3 Ways To Make Effective Blackhead Peeling Mask At Home Confidential

3 Ways To Make Effective Blackhead Removal Mask At Home

Blackhead Acne is the most common type of acne in teenagers and young adults. Although this type of acne is not serious, it greatly affects the aesthetics, is difficult to remove at the root and can be complicated into more severe stages such as: Acne, infection if not handled properly. 

To help you can quickly remove blackheads, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please tell me the top 3 How to make extremely effective acne peel off mask at home.

Top 3 Ways To Make Effective Blackhead Peeling Mask At Home

1. What is a blackhead? 

Blackheads are also known as open acne, often appearing on the nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks; especially in places with large pores, the most oil. 

Blackheads don't usually cause pain or swelling like other types of acne. But if acne is not handled properly, they can progress to become more inflamed and become acne, nodules or pustules.

What Causes Blackheads?
What is Blackhead? What causes blackheads?

Blackhead formation process:

Due to the strong activity of the sebaceous glands, the oil is secreted too much on the skin, combined with dirt and dead cells, causing clogged pores to form acne. When the acne spots at the pore open, exposure to the environment will oxidize to form blackheads.

The main causes of blackheads:

  • Internal causes: hormonal changes that stimulate sebaceous glands to be active, often eat spicy and hot foods - greasy or your skin type oily,…
  • External causes: due to improper skin care / hygiene, too much exposure to a polluted environment, due to the use of skin care cosmetics containing harmful ingredients, etc.

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2. Effective Blackhead Peeling Masks

To get rid of blackheads, you need to have a strict cleansing and skin care routine and use the right acne removal methods. Miss Tram would like to share effective acne removal recipes to help you quickly get rid of this acne situation:

Egg white + lemon mask

Egg white and lemon is one of the most commonly used face mask recipes for acne-prone skin. The abundant amount of vitamins and nutrients in egg white, along with the natural acid in lemon, will both remove acne, deep clean pores and balance excess oil effectively.

Natural blackhead remover mask recipe
Use egg white + lemon mask


  • Step 1: Beat egg whites with ½ teaspoon of lemon.
  • Step 2: Take a tissue and dip it in the mixture and apply it on the blackhead affected area.
  • Step 4: Leave for 20 minutes (if the tissue is dry, you can apply the mask mixture again).
  • Step 4: Let the tissue dry completely and peel off the acne from bottom to top.
  • Step 5: Wash your face with cool water.

Fresh milk mask + gelatin powder

In fresh milk there is a amount of lactic acid, which cleans the skin, balances oil and whitens the skin. Combined with gelatin powder, you will have a very effective blackhead remover and skin care formula.

Natural blackhead remover mask
Use mask of fresh milk + gelatin powder


  • Step 1: Put 2 tablespoons of unsweetened fresh milk and a little gelatin powder/leaf in, heat until the mixture blends together.
  • Step 2: Let the mixture cool down and then use a stick to apply to the areas with blackheads.
  • Step 3: Leave for 20 minutes for the mask to dry completely and then gently peel off the acne.

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Aloe vera mask + activated charcoal + gelatin powder

Aloe vera is an ingredient that cleans and moisturizes the skin very well. Activated charcoal works to detoxify the skin and balance excess oil effectively. Combined with gelatin powder, it will form a great acne and detox mask formula.

how to make blackhead mask
Use aloe vera mask + activated charcoal + gelatin powder


  • Step 1: Add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder, heat the water to mix well.
  • Step 2: Let the mixture cool down and then use a stick to apply to the areas with blackheads.
  • Step 3: Leave for 20 minutes for the mask to dry completely and then gently peel off the acne.

The above acne removal recipes should be done 1-2 times a week for the most effective results. In particular, it should be combined with steaming/moisturizing the skin before using the peel-off mask so that the pores are dilated, the acne kernels will be removed more easily.

3. Notes when taking care of skin with blackheads

Blackhead treatment at home is difficult to remove completely, but if you take care of your skin properly and carefully, the condition of acne will be greatly reduced. To do so, you need to pay attention to the following important notes:

blackhead remover mask
Facial steam helps to remove blackheads most effectively
  • Have a schedule of steaming and exfoliating periodically (about 2 times a week) to open pores, helping to effectively push blackheads.
  • Use skin care cosmetics with benign, oil-free ingredients. 
  • Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid ingredients to effectively clean and balance excess oil on the skin.
  • Do not use acne peel formula too much (2-3 times / week), avoid skin damage and enlarged pores.
  • Always pay attention to a balanced diet and activities to balance the amount of oil secreted from the inside.

If you are "stuck" with blackhead skin, you should resort to professional acne treatments - this is considered the most effective and long-lasting method of removing acne. 

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, each customer's acne condition is carefully examined by experts and given a suitable treatment schedule:

blackhead remover mask
Photos of acne treatment results at Miss Tram
3 Ways To Make Effective Blackhead Peeling Mask At Home Confidential
Results of treating acne hidden under the skin with high technology

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about How to make effective blackhead remover mask at home. The moderate use of peel-off masks will help acne spots disappear quickly. In particular, this method needs perseverance and combined with a strict skin care regimen to bring the desired results. 

Hope the above sharing is useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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