Effective acne treatment for men

How to Treat Acne, Acne For Men

With many negative impacts from the environment and pressures in life, men are increasingly facing the risk of getting sick Acne appear on the face.

In particular, with the mechanism of the skin secreting a lot of oil and knowledge skincare "basic", men often face many difficulties in taking care of acne skin. Even acne will develop quickly, be difficult to treat and leave many serious consequences on the skin if not cared for properly. Therefore, this article Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please guide how to take care of men's skin when suffering from all kinds of diseases cystic acne, acne.

5 Notes When Treating Pimples, Acne For Men

1. Always clean your skin gently and carefully

Any skin needs daily cleansing. However, with sensitive skin when it comes to cysts / acne, men need to be extremely gentle and careful to make sure not to break the acne spots.

How to treat acne, acne for men
Always clean your skin gently and carefully
  • Always apply pressure on the skin gently, especially the acne areas.
  • Choose cleansers with mild ingredients, natural extracts, no harsh detergents, no fragrances to ensure no skin irritation.
  • Only use cleanser twice a day, in the middle of the day, do not wash your face with clean water more than 2 times, to avoid drying the skin and stimulating excess oil glands to be more active.

2. Pay attention when shaving

If the beard area has acne, you need to be very careful and should soften the beard before shaving. Because just a little carelessness breaks acne, the risk of spreading acne will be very high. The best time to shave is after showering in the morning – this is the time when the skin is most stable, the beard is also softened after washing your face.

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3. Drink enough water and have a healthy diet and activities

Water and nutrition are always an important factor determining the health of the skin. When there is a scientific diet, the process of skin recovery and regeneration is taking place in the most powerful way. As a result, the skin is better detoxified, the resistance is higher, the acne treatment process is also taken place quickly and effectively.

Good food when treating acne for men
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, frugal, less spicy dishes

Therefore, when having acne, men need to pay attention to their diet: drink enough water, eat lots of fresh vegetables, foods rich in zinc, frugal dishes - low in spices, ... Besides, always pay attention to sleep too, because sleeping on time and getting enough sleep will help the skin to be firmer and healthier.

4. Don't forget to moisturize your skin

Men are often quite worried about moisturizing problems when they have acne. Because of the fact, acne-prone skin often pours a lot of oil, and using moisturizer on the skin will easily clog and make acne worse.

However, excess oil does not mean that the skin is sufficiently moist or not. If the skin lacks moisture, the oil secretion process becomes stronger and stimulates acne to appear more. Therefore, you should use moisturizing products with a liquid, water-based texture such as lotion - this type of skin care cosmetic will both ensure effective water supply for the skin and not cause clogging. .

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5. Do not arbitrarily pop acne

Many men often squeeze acne according to their emotions. But not everyone knows the extremely serious harm of arbitrarily squeezing this pimple.

How To Treat Acne And Acne For Men As You Like

  • If you squeeze the acne when the acne is not ripe, the acne will continue to appear with a heavier, larger degree.
  • If you squeeze acne with too much force, the acne area will be damaged, easy to leave dark scars, pitted scars.
  • If you squeeze acne with dirty hands, the acne area will become infected and easily spread deeper and wider on the face.
  • Therefore, although you can do it yourself at home, but if you do not know the steps to squeeze acne properly, you should consult a spa or dermatology hospital.

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Some recommended acne treatment methods

Acne, acne is not a serious acne condition, so depending on the acne condition, you can choose the following acne treatment methods:

acne treatments for men
Acne treatment suitable for men
  • Use topical medication: Topical and oral medications for acne have the effect of drying acne faster, while preventing acne from spreading on the face. However, there are many topical acne medications on the market, you need to consult a doctor/dermatologist to choose the safest and most suitable product.
  • Using natural ingredients: Natural ingredients such as garlic, tomatoes, lemons, honey, etc. contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. Thanks to this, when applied to the skin, acne spots will be disinfected and stimulated to dry acne quickly. The disadvantage of this method is that it does not bring immediate results but needs to be maintained regularly for a long time. Therefore, for impatient men, this method is not the ideal choice.
  • Use professional treatments: This is considered the fastest and safest acne treatment for men. Because with the examination steps as well as professional acne treatment regimens, each skin condition will have the most suitable acne treatment. However, you need to choose reputable units to ensure safe, fast and cost-effective acne treatment.

Acne, cystic acne often causes loss of aesthetics and greatly affects the confidence of men. Therefore, when you have acne, you need to reset the daily skincare process accordingly and choose the best acne treatment method for your current acne situation.

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