The Most Effective Way to Treat Hormonal Acne Moderated

The Most Effective Way to Treat Endocrine Acne

Without distinction, hormonal acne Can appear on the skin of women and men. The main factor that causes acne outbreaks is a combination of hormonal disorders (inside the body) and hair follicle bacteria (external environment). So, when you want to prevent and know how to treat hormonal acne effectively, you need to know why acne appears on your body (that's also why people with acne should seek the help of a skin doctor). doctor or esthetician).

What is endocrine acne?

Maybe many of you have heard about hormonal disorders, causing acne to grow a lot, but do not know what a disorder is. Well now, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will provide some information for you to be clear.

Basically Androgen is a hormone like Testosterone - a hormone in the genitals produced in men, to confirm sex and develop muscle. While estrogen is a female sex hormone, it plays an important role in women's health, beauty and physiology.

The most effective hormonal acne treatment
Endocrine acne

If the effects of life such as stress, poor nutrition, improper rest, use of birth control pills, the body accumulates many toxins, etc., causing androgens to be produced more in the human body. Women and more estrogen produced in the male body will create hormone disorders.

And when the disorder forms, the body will have to face many consequences, the most basic of which is the phenomenon of acne that grows regardless of the type, location on your face or skin.

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According to Miss Tram's experience, to be able to effectively treat hormonal acne, you need to combine external skin treatment with specific drugs and even adjust the health of the body from the inside.

Treating hormonal acne is not difficult, but it needs a method

All consequences have a cause, so that you don't have to spend money and time on hormonal acne treatment, you just need to understand what cause you are having and fix it at that cause, the success rate will be high. . When the adrenal glands that produce more than 30 different steroids, including testosterone and estrogen, are "burned out" by the long-term stress caused by work or life, you need to take a break. more reasonable rest.

The work will never end, difficulties will always exist, instead of always thinking negatively, take a more positive orientation and do it. If you have a lot of time, give yourself a few days to relax.

In addition, according to experts from the US, proper nutrition is also a "precious medicine" to help the adrenal gland "regain shape". Therefore, in your daily diet (even if you hate this dish, love that dish), you must change your diet regularly and have a full range of substances such as Protein, Vitamins, Fiber, and Trace Minerals. .

What causes hormonal acne?
Have a healthy diet

As mentioned above, medications like birth control pills can cause hormonal changes, causing acne, for treatment you can consider other effective birth control methods (because, basically, birth control Safety is not only by taking medicine). In case you must take medication, consult a specialist to be provided with a drug with few side effects.

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Here are a few basic notes to help you treat acne effectively, if you have any questions, you can completely contact us. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for more complete advice.

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