Smooth - Bright Skin With Collagen Therapy For Ages 25+ Open Eyes

Smooth - Bright Skin With Collagen Therapy For Ages 25+

[Q-A] Smoothing - Brightening Skin With Collagen Therapy For Age 25+ Is It Really Effective

Bright and smooth skin with collagen treatment
Bright and smooth skin with collagen treatment

After the age of 25+, women's concerns about aging and sagging skin are more concerned than ever. Miss Tram would like to reveal a "powerful weapon" in the Skin Care village, improving the smoothness - whiteness of women at the threshold of 25, that is Collagen Therapy Gold essence brings bright skin.

Thanks to the power of gold essence, extracted from Nano technology to help blood circulation, collagen production, nano gold particles will penetrate the skin at the deepest level to help excrete skin wastes, clear copper. Stimulates the production of new skin cells to keep the skin smooth, bright and anti-aging.

Super-superior benefits of the treatment:

  • Brighten skin, reduce dark spots, dark spots.
  • Improve moisture, remove wrinkles.
  • Delay skin aging, regenerate youthful, smooth skin.
  • Tighten pores, increase resistance for healthy skin.
  • Relax the head - shoulders - nape...

For this process, Miss Tram will take the following steps:

  • Cleanse, exfoliate the skin to remove the rough, old layer.
  • Next and sauna to detox to help healthy skin, increase resistance, get rid of hateful acne (if any).
  • Massage penetrates, stimulates circulation.
  • Apply gold collagen essence to penetrate deep into the pores to nourish and elastic skin.
  • Steam with natural essential oils to let the skin breathe and absorb nutrients.
  • Natural skin care to increase skin brightness and rosy.

Come to Miss Tram to experience smooth, firm and vibrant skin with great service and professional team today!

Don't hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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