Eyebrows Too Dark So How To Trim Easily Open Eyes

Eyebrows Too Dark So How To Trim Easily

|Question – Answer| Eyebrows Too Dark So How To Trim Easily?

how to trim bold eyebrows simple
Instructions on how to trim bold eyebrows simple, easy to do at home

This question is also asked by many customers, so Miss Tram advice is always here!

Whether you are bold or thin, the idea of ​​​​going to work as an external member is SHOULD NOT. You can try by taking a pencil to draw eyebrows, make a frame to see how it goes. Quite a few customers accidentally made the outline to Miss Tram to "rescue", because that will make the eyebrows become rough, framed and lose their natural look.

Instead, refer to some of Miss Tram's outputs below:

+ If you are thick and bold and always look good, you just need to go to a cosmetic facility to trim and reshape your eyebrows. Later, when it grows around, you can trim it yourself (or ask a makeup artist) to trim it according to the available shape. The cost is not high, about 100k - 200k only.

+ If you are bold but only the head or tail is bold, or only bold in the middle, then go back to your cosmetic surgery, choose a reputable place for advice and make your eyebrows satisfied. The cost depends on the case.

And don't forget to visit now Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center for advice on beautifying your eyebrows by leading experts and experts. #TeamMissTram is always ready to advise and beautify to help you more confident.

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