Acne Skin Care Limits the Appearance of Dark Spots & Acne Scars Principles

Acne Skin Care Limits the Appearance of Dark Spots & Acne Scars

Acne treatment it's already difficult to erase the scar, dark after acne much more complicated. So, in the period when your skin is having acne problems, if you take care of your skin properly, it will prevent the formation of scars and dark spots. Thereby helping the skin quickly regain its original beauty without too much difficulty.

With the article below, Miss Tram Spa will introduce you some How to care for acne skin to limit the appearance of dark spots and acne scars. We invite you to follow along.

Acne Skin Care Limits Dark Spots And Acne Scars

1. Do not arbitrarily pop acne

how to take care of acne skin spa standard
Do not arbitrarily pop acne

Acne-prone skin makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and want to quickly get rid of those pesky pimples from your skin. However, arbitrarily squeezing acne, especially young acne spots, is the first cause of dark spots and acne scars. Because when squeezing acne, you will have to use a strong force to impact the skin, causing the skin structure to be broken. In addition, the voluntary squeeze acne It also causes bacteria to spread to other areas of the skin and aggravate acne.

However, if you do not remove the acne core from the skin, it will also make the treatment of acne and acne difficult. "Old" acne spots need to be removed properly. At this time, you should go to reputable acne treatment facilities to squeeze acne, there, the technician will know which acne should be squeezed and which acne should not, and at the same time, limit leaving scars and bruises on the skin. skin after finishing squeezing acne. (Refer to Spa standard acne skin care treatment The current).

2. Clean skin

Safe acne skin care steps
Cleanse your face regularly

It is no coincidence that skin cleansing is an important step in the process of acne skin care. Many people often think that acne-prone skin is very sensitive, so minimize the use of cosmetics. That's true, but it's also not true. Why? Because if the skin is not cleaned, bacteria, dirt and oil have a greater chance to accumulate on the skin and form acne, because the skin is very weak at this time, all factors can have consequences. .

So, use makeup remover and gentle cleanser for acne skin to clean the skin after a long day of facing dirt and oil. Use gentle movements to avoid harsh scrubbing. Because the skin is now very weak and easily damaged. Also don't forget to exfoliate weekly with chemical exfoliants.

3. Skin care and moisturizing

Acne-prone skin is very weak and easily damaged. If you don't take care of your skin properly, you will only make acne worse, leaving more dark spots and acne scars. Minimize skin care steps but should not skip the moisturizing step. The skin is moist enough to have the resistance to fight acne as well as heal wounds quickly, leaving no dark spots and acne scars. In addition, should clay mask / tea tree / ... to antibacterial, prevent acne weekly. 

how to take care of acne skin without scarring
Drinking enough water is the most effective way to moisturize the skin

The skin care steps at this time you should only focus on cleaning, providing moisture to the skin, not greedily using too many products with many different uses such as whitening, tightening pores, … so, choose a moisturizer with a light texture to avoid clogging the skin.

In addition, choose an effective acne treatment product to quickly remove acne spots, help antibacterial skin as well as limit leaving bruises and blemishes. Acne Scars. You should choose products of famous cosmetic brands, avoid using goods of unknown origin, goods floating on the market, ... if you do not want your skin to scream soon.

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Skin care process for acne skin you can refer to:

Makeup remover – Cleanser – (Chemical exfoliator) – (Mask) – Toner for acne skin – Moisturizer for acne skin – Acne product – Sunscreen (daytime).

4. Sunscreen protects skin

acne skin care to limit the appearance of dark spots
Always protect your skin from the sun

Many of you often think that the use sunscreen This is true if you don't choose the right sunscreen. You should still protect your skin from the sun every day to protect it from the effects of UV rays as well as radiation from the environment.

Although not the direct cause of acne scars, but the sun is the cause of acne treatment, acne scars become difficult as well as make the bruises darker.

5. Treat dark spots, acne scars properly

acne skin care to limit the appearance of dark spots
Using serum to treat dark spots, acne scars is safe for the skin

Using products to treat dark spots is essential if you want when the skin is clear of acne, the traces of acne will gradually disappear. However, when to use it is important. If your skin is still acne-prone, you should not use darkening products at this time. After the acne spots are closed, you can use dotted acne scar treatment products on each acne spot. Until the skin is completely clear of acne, use specialized darkening products such as vitamin C serum, ...

After removing acne, dark spots and scars, you should have a scientific skin care and care process to maintain the results. Limit makeup, pay attention to makeup removal, cleansing as well as skin care, daily sun protection. Besides, the lifestyle and diet are also scientific to minimize the appearance of acne.

With that information Miss Tram VietNam give, hope help you find How to take care of acne skin to limit the appearance of dark spots, acne scars and soon own smooth skin. Good luck with your acne treatment.

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