Guidelines for Setting Diet and Living for People with Acne Articles

Guidelines for Setting Diet and Living for People with Acne

Did you know that a healthy and beautiful skin needs a careful care regimen from the inside out? In addition to the steps Skincare According to a strict process, what you eat or what time you go to sleep directly affects your skin. Especially with issues like acne, a request, freckles or aging skin?.

Therefore, this article Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will guide you How to set up the most scientific method of eating and living when the skin has acne.

Secrets of Establishing a Living Diet for People with Acne

Food Notes to Improve Acne

Why do music stars, artists, actors all have a busy schedule and can often stay up all night, but they always own a beautiful healthy skin? Their secret is in the diet – they always have scientific, healthy eating menus and suitable diets. Thanks to that, the oil glands work stably, do not secrete much excess oil and the skin is always developed healthy and smooth. (Refer to acne treatment stages mentioned by many experts today).

There should be a healthy diet for people with acne.
Causes of acne and how to eat to help limit acne effectively

So, to own a youthful skin and quickly eliminate acne problems, you need to follow the following essential principles:

  • Always prepare food according to the most “healthy” methods such as: steaming, boiling, salad, stocking, stewing.
  • Limit the use of spices. Because food is too salty, too sweet or too much pepper, chili also affects the health of the skin, especially acne spots.
  • Limit processed foods, canned foods, high-sugar foods and alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, etc.

In addition, Miss Tram please note how to set up the most scientific diet:

1. How should I focus on the main meal?

There are 3 main meals a day which are breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you need to focus the most on breakfast because this is the time when the body needs the most energy after a long night of rest as well as the next long working day. At this time, if the body is fully nourished, the skin is also taken care of in the best way.

Focus on the main meal and eat enough nutrients
Focus on the main meal and eat enough nutrients
  • Drink a glass of warm honey lemon water right after waking up, this cup of water will help warm up the stomach as well as replenish moisture and vitamin C for the skin in an extremely effective way.
  • Breakfast needs enough nutrients: starch - protein - fat - vitamins & minerals.
  • You should use oats for the morning. Because oats contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin E, omega-3, folate, potassium, selenium, ... these essential active ingredients are used to provide energy for the body, and at the same time regulate the rate of detoxification. release carbohydrates, prevent insulin spikes, thereby preventing acne from forming and developing.
  • Oats can be cooked with vegetables, bones, meat, or eaten with milk, cereals, fruits, etc.

The remaining main meals you can reduce the amount, but should also be full of essential nutrients and especially a lot of fresh vegetables. Because of the time of acne, the skin needs a lot of vitamins to support the fastest recovery and regeneration process.

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2. Acne skin should choose which vegetables?

Vegetables are always the richest source of vitamins and minerals in food sources. Therefore, the main meals you need to add more vegetables, and the snacks you should use fruits as juice or instead of snacks.

Should use fresh green vegetables
Should use fresh green vegetables

Some of the best vegetables for acne skin:

  • Vegetables: lettuce, gotu kola, sweet potato, collard greens, etc.
  • Assorted fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc.
  • Fruits: avocado, orange, apple, citrus fruits, strawberry, papaya, ..

The vegetables of this fruit are rich in minerals and vitamins, have the effect of increasing resistance, keeping skin healthy and helping to remove acne effectively from the inside.

Besides, do not forget to add nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, and beans instead of snacks. These nuts are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also contain a lot of omega 3 fats - have antioxidant effects, preventing bruises very well.

3. What kind of water should acne skin drink?

For the body as well as the skin, it is very important to replenish water daily. Drinking enough water boosts metabolism, removes toxins and keeps the whole body full of energy.

In particular, your skin will be provided with adequate moisture, smooth and healthier to see. Thanks to that, the acne treatment process is also supported to the maximum.

You can use more green tea, gotu kola juice, lettuce juice, coconut water or fruit juices, fruit detox water to add more vitamins and minerals to the skin.

4. How should acne skin supplement protein?

Add protein-rich foods
Add protein-rich foods like salmon

In addition to vitamins, acne skin also needs a lot of other minerals and micronutrients, especially Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3, ... These micronutrients are abundant in protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, liver, and seafood. products and nuts.

However, in meats often contain harmful fats, and shellfish is easy to cause acne scars, so it is best during the acne treatment period, you should only add protein sources from fish (salmon, salmon, trout, etc.). mackerel, tuna, sardines, herring,…) and nuts only.

The Best Lifestyle For Women With Acne

Besides a scientific diet, you also need to establish a healthy living habit to ensure a healthy body, hormonal balance and contribute to repelling acne quickly.

Have a daily exercise regimen
Have a daily exercise regimen

Some notes you need to take seriously:

  • Always go to bed before 23 pm and have a deep sleep of at least 6 hours – ensuring the skin is restored and regenerated effectively.
  • Think positively to limit stress - balance hormones, help prevent acne from developing.
  • Exercising regularly at least 30 minutes/day – boosts metabolism, releases toxins from the body, makes skin rosy and healthier.
  • Always protect your skin carefully when going out with sunscreen, masks, hats – because pollution, fine dust and UV rays have very negative effects on the skin.

During acne treatment, in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you also need to establish a strict skincare routine and choose appropriate skin care products. In particular, with severe acne conditions, go to dermatology centers for the safest treatment advice. Because when the skin is acne for too long, it will leave a lot of serious consequences later.

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin! (The mistakes when treating acne at home you should know to have the best prevention).

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