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Beard acne This is not a common type of acne on the skin, but this is a name that everyone who hears must be concerned. Because not only causes cosmetic loss, pain, but this type of acne also leaves a lot of complications if not treated properly. So how dangerous is beard acne and how to treat it? beard acne treatment What is the most effective? Together Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn more about this type of acne.

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1. What is beard acne?

beard acne and how to effectively treat beard acne
Beard acne is a very toxic and dangerous type of acne

Beard acne is a very toxic type of acne, with a hard core and causing pain and redness on the skin. This type of acne usually appears on the skin around the mouth, chin, in the nose or at the base of the beard and facial hair. Nail acne is formed by squeezing acne in the wrong way, causing inflammation, shaving or scratches, etc., causing skin infection or can also be spontaneous due to the body of each person.

At first glance, many people will mistake beard acne with other types of acne. However, this type of acne has a harder, more painful head and is also much more difficult to handle. Failure to distinguish this type of acne and treating it in the wrong way can have great consequences for your skin and health, and can even lead to death.

To recognize beard acne and have the most effective and correct treatment for beard acne, you need to pay attention to the following recognition points:

  • Beard acne appears as painful swellings around the edge and chin. In the nose or around the nose. They are usually red and if you touch them, you will feel the hard core.
  • From the initial red nodules, the pus-like nibs appear with pus. When you touch it, you will feel a sharp pain and the skin around the acne will become hot.
  • With severe cases of acne, you may have a high fever and fatigue. At this time, you need to immediately go to medical facilities for examination and timely treatment.

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2. The danger level of beard acne

What causes beard acne?
Beard acne is very dangerous, so find an effective way to treat beard acne

Beard acne is a very toxic type of acne, they can cause the following complications:

  • Severe cases of acne will make you have a high fever, body fatigue due to toxins and especially a lot of pain in the acne area.
  • If not treated promptly and properly, acne can also cause effects on blood vessels, causing life-threatening complications such as facial sinus disease, blockage of brain veins, infection. blood.
  • In addition, beard acne after treatment often leaves severe scars if not handled properly.

3. How to treat beard acne?

The life cycle of beard acne usually lasts from 8-10 days depending on the size and the intervention and handling of each person:

Acne formation stage, no pus formation:

How to treat beard acne effectively
How to effectively treat beard acne in the period of acne formation

At this stage, new acne is formed, you can acne skin care at home Cleanse your face twice a day. Besides, regularly use a clean cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol to apply to the swollen acne several times a day to kill bacteria and prevent acne from developing.

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Purulent stage, causing pain:

How to effectively treat beard acne?
How to effectively treat beard acne in the purulent stage?

In the case of small pimples and no serious symptoms, you can wait a few days for the acne to develop its life cycle, wait for the acne core to ripen, burst on its own, drain the pus and flake off. At this time, use sterile medical cotton to absorb the fluid and remove the nucleus. Next, disinfect the acne area to avoid leaving scars.

With severe cases of acne, causing pain as well as high fever, you should immediately go to medical facilities for examination and timely treatment measures to avoid unfortunate consequences.

4. Notes when treating beard acne

Note when treating beard acne
Important notes to effectively treat beard acne

To care for and treat beard acne safely and effectively, you need to adhere to the above notes:

  • Do not arbitrarily apply ice on the acne: With other types of acne, applying ice can calm the redness, but with beard acne, this action will make the acne worse.
  • Do not apply masks, tobacco leaves, acne cream on acne spots without a doctor's prescription: Because nail acne is a dangerous type of acne, if you arbitrarily apply medicine, applying a mask can make the acne area irritated and susceptible to infection.
  • Absolutely do not arbitrarily fix acne: Frequent touching of beard acne will be very dangerous because these effects will make the acne skin prone to infection and can easily break acne when the acne core is not ripe - this makes the acne spot infected and difficult to treat more valuable.

In addition, the acne core is deeply embedded in the skin, so touching or squeezing acne will not only make acne severe and spread, but also affect the blood vessels under the skin, posing a danger to health.

  • Limit fried foods high in fat and sugary foods: Diet has a great influence on acne treatment. During this time, it's best to limit foods high in fat and sugar as much as possible - this is the cause of stimulating the skin to produce excess oil, making acne treatment difficult.

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Everything you need to know about beard acne. Although it is a dangerous type of acne, if you know how to take care and treat it in time, you will definitely get rid of them safely and thoroughly. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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