Morning Skin Care - Important But Often Overlooked

Morning Skin Care – Important But Often Overlooked

Everyone appreciates the steps skin care at night, but skin care during the day equally important. Job skin care in the morning Very important but often overlooked – this is the reason why the skin is not smooth, healthy and beautiful as expected. Together Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn how to take care of your skin in the morning.

The right skin care steps in the morning

1. Drink water

Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning is an extremely beneficial habit for your body and skin. Warm water helps to wake up the digestive system as well as the whole body after a long sleep. In addition, always drink enough water throughout the day to stay healthy.

Take care of your skin in the morning properly
Drink enough water in the morning

2. Cleanse your face

Washing your face in the morning helps to remove excess oil, dirt and toxins that your skin has secreted over the course of the night. This is an important step that determines the effectiveness of the following skin care steps. So, wash your face normally with a cleanser to effectively cleanse your skin.

3. Use Toner

After using the cleanser, you should use a toner to balance the moisture on the skin. Many of you often skip this step – this is the reason why the skin does not absorb the maximum nutrients from skin care products.

Morning facial care
Use toner to balance moisture on the skin

4. Use Serum

Serums, also known as essences or serums, are used to provide a concentrated amount of nutrients and antioxidants that a regular cream cannot have. In addition, the serum is also quickly absorbed into the skin, less greasy and secretive during the day. So don't skip this important skincare step.

5. Moisturizing

effective morning care
Use a moisturizer to help hydrate and protect the skin from harmful external influences

During the day, the skin will be exposed to many harmful agents such as dust, heat, or radiation from electronic device screens. The use of day cream It helps to hydrate and protect the skin from harmful external influences. Choose specialized skin care products during the day and suitable for your skin type for the most effective skin care.

6. Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is an extremely important step in your morning skin care routine – it is an effective shield that protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. So, never go out without sunscreen; otherwise, previous skin care steps will be meaningless. Tutorial Choose the right sunscreen for your skin.

Mistakes when taking care of skin in the morning

1. Wash your face with hot water

After waking up in the morning, many people have the habit of washing their face with hot water to relax more. However, this is a serious mistake that causes your skin to lose moisture and some of the nutrients the skin has absorbed throughout the night. Therefore, before washing your face, you should check the temperature of the water so that the cleaning can take place in the most effective way.

Mistakes when taking care of skin in the morning
Check the water temperature for effective cleaning

2. Not washing your face thoroughly mặt

Many of you often do not attach importance to washing your face in the morning, often washing your face with a cleanser, even just washing your face with water - this is a misconception. At night, in addition to absorbing nutrients from skin care products, the skin also secretes sebum, sweat and toxins. Not to mention, dirt in the hair, on the pillowcase can also stick to the skin, if the skin is not Wash your face properly It can cause skin problems.

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3. Using the wrong skin care products

At any time, the use of inappropriate skin care products will not be effective and can even cause problems such as acne, allergies, etc. Depending on your skin, you can choose suitable skin care products.

With dry skin, you should choose a cream-based moisturizer, but for your skin, oily skin or an oil mixture, you should choose water-based products (Emulsion / Lotion / Gel) or oil-free moisturizers (oil-free) to moisturize the skin most effectively.

How to take care in the morning safely and effectively
Depending on your skin, you can choose suitable skin care products

Moreover, it is not recommended to use the same day and night skin care products. Because, the cream products will be prepared in accordance with the time of skin care: the night cream will have many nutrients, and the day cream will be sacred to water and have sunscreen ingredients so that the skin is protected. more transparent.

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4. Don't listen to the skin

Maybe you've taken good care of your skin but still have some skin problems. The reason is that you have not "listened" to your skin. Maybe after washing your face, your skin is red, tight or your skin suddenly produces more oil than usual, but you don't pay attention because you are in a hurry to eat breakfast, to go to work on time, so you don't pay attention to your skin. skin. So, wake up a little earlier, pay more attention to your skin than a toilet, so that your skin is taken care of in the best way.

Morning or evening skin care is important, so you should take care of each step to get the skin you want. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin! See Actual results of skin care customers at Miss Tram

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