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Safe Body Acne Treatment Manual

Mentioned acne Everyone thinks of red, pus-filled spots and a feeling of swelling on the face. However, in other parts of the body, this skin condition also frequently occurs. Although it does not affect the aesthetics much, the acne nodules will make you feel very uncomfortable and itchy by direct contact with clothes. In particular, for women, acne on the body also makes women lose confidence when wearing fashion clothes. So how to Acne treatment for body?

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The Body Acne Treatment Manual You Should Know

What is body acne?

What is body acne?
What is body acne? The cause and the safest and most effective treatment

Body acne is also known as folliculitis – a condition in which the pores become infected. The root cause of this skin condition is an increase in oil secretion on the skin, which, combined with dead skin, dirt and bacteria, will clog pores, creating an optimal environment for acne formation.

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The main cause of body acne

Due to hormonal disorder

Hormonal disorders cause body acne
Body acne is caused by hormonal disorders

Hormonal disturbances due to causes such as prolonged stress, poor health, side effects of medications or unhealthy lifestyle will cause circadian rhythm disturbances in the body, leading to acne. formed.

Due to improper body hygiene

Lazy bathing, not taking a clean bath, not regularly exfoliating the skin will make the pores on the skin easily clogged. This will stimulate the skin to shed excess oil, combined with external bad agents such as dirt, bacteria and the stratum corneum on the skin to create acne spots.

Due to clothes

Clothes that are too tight, poor quality materials will cause a secret to the skin, making it impossible for sweat to escape. Plus the direct friction will make the skin easily irritated and prone to acne formation.

Due to the weather

With hot weather and humid climate in Vietnam, it will cause the body to produce more sweat and excess oil - this is a necessary condition for the formation of acne.

How to treat body acne safely
The influence of weather is also the cause of body acne

Due to skin care cosmetics

Body care products and especially sunscreens are also a cause of acne breakouts on the skin. Because when Use skin care products In the wrong or inappropriate way, sensitive skin areas such as the chest and shoulders are very easily irritated and prone to acne formation.

Due to dirty beds and pillows

Every day, we spend a lot of time sleeping. Therefore, if the bed and pillow are dirty, the skin will be easily attacked by bacteria, causing inflammation of the pores and the formation of acne. In particular, this is also the cause of your skin and respiratory diseases.

How to treat body acne

Clean skin

Cleaning the skin quickly after sweaty activities will help remove excess oil, sweat and dirt from the skin, limiting the formation of acne. 

In particular, you should use gentle shower gels and remember to pay attention to cleaning the back area - this is the area that is often forgotten and most acne appears.

Exfoliating the body acne treatment effectively
Exfoliating helps treat acne for the body, especially the back area

Besides, Exfoliate dead skin cells Every week is very important, this will remove the dead skin layer, help open pores and support the effective acne treatment process. However, with acne-prone skin, you need to use gentle exfoliating products, avoid scrubbing directly so as not to hurt and spread the acne area.

Wear clothes that absorb sweat quần

When your skin is suffering from acne, you should choose clothes that are easy to absorb sweat such as cotton fabric to keep the skin as airy as possible. In particular, you should not wear wet clothes because moisture is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and easily form problems on the skin, including acne.

Detoxify the body

The accumulation of toxins in the body is also a cause of the formation and maintenance of acne. Toxins in the body are accumulated due to many reasons: weak liver function, bad effects from the environment and possibly an unhealthy diet. (Refer: What does acne treatment say?? Find the most standard answer so that you can come up with the most effective remedy).

So how do you detox your body?

Sauna detox helps treat acne for the body effectively
Sauna is a safe and effective way to treat acne for the body

You need to regularly steam to help increase blood circulation in the body, the pores are dilated and toxins out effectively. This is also a way to deep clean pores on the skin and support the treatment of body acne very well.

Another effective way to detox the body is to use detox methods with fruit juices, with food, etc. a well-proportioned body and a smooth skin as well as a significant reduction in acne.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will make blood circulation increase, pores on the skin are dilated, sweat secretes more and at the same time helps the skin to breathe. Moreover, exercise also makes the body healthy, the skin increases resistance and supports the acne treatment process more effectively.

Use acne medication

Use acne medicine to effectively treat body acne
Choose quality acne medicine to treat body acne effectively hiệu

There are also many quality and effective body acne treatment products on the market. Although acne skin is quite sensitive, compared to the face, the skin on the body can still use acne products safely.

However, with acne conditions that are too much, severe or too sensitive, you need to consult a doctor, a dermatologist for instructions on how to use acne medication most effectively.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about Handbook of acne treatment for the body. Just like facial skin, work Acne treatment in other skin areas also need to be done properly from the inside out. In particular, with severe or recurrent acne conditions, you should rely on advanced acne treatment technologies to remove acne spots quickly and safely. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin! (Good article you should read: Summary of Requirements for acne treatment to make treatment as safe and effective as possible).

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