How to effectively tighten pores

How to Whiten Face Tighten Pores

Skin is not bright, big hairy feet is a concern of many women. However, you can still take care to overcome this shortcoming, as long as you know and eliminate the cause of the condition.

On the skin there are thousands pores, if normal size it will be very small, hardly noticeable. However, when you do not have the right care and protection, they will be easily damaged, darkened, and enlarged. Here are the causes that may be affecting you.

how to whiten face, tighten pores

How to Whiten Face Tighten Pores

Pores do not enlarge or shrink on their own

As a part of the skin, containing in it hair follicles and sebaceous glands, pores act as a "bridge" inside the human body with the environment. Our facial skin alone has about 20.000 pores with the number determined as soon as we are born. Therefore, it is unthinkable to make pores disappear on the face.

Even making the pores automatically shrink or enlarge can not be done, according to research, there are no muscles around the pores, so they do not have the ability to automatically open and close. Whether the pores are large or small is just a perception of the naked eye on the surface of the skin.How to Whiten Face, Tighten Pores The Last

And the size of this big or small "bridge" completely depends on the size of the hair follicle and the amount of oil it secretes every day to moisturize the skin.

Understandably, if you often have to work in an environment with a lot of dirt, "put" cream on your face for a long time, etc., but not cleaning and removing makeup daily and properly will make the sebaceous glands active. stronger motion. Produces more oil than needed, forcing pores to open wider for this oil to escape. That explains why on oily skin pores are often easy to see.

The way dirt clings to the surface of the skin is also an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply to form acne or cause inflamed hair follicles is also one of the few reasons that make pores look bigger.

However, this is only a superficial factor. When looking deeper, scientists also found that aging and UV rays are the biggest causes of visible large pores.

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whitening face tighten pores

Besides, when we turn 30 years old, it means that we have to accept that the amount of collagen begins to decrease without stopping. The ability to regenerate and produce natural Eslatin and Collagen is significantly reduced. If there is more impact of external agents, specifically UV rays, the process will take place faster.

At this time, the problem that you face will not only be encapsulated in the condition of large pores, but also the expression of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, sagging, etc. Therefore, understand and apply the right methods. Skin care methods are necessary to help you prolong your green youth before it is too late.

Skin care tips to help shrink pores

According to the experience of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterThe most basic rule when you want to improve your skin is to nourish from the inside combined with external care.

Proper nutrition is the first thing to think about. All the internal organs of the body work properly, the skin can be healthy, so the proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals found in meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables and fruits It is very necessary to replenish every day.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) acts as an antioxidant and is an important factor for synthesis collagen. Without Vitamin C, amino acids cannot connect to create collagen.

whitening face tighten pores
Vitamin C is important for collagen synthesis

In case people have dark skin with abnormally large pores because of collagen deficiency, but cannot compensate slowly by diet, therapies such as stem cell injections, needle rollers are also solutions to supplement collagen. However, it can only be performed under the supervision and consultation of leading estheticians.

In addition, after makeup, after moving in a place with a lot of dirt, etc., cleaning the skin with specialized makeup removers, suitable for the skin is necessary to kill bacteria, remove sebum without causing damage to the skin. enlarged pores ra.

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Apply sunscreen every day, you should choose a type with SPF 30+, broad spectrum and limit sun exposure, always wear a mask, hat, and sunglasses when going out during the day, especially when it's hot to protect Optimal skin protection. Especially to treat acne promptly, apply the right method. Absolutely do not pick and squeeze to avoid damage to the skin.

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