How To Restore Injured Facial Skin Effectively At Home Few people know

How To Restore Injured Facial Skin Effectively At Home

A skin is considered damaged when there are many problems such as: thin skin, weak skin, acne prone skin and easily irritated by external factors. Damaged skin has many levels, but they are all extremely sensitive and need to be cared for carefully and persistently for a long time.

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? What causes facial skin damage?? And how to restore skin safely and effectively? Let's find out more details through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

How To Restore Injured Facial Skin Effectively At Home

1. Causes of facial skin damage

Using unsuitable cream/cosmetics

A few years ago, many Vietnamese women often used cream mixed with the desire to make their skin white and smooth – this was the biggest mistake that caused their skin to be seriously damaged. 

How to restore damaged facial skin effectively
Mixed cream, poor quality cosmetics are the cause of facial skin damage

The essence of whipped cream is to use a substance called Corticosteroids - This substance is used in some pharmaceuticals with permissible concentrations to fight inflammation, prevent allergies. Corticosteroids also help to whiten the skin very quickly, so it is often used in many cosmetics (especially melasma cream, skin whitening cream, peeling cream, acne cream) and almost all mixed creams.

The first time when using the cream, the skin will be beautiful quickly; Because acne spots, melasma, freckles will gradually disappear and the skin is also noticeably smoother. However, the longer the mixing cream is used, the more problems the skin appears, such as thin, weak and very sensitive skin. When you stop using it, the acne is very terrible or the skin becomes dark and dark spots appear.

spa standard facial treatment
How to restore damaged facial skin caused by corticosteroids

Overcoming the consequences of corticosteroid poisoning in mixing creams is often very difficult and expensive because the skin has been damaged too much.

Just like using mixed cream, the use of poor quality cosmetics, inappropriate cosmetics or the wrong use of cosmetics for a long time also causes damage to the skin, breaks the protective acid film and makes the skin become dull. be more sensitive. Therefore, you need to carefully choose skin care products before putting them on your face to limit the risk of causing facial skin damage.

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Acne and the consequences after acne

Safe skin care steps at home
Acne is the cause of damaged skin

Acne Is a skin disease, is a sign of a problem with the skin or body. When acne occurs, the skin will be damaged, weakened and very sensitive to external factors. Not to mention, the use of special creams and acne treatments also makes the skin dry, much thinner.

Besides, the consequences after acne such as dark scars also cost you a lot of work to recover and treat – and if these effects on the skin are done incorrectly, your skin is also increasingly damaged. .

Impact from the environment

Another cause of skin damage is due to environmental influences, especially ultraviolet rays. 

What should you pay attention to when taking care of your skin?
Environmental influences cause skin damage

When exposed to a lot of sun without protection, the skin will suffer from:

  • Aesthetically: skin is black, dry, tanned, freckled.
  • Structurally: amount collagen and elastin under the skin is broken down, the skin is weakened and aging rapidly.

In particular, the rate of skin cancer will increase without the protection of sunscreen.

Improper skin care

When the skin is not properly cared for such as: washing the face, exfoliating too much; Using too many natural masks containing acids at the same time such as lemon, pineapple, strawberry, etc. also causes the skin to be worn and vulnerable.

2. Principles of damaged skin care da

Do not suddenly stop mixing ice cream

How to restore damaged facial skin safely
Know how to use mixing cream to help restore damaged facial skin

If your facial skin is being damaged by the use of cream, do not suddenly stop using it. Because the corticosteroid in the cream mix is ​​an addictive substance, making the skin dependent and difficult to adapt to other cosmetics. If you suddenly stop using it, it will cause the skin to "shock" and have complications such as redness, itchy skin, allergies under the skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to "detox" the skin by gradually extending the time to use the cream mix: from each day, then use every other day, then use twice a week, then once a week, once every 1 weeks, … until you feel your skin is used to the feeling of not using cream, then stop.

