How to Whiten Your Face Without Cosmetics Finally

How to Whiten Face Without Cosmetics

You are worried about the Rapid whitening method Not safe for skin? Do you want to make your own recipes? Natural skin whitening mask but don't have time? Understanding your concerns, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center suggest the how to whiten skin without cosmetics, Safe and effective. Try to apply it nowhey!

The most effective way to whiten face skin without cosmetics

To have a beautiful, white, smooth skin without blemish, you do not necessarily have to rely on expensive cosmetics or skin whitening technology or laborious masks. Just maintain the following habits, you will have a smooth and radiant skin.

1. Drink lots of water

how to whiten face without cosmetics
Drink lots of water every day

70% of our body is water, drinking enough water not only helps you have a healthy body but also helps you get a beautiful skin. If the body is not supplied with the necessary amount of water, your skin will dry out and cause wrinkles. Water will help eliminate toxins from the body, minimize acne and support the regeneration of new skin cells. Drinking filtered water or fruit juice regularly throughout the day will help you have beautiful skin.

2. Wash your face 2-3 times a day

It is important for you to avoid skin problems such as acne, dark spots and other skin problems is to keep your face clean. Even if you stay at home all day, it's a good idea to wash your face 2-3 times a day. Note that you should not wash your face more than 3 times a day, because they can strip the skin's natural protective layer. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should only wash your face twice a day.

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3. Avoid the sun

How to take care of your skin at home
Limit your exposure to the sun

Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that are extremely harmful to the skin. If you don't want melasma, freckles and acne visit, please limit your skin exposure to direct sunlight!

Especially at the time from 10 to 15 o'clock every day, at this time you should avoid going out (if there is no necessity). This is when the UV rays are most active, and can do the most damage to the skin. And don't forget to use sunscreen that's right for your skin!

4. Don't touch your face often

There will be no problem if you only touch your face 1-2 times a day to check the condition of your skin. However, your facial skin will have a "problem" with bacteria if you touch your hands too often. When you touch your nose, lips, eyes and face, you're sure to leave bacteria right on your face. So, limit this bad habit!

5. Cleanse skin before sleeping

Always clean your skin before going to bed
Always clean your skin before going to bed

Always wash your face thoroughly before going to bed so that the pores are clean and the skin "breathes" throughout the night. Not only that, when clean skin helps you have a good night's sleep and this is a great medicine for us to have beautiful healthy skin.

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6. Shower after participating in outdoor activities

After participating in outdoor activities, you should use warm water to bathe with scented soap or shower gel, then rinse with cold water.

A safe way to whiten your skin is to apply a little more lotion all over your body, or use a cotton towel to wrap a few ice cubes to cool the hot part of the skin, this is an instant way to cool off effective for the skin.

7. Limit foods containing artificial additives

A healthy body will easily eliminate the pigments out. Foods containing artificial additives will add to the burden on the body, causing the black pigment to settle down and be difficult to excrete out. This causes dark spots, or freckles, for the skin.

It is easy for the pigments to sink when exposed to sunlight.

8. Add Allagic Acid in Pomegranate

Allagic acid is an antioxidant found in abundance in pomegranates that can keep the skin against the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Many studies show that eating pomegranate can help block the harmful effects of UV rays. The big skin care brands all use pomegranate in their manufacturing process, especially in anti-aging goods for that purpose.

Steps to whiten face skin without cosmetics
Using pomegranate helps to beautify skin safely

A good diet, combined with a scientific skin care regimen will double the anti-aging quality of your facial skin.

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9. Stay away from stress

Stress and the stresses of life can completely damage the skin. When the body begins to show signs of fatigue and frustration, you need to find a way to relax yourself, relax your emotions to balance your mood. This will limit the negative effects on the body's metabolism, circulation or purification, making the skin condition more stable.

Get in the habit of doing 9 how to whiten face without cosmetics Above to get healthy, white and pink skin without spending any money!

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