Knowledge of Dry Skin Care For Men In Summer

Important Notes When Taking Care Of Men's Dry Skin In Summer

Knowledge of Dry Skin Care For Men In Summer

Most men are often worried about oily skin in the summer. However, many men are miserable with dry skin and often itchy during this time. Because with dry skin, sunlight and temperature have a great effect on moisture on the skin, making the skin more prone to water and becoming much more sensitive.

So, to improve dry skin in summer days, how should men take care of their skin? Don't miss the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center .

7 Summer Skin Care Tips For Men With Dry Skin

1. Always provide enough water for the body

The heat of summer will cause the pores to expand, the sweat glands to work harder, and the skin to be easily dehydrated. Especially for skin that is already lacking water, this dehydration process will make skin cells dry, flaky, sensitive and form wrinkles quickly. Therefore, to make sure to replace the lost water in the body, men must definitely replenish water every day.

how to take care of men's skin in summer
Always provide enough water for the body

Besides filtered water, you can change the taste with fruit juices, smoothies, teas, etc. to provide more minerals for the skin. However, stay away from carbonated soft drinks and alcohol, because not only do not add water, these drinks also make your body more dehydrated.

2. Choose a gentle cleanser

Cleansing the skin is always one of the most essential skin care steps that men cannot ignore every day. But for guys with dry skin, the skin cleansing process is effective or not depends greatly on the cleanser product.

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To choose a line of cleansing cosmetics that are most suitable for dry skin, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Use a product with a gentle pH balance (the ingredients are noted as Gentle skin Cleanser / pH-balanced cleanser or specifically for dry skin ...).
  • Extracted from nature, alcohol-free, fragrance-free.
  • There is an added moisturizing effect to ensure that the skin remains cleansed but not stripped of its natural moisture.
  • If you do not know how to choose cosmetics, ask your skin care specialist or dermatologist, dermatologist for advice on choosing the most accurate way.

3. Always protect your skin when out in the sun

how to take care of men's skin in summer
Always protect your skin when out in the sun

Usually, men will not pay much attention to sun protection for their skin. But for guys with dry skin, sun protection is extremely necessary.

Sunscreen not only works against the negative effects of UV rays, prevents melasma, dry skin, skin aging, but also an extremely effective moisturizing layer. In particular, sunscreens for men often have very high moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, if you are having dry skin, do not ignore this great product.

4. Do not use moisturizers with too thick texture

Many men think that the drier their skin is, the thicker the moisturizer should be – because this type of product will provide enough nutrients and moisture to the skin.

However, men's skin is quite thick and rough. In particular, summer also causes the oil glands on the skin to be more active than usual. If using creams with too thick texture, the pores will be easily clogged, causing itching and quickly combining with dirt to form acne.

It is best to use lotions or creams with a light texture or lotion to moisturize twice a day, morning and night. And do not forget to always apply the cream carefully to ensure that the nutrients are fully absorbed into the skin.

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5. Don't shower and wash your face too much

The hot summer makes men often bathe and wash their faces many times a day. Because this is not only a way to "cool off", but also one of the most effective ways to relieve stress after many hours of work in hot weather.

skin care guide for men in summer
Do not shower and wash your face too much

However, this habit has a great effect on the skin. Bathing too many times makes the natural moisture on the skin easily disappear, especially for guys with dry skin. When this layer of moisture is lost, the skin is prone to burning, itching and thereby making the skin more and more sensitive.

Therefore, men should only shower at most twice a day in the morning and evening (preferably right before the daily skincare steps). And do not wash your face more than 2 times with clean water in the middle of the day.

6. Don't forget to take care of the neck area

The skin on the neck is very fragile and easily aged when not cared for properly. However, men often do not moisturize, do not sunscreen, nor carefully cover this sensitive skin area.

With dry skin due to the location, this "ignoring" will cause the neck area of ​​the men to quickly sag, darken and wrinkle after the age of 35. Therefore, to ensure the skin in the neck Breasts are always attractive, you need to regularly moisturize and protect them from the sun.

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7. Bring mineral spray with you

summer skin care for men
Mineral spray helps to replenish moisture to the skin most effectively

Mineral spray is considered one of the most effective skin moisturizing products in the summer. Therefore, there is no reason why men should not buy themselves a mineral spray bottle to bring with them.

This product is lightweight, easy to use, and has no smell. Therefore, you can completely carry a small mineral spray bottle with you without worrying about any risks.

Summer often has high humidity, but hot temperatures make the skin lose water quickly. Therefore, for men with dry skin, always make sure the skin is gently cleansed and fully moisturized.

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