Proven Effective Hormonal Melasma Treatment

How to effectively treat hormonal melasma

Melasma is a problem that always makes women "fear" because this skin condition will lose the youthfulness on the face and confidence when communicating. Did you know, there are two basic types of melasma: melasma due to endocrine , and melasma due to environment? In particular, endocrine melasma is a condition in which melasma appears due to causes from within the body.

And to get rid of this melasma, it is necessary to take care as well as have effective treatments from the inside out. Today's article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please share How to treat hormonal melasma? effective.

Instructions for the Most Effective Treatment of Endocrine Melasma

1. What is endocrine melasma?

What is hormonal melasma?
What is Endocrine Melasma? The most effective cause and treatment

Endocrine melasma is a condition in which the skin appears dark spots due to the female hormone estrogen disorder. The increase or decrease of the hormone estrogen causes hormonal imbalance in the body, causing the production of melanin and the formation of melanin. melasma.

Endocrine melasma usually appears on the skin in the form of small brown spots and can spread quickly if not prevented and treated promptly. These spots usually appear concentrated on the cheeks, nose, forehead, temples and around the mouth. The severity of melasma is a mirror of the hormonal disorder inside your body.

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2. Causes of endocrine melasma

Causes of hormonal melasma
6 main causes of hormonal melasma

Estrogen is considered the most important hormone in a woman's body. This is considered a gift of nature because this hormone helps shape the flexible curves of the body, supports sexual development, reproduction, increases nutrient absorption into the body and at the same time. keep skin smooth.

However, the hormone estrogen is not always produced and maintained in a stable manner. This endocrine disorder is the main cause of changes skin pigmentation, causing traits such as melasma, dark spots, freckles and accelerate skin aging.

So, what are the causes of endocrine melasma?

  • Time after birth: This is the time when a woman's body undergoes sudden changes. Because during pregnancy, a woman's body rapidly increases estrogen to protect the fetus. After childbirth, this hormone suddenly decreases, leading to endocrine disorders and the formation of melasma.
  • Stress, prolonged stress: Psychological factors greatly affect the health as well as skin of women. According to research, the body is stressed will cause hormonal disturbances and lead to melasma.
  • Due to the influence of birth control pills: The progesterone component in birth control pills has a significant contribution to the stimulation of melasma.
  • Besides, perimenopause, Ovarian diseases or overwork also cause hormonal imbalance in the body and lead to skin pigmentation.

3. Solution to treat hormonal melasma

Notes to help balance hormones, prevent and support the treatment of melasma from the inside:

Emotional balance
How to treat hormonal melasma effectively?
Knowing how to balance emotions is the most effective method to treat melasma

As you know, regular stress will cause the amount of estrogen hormone to increase or decrease suddenly, leading to hormonal disorders. So, always keep your mind relaxed, think positive and spend a lot of time resting or playing your favorite sports to balance your body.

Sleep mode

Deep and sufficient sleep will help the body repair itself and balance hormone levels. Moreover, this is also the golden time for the skin to recover and regenerate the fastest. Therefore, this is an extremely simple and effective hormonal melasma treatment solution that you should not ignore.

What foods are good for the treatment of endocrine melasma?
Have a proper diet

Diet greatly affects the results of melasma treatment in general and endocrine melasma in particular. Essential nutrients to support the effective treatment of melasma include: omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and antioxidant compounds.

In addition, you need to stay away from food sources that hinder the treatment of melasma such as red meat, poultry eggs, seafood.

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Say no to caffeine

Caffeine is a substance that helps the body stay awake and focused, but it is also one of the agents that causes cardiac arrhythmias, affects the digestive process and disturbs the endocrine system. Therefore, during the treatment of hormonal melasma, you need to minimize the drinks containing this substance (coffee, tea, cocoa, ...).

Using hormone balancing pills
Using hormone balancing drugs how to treat hormonal melasma effectively
Using hormone balancing pills

On the market, there are many supplements, balancing female hormones with the effect of helping to balance female hormones, supporting the elimination of toxins, and enhancing the skin's resistance. Thereby preventing and supporting the effective treatment of melasma.

Effective endocrine melasma treatments.

Methods using natural ingredients
How to treat hormonal melasma with natural methods?
Using natural ingredients such as honey, fresh lemon

If melasma is newly formed, you can use natural ingredients to treat melasma. Some recipes Miss Tram suggests for you: Tomato mask; Mask of turmeric starch, fresh milk without sugar; Potato, yogurt and honey mask.

Methods of treating melasma with natural ingredients are usually very safe and cost-effective. But to get the best results, you need to persevere for a long time and should only do it with mild pigmentation.

Method of using melasma cream
how to treat hormonal melasma with anti-pigmentation cream
Use effective skin lightening cream

There are many types on the market melasma treatment cream It is advertised as containing natural ingredients with effective melasma treatment at the root and outstanding effectiveness. The method of using melasma cream is also chosen by many women because it does not cost too much, convenient to use, and the effectiveness is also very high.

However, the risks of this method are not small if you choose poor quality products, use them incorrectly or your skin is irritated with the ingredients of the drug. So, if you want to use melasma cream, you need to consult a dermatologist, buy branded products and follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid unwanted consequences. desire.

Method using laser YAG . technology
how to treat hormonal melasma with technology at miss tram
Method using laser YAG . technology

Technology to remove melasma at the root YAG laser in Miss Tram VietNam tested and certified as The safest, fastest and most thorough way to treat melasma.

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Come to Miss Tram VietNam, you will be examined by experts and given a suitable treatment regimen for your skin condition. Melasma treatment process here is also carried out closed, ensuring absolute safety under the skilled skills of experienced professionals, bringing the most peace of mind to customers.

In addition, with modern YAG Laser melasma technology, the melanin pigments will be gradually destroyed and eliminated after each treatment. Therefore, the condition of melasma on your skin will be treated at the root, providing a long-lasting effect, preventing the formation of melasma again.

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about what to know about endocrine melasma. To prevent and endocrine melasma treatment To be effective, you need to understand the cause of melasma, pay attention to hormonal balance and choose the right treatment method. Hope this article is useful to you. Wish you always have a healthy body and skin!

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