most difficult-to-remove color tattoos such as blue, red, pink, … or 3D tattoos. In particular, they are defaulted to not reacting on the bright yellow color of the skin, so in the surrounding skin, the laser only passes through without causing a reaction.

- Brings 95% effectiveness without leaving scars like conventional methods.

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