Yellow Eyebrows Due to Removal Should Be Treated Attractively

How to Handle Yellow Eyebrows Due to Removal?

|Q&A| How to deal with yellow eyebrows due to removal?

Instructions on how to handle yellow eyebrows due to deletion
Instructions on how to handle yellow eyebrows due to deletion

Over the years of beauty, Miss Tram VietNam There are quite a few cases of women in a state of "bad crying and laughing" because of their eyebrows spray – embroidery – sculpture Damaged. There are eyebrows that are deviated on each side, and there are unevenly colored eyebrows that make the face less beautiful.

Some women quickly choose the method to erase the old eyebrows in order to have a more perfect eyebrow, but accidentally cure "the pig heals the lame pig" which makes the eyebrows yellow.

So what is the optimal solution to this case? Please follow the post shared by Miss Tram VietNam below!

First, learn about the possible causes of yellow eyebrows after deletion:

Due to the physical factors of each person: Oily skin, do not eat squid ...

- Tattooing at an unreputable address

– Poor quality tattoo ink, resulting in the ink being oxidized and colored after erasing

- Outdated tattoo spray technology, causing skin damage and changing ink color

– The skill of tattoo spray technicians is still poor, making the effect after tattooing not as expected and the color being changed.

To fix the eyebrows in this case, you can refer to a few suggestions from Miss Tram as follows:

Spray Overlay Skin Color

Spraying skin color is a simple traditional method in eyebrow correction. The specialist will proceed to spray a layer of color that is similar to your skin color to spray over the old eyebrows. After that skin color layer, you will be able to create a new eyebrow shape to your liking.

Laser Erase

The principle of tattoo removal is based on the wavelength energy emitted by the laser to break the bonds between tattoo ink molecules and eliminate them directly through the lymphatic system.

In particular, the intelligent laser wavelength recognizes the tattoo ink pigment area, only affecting the tattoo ink without affecting other skin areas.

Treatment with European Standard Solution – Fast, painless, can make new eyebrows right away.

This is the most perfect method of getting the color out of the skin today and it is completely possible to do Spray / Sculpt again without losing as much time as possible. Laser tattoo removal.

Hopefully the sharing in this article will partly help you gain more information and knowledge in overcoming eyebrow errors and making more informed choices in the beauty process.

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