Do not use a lot of cosmetics

When the skin is damaged, you should limit the use of many cosmetics, especially makeup cosmetics. During this time, you need to allow the skin to breathe and should only use nourishing oils or restorative serums after cleansing and balancing the skin.

Besides, you should not use special creams (acne, melasma) but should prioritize recovery for healthy skin first, then treatment later.

Do not touch your face with your hands

Do not arbitrarily squeeze acne how to restore damaged facial skin
Not touching your face is the principle in how to restore damaged facial skin

Damaged skin is very sensitive and easily penetrated by bacteria. Therefore, touching your face, massaging your face or squeezing acne also unintentionally makes the skin susceptible to infection. 

In addition, the effects that cause sudden temperature changes on the skin such as saunas, hot towels or ice packs will cause irritation on the skin, easily lead to inflammation and are not suitable for damaged skin.

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3. How to care and restore skin


Cleansing is a very important step in the care of damaged skin. If your skin is too sensitive, you should only use diluted salt water to wash your face every day. In particular, using warm chamomile tea to wash your face 2-3 times a day will help soothe the skin very effectively.

Cleanse the skin how to restore damaged facial skin
Cleansing is a safe way to restore damaged facial skin

If you can use a facial cleanser, you should choose milk-based products, low foam, without strong detergents so that the skin is cleaned in the most gentle way.

After washing your face, you should also use a toner to balance the pH of your skin. It is best to use handmade rose toner, absolutely do not use toner containing alcohol - will make the skin more sensitive.

Recovery Serum Serum

Serum is a liquid essence with an intensive skin care formula, including many active ingredients with strong impact and easily penetrates deep into the skin, bringing high efficiency in skin care.

Use serum to restore damaged facial skin
How to restore damaged facial skin with serum

There are many serums on the market with different uses such as anti-aging serum, acne serum, whitening serum, skin recovery serum. With damaged skin, the use of a restorative serum is the safest and most suitable option.

Mask to restore and regenerate skin

With damaged skin, you should use masks that are used to restore skin. On the market today, there are many masks to restore damaged skin, but you need to choose the masks of reputable brands and have clear origin to bring the safest to the skin.

In addition, some natural masks are very effective in restoring and regenerating the skin such as:

Tomato mask

Mask how to restore damaged facial skin
Apply tomato mask for skin

Tomato mask This is a top mask to help restore damaged skin, because tomatoes contain many vitamins and nutrients to help soothe skin and stimulate new cells under the skin to grow.

How to do it is simple:

  • Step 1: Tomato puree/crushed.
  • Step 2: Apply the mixture on the face.
  • Step 3: Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with clean water.

Do this method 2-3 times a week, and can be mixed with unsweetened yogurt for the most effective skin.

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Bitter gourd and honey mask

Bitter gourd honey mask how to restore damaged facial skin
Use a mask of bitter melon combined with honey mật

Bitter melon is also an effective mask to restore and regenerate damaged skin, especially with skin allergic to cosmetics and allergic weather. This fruit has a cooling property and contains a lot of vitamins, which moisturizes and soothes - effectively detoxifies the skin. Combined with honey, it will form a perfect mask to moisturize and restore damaged skin.

How to do it is simple:

  • Step 1: Wash bitter melon, remove seeds and puree.
  • Step 2: Mix 1 teaspoon of pureed bitter melon and 1 teaspoon of pure honey.
  • Step 3: Apply the mixture on the face.
  • Step 4: Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with clean water.

You need to do this method 2-3 times a week for the most effective results.

Restore skin from the inside

In addition to taking care of your skin from the outside, you need to add a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to your body to keep your skin healthy from the inside. In particular, it is necessary to drink enough water every day so that the skin is always hydrated and the toxins on the skin are eliminated.

In addition, it is necessary to limit harmful foods such as hot spicy foods, greasy foods, high sugar foods - these foods cause the body to lose many vitamins and cause heat in the body - this is the cause. acne prone.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about How to restore damaged facial skin effectively at home. For the skin to be restored safely, you need to take care and persevere every day. Remember, take care of your skin both from the outside and inside. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin! 

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