How to Fix Lip Spray Phenomenon 3 Days Not Fading All

How to Fix Lip Spray 3 Days Not Fading

Spray lips for 3 days without peeling how to fix? And how to fix the phenomenon of 3 days lip spray that hasn't peeled off yet?

1 Question: Thu Thuy's lips have not been peeled for 3 days

Hi Miss Tram, I just sprayed my lips at an address near my house, I'm in District 3. However, it has been 3 days now, but her lips are still swollen, the scab is still hard, cracked and there is still no sign of peeling. out. She is bewildered and does not know how to treat because she also trusts the job through the recommendation of a friend.

Hope Miss Tram can give you advice about the situation Spray lips 3 days without peeling. Thank you very much Miss Tram!

(Thu Thuy – 42 years old – District 3 – HCMC)

Spray lips for 3 days without peeling how to fix? And how to fix the phenomenon of 3 days lip spray that hasn't peeled off yet?
Instructions on how to effectively overcome the phenomenon of spraying lips for 3 days without peeling

2 Answer: The method to overcome the 3-day lip spray phenomenon that has not been peeled from Miss Tram

Hello Thuy, thank you for your interest in coming to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to share about problems related to lip spray. With your question about "spray lips for 3 days without peeling", we would like to answer the following questions:

According to her share, the lips have been done for 3 days but have not peeled off, indicating that the lip peeling process is having some problems. The cause of this phenomenon may be because the specialist at the place where she sprayed the lips was still poor, when the needle was too strong, it led to bruising, a lot of blood accumulation in the lip area, leading to the lips not being able to peel off the outer layer. .

In addition, the cause also sometimes comes from her location and whether the care after spraying her lips is correct or not.

Sprayed lips for 4 days but lips have not scabbed, what to do
What should I do when spraying lips for 3 days without peeling?

To solve this situation, first use a clean towel or clean cotton pad to soak in warm water and then gently dab on the lip area to clean the lips. In addition, you can apply Vaseline to both disinfect and help your lips to peel off quickly and to have a more beautiful standard color. It's also common for lips to not peel for 3 days, so don't worry too much!

Lip Beauty Methods Suitable for Face

Note that in the process of brushing your teeth, you should be gentle when using the brush, avoiding strong impact on the lips. After eating, use physiological saline to clean the lips. Drink more lemon juice, orange, coconut, carrot, milk... to provide water and vitamins for the lips. If you follow the instructions above, it will only take about 1-3 days for your lips to peel off faster.

Effective ways to care for lips after spraying

To help the scab peel off quickly and still keep the desired lip color, Miss Tram would like to suggest you some simple solutions that can be done at home:

3 Should move lips often

After spraying your lips, please eat and talk normally! This is a good thing to do because when you finish spraying your lips, you will often feel numb due to the effect of the anesthetic. A lot of lip movement helps blood circulation and accelerates the scabbing process.

Remember to spray your lips after 2 to 3 months to get a beautiful color that is ... this and that when the lips have not been colored while the lips have only been flaked for a few days.
Use moisturizing lip balm

4 Should practice snacking after tattooing lips

In the first 3 days, you should cut back on your portions. If you find it difficult to eat, you can choose to eat powdered foods!

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5 Let your lips peel off the skin on their own

Absolutely do not arbitrarily scrape the dry eyebrows on the lips. This is taboo because it will make your lips hurt more and last longer. So, let this scab peel off on its own. In addition, you should regularly apply balm or Vaseline to help smooth and peel off lips easily.

In the first 3 days, the lips are not directly exposed to water, so you ... lead the experts to help the tattoo spray scab peel off faster.
Use fresh fruit juices

6 Drink coconut water

After a week, your lips will return to normal, but to keep the tattoo color for a long time, you must nourish your lips for at least 2-3 months. You can drink more coconut water or eat more pineapples to provide Vitamins, stimulate the coloring process, keep lips fresh and maintain lip color longer.

7 Avoid makeup and lipstick

You should not use lipstick to cover defects when you have just finished spraying because it will have a bad effect on your lips. Wait for about 5-7 days, the grinding layer will automatically peel off. And after 3-4 weeks, the lip color will be naturally beautiful as desired.

The problem of "spray lips for 3 days without peeling" depends on many factors. In addition to the ways to help lips heal quickly above, you can go directly to Miss Tram Beauty Center for a detailed examination and consultation!

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