Dry & Sensitive Skin Care: Are You Making a Mistake? Duration

Dry & Sensitive Skin Care: Are You Making a Mistake?

Proper skin care is extremely necessary, but many people are making serious mistakes in opinion and application, especially when dry skin care and sensitive. The following article will point out the mistakes that you often make in how to take care of this type of skin. Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you avoid these harmful things and know how to take better care of your skin.

Mistakes When Taking Care of Dry And Sensitive Skin

Washing your face too much

How to care for dry and sensitive skin spa standard
Do not wash your face too much during the day

For dry and sensitive skin, you should only wash your face twice a day, morning and night. If you wash your face more plus intense scrubbing can make your skin drier. And when the skin is drier, more oil is produced.

Improper face washing can promote active oil production, clog pores, and even cause acne to appear more. Similarly, if you use too hot water to wash your face, it can also cause this phenomenon. Make sure you only wash your face with warm water to avoid drying out your skin!

Exfoliating too much

Tips to take care of dry and sensitive skin
Limit daily exfoliation

Kill death celk is a necessary step to remove the layers of old cells on the surface of the skin, enabling the skin to "breathe" and absorb nutrients better. The advice for you is that you should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week to avoid skin abrasion.

In addition, dry and sensitive skin needs a protective barrier against environmental influences. If you exfoliate too much or rub too hard, this protective layer will be affected, making your face more susceptible to rashes and other problems.

Remember, overuse of exfoliating will easily damage the acne heads, causing them to burst and become infected with bacteria. This case pushes the inflammation not only worse, but also creates conditions for the appearance of new acne.

Skip the moisturizing

With dry skin and sensitive skin, skip step moisturizing for dry skin is a serious mistake. Dehydrated skin will become drier, more oil is secreted, so clogged pores also produce more acne.

Try oil-free lotions, and use natural masks that provide moisture to the skin, gentle skin care without clogging pores.

If you have to work at a computer, or have to be in a cold room, use extra mist to hydrate your skin or use a humidifier (if possible).

Use a towel to wipe your face

How to take care of dry and sensitive skin safely
Limit the use of towels to wipe your face

The texture of the towel can be quite rough. Therefore, experts do not support the use of face wipes, especially for people with easily irritated skin such as dry and sensitive skin. Even if you wash the towel every day, it is still not soft enough and safe for your face.

A simple and safe solution is to use a clean cotton pad to dry your skin after washing your face with your hands!

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Do not use sunscreen every day

UV rays will make your skin more sensitive, so using sunscreen every day is extremely important. If you must be exposed to the sun, make sure to use sunscreen.

You should choose mineral-based sunscreen products, because these ingredients will not cause allergies for your dry and sensitive skin. In addition, we can choose other products that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in preference.

Some of the above sharing hopefully has provided more useful knowledge, helping you to know How to take care of dry and sensitive skin their own more effectively. Wish you have a smooth skin like you want!

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