Acne Skin When Wearing A Mask A Lot What To Do Behind

Acne Skin When Wearing Masks A Lot What To Do

With the spread of the Disease as it is now, the use mask often when going out or in contact with crowded places is an extremely necessary thing. However, if you don't know how Skin Care During this time, your skin may face many problems, especially acne.

Many women have appeared acne spots when using masks too much and are worried about how to treat them. Therefore, let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center research Safe acne skin care method and most effective during this time.

Share the Secret to Limiting Acne Due to Wearing Masks a lot

Why does my skin get acne when I wear a mask a lot?

According to dermatologists, it is entirely possible to wear a mask and get acne. The reason is that the air environment in the mask is always hot, humid and secret, so sweat cannot escape easily from the pores. From there, the pores will be clogged, excess oil will pour a lot and create a favorable environment for bacteria to penetrate.

Does wearing a mask cause acne?
Using masks a lot is the cause of facial acne

Besides, there are many other reasons why the skin is very prone to acne when using a mask a lot:

  • Using poor quality masks: Poor quality masks made from bad materials can also be one of the causes of skin irritation and acne when used continuously.
  • Do not change the mask often: any type of mask (medical mask / cloth mask), you should not use it for more than 1 day. Because the moisture in the used mask is a very favorable environment for bacteria to multiply – if you reuse it, your skin will be easily penetrated by bacteria.
  • Improper skin care: Too many layers of skin care, too thick makeup or not cleaning the skin thoroughly are also the causes and conditions that make skin prone to acne when wearing a mask regularly.

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Instructions to treat acne when wearing a mask all day

With acne starting to form around this time, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Always keep the skin clear, limit makeup

Limiting makeup when acne is a necessity to avoid acne spreading and worsening, especially when using masks too much.

Note when wearing a mask causes acne
Limit makeup for skin

Besides, you need to make sure your skin is well ventilated by:

  • Thoroughly moisturize but use creams with light texture, apply in thin layers so that the nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin, avoiding excess.
  • Similarly, use a sunscreen with a thin texture to avoid clogging the skin.
  • Always clean your skin thoroughly at the end of the day to ensure that dirt and cosmetic residue is removed.
  • Maintain Exfoliate dead skin (gentle) combined with weekly steam to ensure the skin is deeply cleansed and detoxified.

2. Make sure the skin is sufficiently hydrated

For healthy skin, you need to make sure your skin is well-hydrated, especially acne-prone skin. Many people with acne tend to reduce the use of creams because they mistakenly believe that the frequent greasy skin (due to acne) is enough moisture. However, if moisture is lost, the skin will stimulate the production of more excess oil, making the acne more likely to spread.

So make sure to always use a moisturizer every day. Prioritize products with light textures to limit clogging of the skin. And especially always be careful in the process of applying the cream (apply thin layers and gently massage for the nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin).

In addition, always drink enough water and eat a lot of fresh vegetables to provide enough moisture, necessary vitamins, and healthy skin from the inside.

3. Choose quality masks and always make sure they are clean

How to take care of acne skin when wearing a mask
Choose a quality mask that has a bactericidal effect and is always clean

When your skin has acne, you need to check if the type of mask you are using is "fine" or not? Is the material soft and safe? Can it be changed/cleaned every day?

How to use a mask will greatly affect the acne removal process. Therefore, make sure they are always clean, made of safe materials and do not rub too much against the skin. In particular, do not use dark masks, because dark masks will catch the sun - UV rays and heat will make acne worse.

4. Use acne cream

With acne-prone skin due to wearing masks a lot, the best home remedy for acne is to use acne cream. Because compared to treating acne with natural masks or traditional medicines, applying acne cream will limit the most clogged skin in the condition of wearing a mask regularly.

However, you need to consult with professionals such as pharmacists, dermatologists or dermatologists to choose the most suitable acne cream.

Besides, you can also use specialized serum lines for acne skin to support acne skin treatment quickly.

5. Let the skin "breathe"

Should acne skin wear a mask?
Facial steam helps the skin to push the dirt out

When your skin has acne, you need to let the skin often "breathe" by:

  • If you have to use the mask every hour, you should take off the mask from time to time to let the skin cool for about 5 minutes (choose a well-ventilated place and no people).
  • Do not use too many cosmetics on the weekend to let the skin "rest" (just clean the skin and moisturize).
  • Steam 1-2 times a week to deep clean pores, effectively detoxify the skin.

With acne that is too severe or shows no signs of improvement, it's best to seek treatment acne treatment Professional in dermatology centers. Because if there is no effective acne treatment method along with using a mask too often, acne will become increasingly difficult to control.

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*** At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, the method of treating acne with Fractional CO2 Laser technology combined with esoteric herbal oriental medicine is being trusted by many customers. This method has the following advantages:

  • The appropriate wavelength of Fractional CO2 Laser helps to break up acne, kill bacteria, and remove acne at the root quickly.
  • The CO2 laser also helps stimulate tissue production collagen, fill in acne scars, improve facial skin firmness and effectively reduce dark spots.
  • During the treatment, Miss Tram does not use chemicals at all, but uses completely natural herbs from the formula of Oriental Medicine and Esoteric Herbal Medicine, ensuring the safest for the skin.
  • In particular, the dermatologists at Miss Tram will always conduct a skin examination before each treatment session to determine the skin condition, give the appropriate course and have the most effective skin care advice at home.

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Let the acne spots quickly disappear under the condition Wear a mask often, you need to always make sure The skin is clear, deep clean and moist enough. In addition, you need to pay attention to how using your mask affects acne areas or not? And especially always monitor the skin condition every day to have the right treatment.

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have beautiful healthy skin!

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