Skin Care After Age 30 And Things To Note Tips

Skin Care After Age 30 And Things To Note

After the age of 24, a woman's body and skin begin to show signs of aging. If you do not know how to take care of it, by the age of 30, you will start to feel worried because your skin is not as smooth and elastic as before. However, 30 years old It's not too late, the The right way to take care of your skin It will effectively slow down the aging process. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the Note when taking care of skin after the age of 30.

Care for the skin around the eyes and neck

Care for the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is a sensitive place, but not everyone has specific care for this skin area. Due to the absence of oil and sweat glands, the skin around the eyes is prone to dryness, lack of moisture and this is where the first wrinkles appear on the face. So, if you don't take care of this skin right now, on a beautiful day not far away, wrinkles and crow's feet will appear around your eyes - then don't panic.

30 year old eye skin care
At the age of 30, you should focus on taking care of the skin around your eyes

To Care for the skin around the eyes Most effective, you should enhance moisturizing combined with gentle massage of the eye area with specialized eye creams. Prioritize products with antioxidant ingredients such as retinol, resveratrol – these are ingredients that help your skin firmer, preventing wrinkles from appearing.

Care for the skin under the neck

neck skin care for women 30 years old
The skin under the neck area is also a location that should be taken care of carefully

An area of ​​skin that is "ignored" but greatly affects your youthfulness after the age of 30 is the neck area. Most young people often neglect to moisturize this skin area. However, the older you get, the more sagging the neck area will be without any skin care method "curing".

Therefore, "prevention is better than cure", from now on, in the skin care stage, remember to spend a little time taking care of this skin area. Just gently massaging the cream in an upward direction will help prevent wrinkles or sagging in the neck area.

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Boost collagen for the skin

Collagen is the component that determines the youthfulness of your skin. When turning 25, the body begins to enter the natural aging period, at which time, the quantity and quality of collagen fibers in the body are reduced. Besides, the amount of collagen the body can synthesize itself is decreasing; You will feel the skin gradually decreasing in elasticity, smoothness, the skin is often dry and when acne often leaves more dark scars.

Collagen supplements for women aged 30
Boost collagen for the skin

Therefore, after the age of 25, you should add more collagen to your body by:

  • External additions: Use skin care products that contain ingredients collagen (cleanser, serum, lotion, mask).
  • Add inside: supplement from food, especially you should supplement with functional foods.

Invest in quality skin care products

If in your 20s, you only need to choose basic skin care products that are suitable for your skin type, then by the age of 30, those products will no longer meet the needs of your skin. Cause: because the skin begins to lose elasticity and the signs of aging are also preparing to explode strongly at the age of 30, the skin needs a lot of moisture and nutrients. Therefore, you should invest in the following specialized skin care products:

Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-aging serum will penetrate nutrients faster and deeper into the skin, helping to reverse the aging process on the skin.

Skin care for women after 30 years old
Use Anti-Aging Serum

Moisturizing products

At any age, moisturizing is also very important, if you moisturize well the skin as soon as possible, the skin will be smooth, bright and healthy, and the aging process will take place more slowly. With the age of 30, you need to equip yourself with anti-aging moisturizers containing active ingredients such as amino acids, ceramides, retinol and moisturizing effects, locking moisture well to prevent signs of aging and restore Repair damaged cells best.

Facial massage

Facial massage helps to increase blood circulation under the skin, making the skin stronger and more rosy. The facial massage after the moisturizing step will warm the skin, helping to accelerate the absorption of nutrients deep into the skin. If you regularly perform this method, the skin will be firmer, and as you age, wrinkles and sagging skin will slow down.

skin care after age 30
Know how to massage facial skin to prevent aging

So, for girls who are about to turn 30, they should pocket at least one facial massage exercise.

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Sunscreen for skin

According to research, UV rays in the sun are the leading culprit for skin damage – melasma destroys skin structure, dries out the skin, accelerates the aging process and is the main cause of skin cancer.

After the age of 30, the skin weakens a lot, so protecting your skin with sunscreen every day is essential if you want to prolong your youth.

Diet rich in antioxidants

In addition to taking care from the outside, anti-aging for the skin from the inside is very necessary. To have a beautiful young body and skin after the age of 30, you should pay attention to supplementing with 3 groups of substances:

  • Protein: foods such as lean meat, fish, legumes, eggs, milk.
  • Vitamins - minerals: fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts.
  • Fat: Good fats are found in fish oils and nuts.
Good food for women after 30 years old
Diet rich in antioxidants

Prioritize the preparation of dishes in the style of salad, steamed, boiled so that the nutrients are absorbed in the best way.

Drink enough water every day

Drinking enough water every day is very important for the health of our body and skin. Especially for women after the age of 30, frequent lack of water will make the skin dehydrated, dry and in the long run the aging process will take place faster. So, drink enough water for your body every day to keep your skin smooth and rosy.

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Exercise every day

Exercise has many benefits. In addition to having a healthy body, a fit body, daily exercise will help you have a youthful skin and a more relaxed mind.

skin care after age 30 for women
Exercise every day

When the signs of aging begin to appear, taking time each day for exercise will help blood circulation, increase metabolism, help the body relax and the skin is effectively detoxified. fruit. Regular activity will also help your body be flexible, active and always younger than your age.

In addition to the notes when taking care of the skin after the age of 30, you need to keep yourself a comfortable mind and always have a quality sleep - this is a factor to maintain a youthful body. Hope this article will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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