How To Use Eye Cream To Prevent Crow's Feet Announced

How To Use Eye Cream To Prevent Crow's feet

Do you know, skin around eyes Is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the face? Every day, in addition to supporting the eyes to work continuously, this skin area is also subject to a lot of negative impacts from ultraviolet rays, radiation, pressure in life and an unhealthy lifestyle. These factors are the main cause of the process Rapid aging in the skin around the eyes cause condition crow's feet.

Therefore, what women need to do is to take care of their eyes as soon as possible. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please share How to use eye cream effectively? Best.

How To Use Eye Cream To Prevent Crow's feet

1. What is eye cream?

Causes of crow's feet
Reasons to use cream to prevent crow's feet

Eye cream is a cosmetic specially formulated for the skin around the eyes With the effect of moisturizing, reducing dark circles and preventing wrinkles. Most of the ingredients of this cream are quite mild and benign as well as many nutrients to effectively nourish the eye area.

There are many different creams on the market with different uses such as dark circles, aging, puffiness. You should choose products that suit your eye care needs for the best results.

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2. When should you take care of your eye skin?

In theory, when a woman turns 25, the aging process begins. However, with the tendency and need to stay up late, intense work with electronic devices and an erratic diet, wrinkles can already appear before you turn 24. Therefore, if you wait until the age of 30 to start paying attention to the eye area, it is probably too late.

Ideally, you should take care of your eyes as soon as possible. There is no need to invest in too expensive products, you just need to choose the right products and have good moisturizing effects.

3. How to choose an eye cream?

Skin care to prevent crow's feet
The secret to choosing the right eye cream to effectively prevent crow's feet

As Miss Tram mentioned, there are many different types of eye creams with different ingredients and uses such as:

  • Eye cream to reduce dark circles: often contains ingredients such as arbutin, hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C, soybean extract, vitamin B3 ...
  • Anti-puffiness creamt: often contains ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, polyphenols, willow extract, ..
  • Anti-Aging Eye CreamContains more vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea...
  • Special eye creamContains high ingredients retinoid, retinol, vitamin A derivatives, peptides...

With each skin condition and usage needs, you need to learn carefully to have the most suitable options. In particular, with specific treatment products, you should use according to the manufacturer's instructions or the advice of a dermatologist to avoid overdose.

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4. Dosage

Dosage of cream to effectively prevent crow's feet
Using a small amount of cream you can effectively prevent crow's feet

As with any skin area, applying too little cream will not be enough to promote its effect, and if it is too much, it will accidentally clog pores and easily form acne.

With the eye area, you Just use a pea-sized amount for each eye is enough. Because the structure in this skin area is very thin, weak and with this dose is enough to effectively nourish the skin without causing clogging of the skin.

5. What is the most effective way to apply eye cream?

How to apply eye cream to prevent crow's feet effectively
How to apply cream to prevent crow's feet effectively

You should take the cream with the ring finger, because this is the finger with the lightest force and the softest skin, which is very suitable for applying eye cream. Then dot 3-5 points in the cheekbone area below the eye bags, then blend up to near the temples and circle around the eyes.

Eye cream should be used after you finish applying serum and before applying moisturizer – for the best absorption of nutrients and effective locking in the eye area.

After applying the cream, you should pat or gently massage this area for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin and help the eyes have time to relax.

6. Reasonable frequency of use

As with the skin cream, you can do the eye care twice in the morning and at night. In particular, this care step should not be skipped in the evening. Eye cream will help moisturize, revitalize the skin in this area throughout the night and effectively prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

7. How to take care of the eye area to limit the appearance of crow's feet?

Eye care tips to prevent crow's feet
Eye care tips to help prevent crow's feet

In addition to using an eye cream every day, to prevent the appearance of signs of aging around the eyes, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Sunscreen: always use sunscreen and sunglasses every time you go out to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Quality sleep: It is necessary to maintain a correct and sufficient sleep time for the skin to recover and regenerate the best. A quality sleep also most effectively prevents problems such as puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet around the eyes.                  
  • Eye maskt: every week, you should apply an eye mask 2-3 times to supplement nutrients and help the skin around the eyes relax effectively. Natural eye masks: cucumbers, potatoes, fresh milk, tea bags, etc.
  • Limit bad habits as: rubbing your eyes, washing your face with hot water, using electronic devices constantly – these are the reasons why the eye area is easy to dry, lose elasticity and quickly form crow's feet.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about How to use eye cream effectively?. Want to prevent crow's feet and get a healthy, beautiful and fresh skin around the eyes, in addition to nourishing - protecting the skin properly, you also need to add a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits for healthy skin from within . Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a good skin!

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