Mantle Acid Membrane Care Is A Compact Way To Protect Skin Health

Mantle Acid Membrane Care Is A Way To Protect Skin Health

When the skin has problems with acneThere dry Women tend to find ways to treat and care for their skin, but do not understand the underlying causes of those skin problems. One of the reasons why dry skin and pimples are out of balance skin pH. Let's learn more about this issue through the article Mantle Acid membrane care is a way to protect skin health of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Mantle Acid Membrane Care Is A Way To Protect Skin Health

1. Understanding Mantle Acid Membrane

Acid Mantle Membrane is a natural thin film on top of skin surface, produced by the sebaceous and sweat glands to prevent most harmful bacteria from entering. Healthy skin with a mildly acidic mantle acid mantle (usually with a pH between 4.5-6.2) to prevent harmful bacteria, dehydration and external environmental influences.

How to take care of the best Mantle Acid membrane?
What is Acid Mantle Membrane? How to take care of the best Mantle Acid membrane?

Using products with a high pH (pH above 6) will damage the Mantle Acid membrane, the skin becomes imbalanced leading to a change in the structural layer of the outer layer of dead cells. This causes the skin to weaken, be destroyed and become more sensitive to the external environment. Therefore, bacteria easily invade, the skin will quickly dry, peel and very easy to acne.

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2. Mantle Acid Membrane Care to protect skin health

By now you know that to protect the health of your skin, taking care of the Mantle Acid membrane is essential. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center go through the steps Acid Mantle Membrane Care most important:

Clean skin properly

What is Mantle Acid Membrane?
Clean skin properly every day

Wash your face properly Helps remove excess oil, dirt on the skin, clean the skin and prevent bacteria from clogging pores causing acne. The pH in the ideal facial cleanser is 6-6.5, which means it will be a little higher than the ideal stable pH on the skin. Thanks to that, when used, the cleanser cleans and breaks the bonds of sebum on the skin, easily cleans oily residue and dirt without affecting the skin. Mantle Acid Membrane.

Note, you should only wash your face twice a day with a cleanser in the morning and at night. If you wash your face many times with facial cleanser, it will make the skin lose its natural oil layer, make the skin dry, make the skin dry Mantl Acid Membraneaffected and easily irritated skin.

Exfoliate at home It is also an important step in skin care. You should do this step twice a week to remove dead skin layers and dirt deep on the surface of the skin Acid Mantle Membrane is always stable, the skin is airy and easier to absorb nutrients from skin care products.

Mantle Acid Membrane Care
Regular exfoliation of dead skin cells

Steam Helps to dilate pores, eliminate dirt, sebum stuck deep inside the pores and effectively detoxify the skin. However, too often saunas also damage the mantle acid mantle on the skin, causing the skin to lose moisture and more easily form wrinkles. To properly care for the Mantle Acid membrane, you should only steam your face every 2 weeks and combine with a few drops of essential oils to help your skin relax.

Apply a mask to the skin

Apply a mask to the skin
Apply face mask 2-3 times per week

Mask It is the process of adding moisture and nutrients to the skin. To cover the face most effectively, the nutrients penetrate the skin the most without affecting the Mantle Acid membrane; You should only apply your face for 15-25 minutes and maintain it twice a week. (Revealing tips dry skin care from natural ingredients safe, simple for you at home).

Use skin care products

mantle acid membrane care
Use safe skin care products

Using cosmetics selectively, suitable for skin type is the most important factor for effective skin care. In order for the Mantle Acid membrane to be properly cared for, you should pay attention to choose skin care products with a pH close to the skin's natural pH (pH 5.0 - 6.0). In addition, some specialized products with different functions, the pH "moisture balance" for the skin is also different. So, learn carefully about suitable skin care products that still maintain the protective mantle acid mantle of the skin.

One thing to note, you should not change cosmetics too much in a short time so that the skin cannot adapt.

Apply sunscreen

mantle acid membrane care
Apply sunscreen regularly for the skin

Always cover carefully and combine with sunscreen when going out to maintain the mantle acid mantle to protect the skin against UV rays and the impact of wind and dust. This is a way to protect the skin against bad factors from the environment, limit tanning, pigmentation and anti-aging skin effectively.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about care for mantle acid membrane, protect skin health sức. Hope this article is useful to you, wish you always have a healthy skin! (Explore more Japanese women's skin care secrets keeps the skin bright and smooth.)

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