Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Full Bronzer

Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Bronzer

The girls love it Western-style makeup often used bronzer as a primary technique for creating skin tone warming effect. This technique makes honey skin look warm, healthy and the dark patches of Bronzer also partly help your face become slimmer.

And today, in this post Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center will find out with you How Bronzer helps your face look slim more!

1. How to use Bronzer

How to help the face look slim with Bronzer
What is Bronzer? How to help the face look slim with Bronzer
  • Step 1: You need to clean your face with cleanser.
  • Step 2: Oily or oily skin easily makes Broner clumpy so you need to apply a thin layer of foundation first. You use darkening powder near the hair edge, cheekbones and jaw area. Then draw the number 3 or the letter E around each half of the face in turn for easy makeup.
  • Step 3: Hold the brush and gently brush it from the bottom up so that the skin color is natural. It is recommended to use a sufficient amount to avoid uneven color lumps.
  • Step 4: After finishing contouring, you continue to use eyeshadow and blush to complete your makeup.

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2. Notes when using Bronzer to create a slim face effect

  • For soft Bronzer color, you need to use a large, soft, medium-bristle makeup brush with a conical pointed tip.
  • You should not take too much Bronzer at one time as it can cause lumps and difficult to spread evenly.
  • Bronzer emulsion when applied will help your skin brighter.
  • If your skin is oily then a powder bronzer is a great idea for a smooth, even tone and good oil control.
  • Bronzer creams and gels will be more suitable for those with dry skin, providing extra moisture to make skin smoother.
Use Bronzer to create slim face effect
Use Bronzer to create slim face effect

3. Difference between Bronzer and contour for the face

bronzer Contour
Effect brought. – The main technique to create honey cake skin color - The main technique to help shape the face.
Order of execution. – The step performed after Contour.

- Matte and bold bronzers are ideal for high cheekbones.

– Always the step taken before Bronzer.

– Contour types must be matte because if there is emulsion it will reflect and accidentally press on that skin area, creating the opposite effect.

4. Bronzer classification

Currently on the market there are 2 types of bronzer as follows:

Powder form:

  • This type has good coverage even with oily skin.
  • Should choose Bronzer darker than skin 1-2 tones.
  • Apply the powder gently and slowly to match the skin tone.
  • The powder form is easy to use because of its high diffusibility.
Powder bronzer
Powder bronzer

Cream or gel form

  • This type is suitable for dry skin because it is easily absorbed and has mild moisturizing properties
  • Should choose Bronzer lighter than 1-2 tones of neck skin.
  • Apply directly to the face of the jawline or mix with foundation before to create a natural skin.
  • For this cream and gel, you need to use a thorough blending technique to not leave an uneven mark on the skin.
  • It is recommended to use a flat-bristle brush with Synthetic fibers to spread the cream easily and save Bronzer than using a sponge.
Bronzer cream and gel
Bronzer cream and gel

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5. Choose Bronzer according to each skin type to help slim face

Pale white skin

For girls with pale, pale skin, look for Bronzer with gentle beige tones. Avoid dark browns, tans and orange tones with a high degree of crisp browning that will have the opposite effect. Should choose Bronzer with pearl pigment will be suitable for women with pale skin.

Bright white skin

Makeup enthusiasts know that warm, shimmering colors are suitable for girls with medium or dark skin. However, these tones are very easy to use and they are also suitable for those with light skin tones. If you have light skin, try bronzer bronzers to see the difference.

Medium – light skin

For girls with medium-light skin, they should not choose Bronzer with too warm tones. Instead, you can choose medium-tone Bronzers that will give the face more natural contours. An ideal suggestion for your skin is a light brown cream bronzer that helps the contours of the face become elegant and gentle.

Face makeup with Bronzer
Face makeup with Bronzer

Average skin

Bronzer in earth color and golden color is the preferred expensive choice for women with medium skin. This tone helps her to own a natural tan with impressive sharp lines. If you want to be more personal, you can use terracotta brown for the cheeks and jaw area to make the face more angular and seductive.

Dark skin

Ladies with dark skin, please do not be self-deprecating. Use an orange Bronzer to add warmth to your skin. First, apply a highlighter to the high-shine areas of the face. Continue highlighting with a little warm orange bronzer along the cheekbones to create a more radiant look.

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Miss Tram has just shared with you how to make your face slimmer thanks to bronzed. Hope these suggestions will help you have more Makeup experience for myself. In addition to understanding the art of makeup, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center also has extensive experience with skin care and beauty treatments. If you have a need to beautify with professional processes and modern technology, please contact Miss Tram!

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