How to take care of your skin when wearing a mask a lot

How To Take Care Of Your Skin When Using A Mask All Day

With the increasingly complicated pollution and epidemic situation in recent times, the regular use of masks is a very necessary thing. However, when using a mask too often, your skin may experience many problems such as acne, itchy rashes, dry skin. The reason is that the environment in the mask is always hot and humid (due to breathing), the mask you use is of poor quality, the mask rubs against the skin, etc.

So to help you take the best care of your skin during this time, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please guide how to care for your skin when using a mask all day.

Situation of the environment and disease

In the past few years, the phenomenon of dense fine dust has been one of the main causes of increased skin inflammation, acne irritation and rosacea appearance. According to dermatologists, fine dust is also the agent that breaks down the natural lipid and collagen layer on the skin, making the skin weaker, more sensitive and quickly facing sagging and wrinkles.

How to take care of your skin when wearing a mask a lot
Fine dust is the cause of skin problems

In particular, with the increasingly complex epidemic situation like today, it is extremely necessary to regularly wear a mask. Wearing a mask both limits the skin's exposure to fine dust and is a way to protect yourself and prevent the spread of disease. However, the environment in the mask is often hot and humid due to breathing, so when using a mask all day, your skin may experience some of the following problems:

  • Acne prone skin: High temperature and humidity will cause the skin to produce excess oil, which, combined with dirt and bacteria, will clog pores, leading to acne formation.
  • Damaged skin: The use of masks that are too tight, rough fabric/paper material makes the skin vulnerable to being rubbed too much.
  • Ease of occurrence of dermatological diseases: If you use poor quality masks or don't change them often, your skin will easily appear itchy, red and uncomfortable.
  • Skin prone to sunburn: If using medical masks / thin paper masks, dark colors will look "fashionable", but they are very easy to make the skin catch the sun. The skin is more prone to darkening, pigmentation and freckles.

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So, how to take care of the skin, wearing a mask all day?

To ensure that your skin is not affected much when you use a mask all day, you need to ensure the following factors:

1. Take good care of your skin but not too many layers

Using a mask all day will more or less cause the skin to produce more oil than usual (the environment in the mask is hotter and more humid). However, wearing a mask for hours also makes the skin's moisturizing mechanism weak, causing the skin to become dry and rough immediately afterwards. 

Therefore, when moisturizing, you need to carefully apply the cream layer by layer so that the nutrients are fully absorbed into the skin, helping the skin to be provided with enough moisture throughout the day. 

In particular, do not use heavy-textured moisturizers, or apply too many layers - this can easily clog pores and cause excess oil to secrete a lot.

How to take care of your skin when wearing a mask a lot
Careful skin but not too many layers

2. Always wear sunscreen

Wearing a mask in addition to preventing epidemics can also partly protect the skin from the sun. However, if you subjectively do not use sunscreen, this is a wrong point.

The use of sunscreen not only protects your skin against UV rays (Masks do not block UV rays) but also as a moisture-locking layer, effectively helping to maintain moisture on the skin. Sunscreen also helps skin to be more even (Think about it, the skin that is not covered by the mask from the bridge of the nose to the forehead will definitely be duller than the skin below.). Therefore, regularly use sunscreen every day to protect the skin in the best way. See how Choose the right sunscreen for your skin for optimal performance.

Skin care tips when wearing masks too much
Always wear sunscreen when going out

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3. Limit makeup or only light makeup

The weather is starting to turn into summer, along with the regular use of masks, making makeup layers very easy to tone down and patchy. This not only affects the aesthetics but also risks the appearance of acne on the skin.

Therefore, you need to use an oil-control primer and apply the thinnest layers possible – to ensure that both your skin imperfections are covered and your pores are not clogged.. In particular, you should regularly use mineral spray to keep the makeup lasting longer.

How to take care of your skin when using a mask a lot
Limit makeup or only light makeup

4. Choose the right type of mask

Wearing a mask every day, so choosing which mask is very important. You can use a medical mask or a cloth mask. However, the following points should be noted:

  • Medical masks: only buy at drugstores or reputable selling points to ensure the use of quality masks. Do not use medical masks throughout the day (especially during this epidemic season).
  • Cloth masks: choose a good, soft material mask. Regularly wash the mask every day and dry it in the sun.
  • Do not use dark masks (especially black, charcoal green).
Proper skin care when using a mask
Choose the right type of mask

5. Clean skin carefully at the end of the day

Cleansing is a very important step in the skincare routine. This is the time to prepare the skin to rest after a long day of exposure to dust and makeup. Therefore, you need to make sure to remove makeup and wash your face with a cleanser thoroughly to open the pores. Because if you are not "very thorough", the residue left on the skin will create conditions for acne formation - especially when you use a mask regularly throughout the day.

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In addition, you need to regularly steam your skin every week to ensure that the skin is removed from dirt and toxins hidden deep under the skin. You can also choose the course Detoxify skin with CO2 mask at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to ensure the skin is effectively detoxified:

The most effective skin detox treatment at the spa
Skin detox with CO2 mask

Detoxifying the skin with a CO2 mask is a process that is highly appreciated by dermatologists for its effectiveness in skin care - detoxification. This treatment is mainly based on the mechanism of action of CO2 gas, which penetrates deep into the blood vessels and brings about positive effects:

  • Accelerate metabolism, help the skin to be detoxified. 
  • Stimulate collagen proliferation, regenerate damaged skin (sensitive skin, bruises, acne scars, less elastic, ...).
  • Enhance elasticity to help rejuvenate the skin, repel wrinkles from the inside.

Especially, in this era of environmental pollution and dense fine dust, the CO2 mask detox is a great choice for the skin. 

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about skin care when using a mask all day. Regular use of a mask will not affect the skin if you know how to properly and carefully take care of your skin. Therefore, do not be afraid to use masks regularly during this period, because health protection is always a top priority during this time of pollution and epidemic. Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Wish you always have the most beautiful healthy skin!

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