Blackhead on nose

The Secret to Effectively Treating Blackheads on Nose

Blackhead which is considered a type of acne "all the people" because it hardly spares anyone. The obnoxious layers of blackheads that grow all over the nose, causing large pores and ugly skin have really become a "nightmare" for many people. So, how to completely remove blackheads and prevent them from recurring? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center I will guide you in a few ways blackhead treatment Effective and easy to do, you can completely apply it at home.

how to treat blackheads on nose
Blackheads on the nose

Blackheads are a common type of acne on all skin types, appearing most in the T-zone and cheeks near the nose. Blackheads are usually hard, black seeds that make pores bigger and less aesthetic.

The main cause of blackheads is due to the appearance of a lot of oil on the skin, causing the pores to be clogged, the dirt accumulated for a long time will harden and the part exposed to the air will turn black.

More dangerously, blackheads are very difficult to treat completely, they keep coming back over and over again, disturbing the "suffering owner". To prevent the formation as well as "solve" the suffering called blackheads, you can follow some of the following instructions of Miss Tram.

Blackheads and things you didn't know

The name blackhead reflects the characteristics of this type of acne. These are small pimples that often grow on the forehead, cheeks and especially the nose area. Blackheads are not as severe as other types of acne (cause skin inflammation, leave pitted scars), but have a persistent feature, go away and reappear. Especially, if you have oily skin, blackheads will be more intimate than other skin types.

Blackheads are preceded by white pimples hidden under the skin. When the pore is blocked, this acne nucleus will be pushed upwards, the acne above the skin is subject to oxidative stress from the environment or other factors, so it will be blackened.

Why do we get blackheads?

Blackheads on the nose are mainly caused by overactive sebaceous glands in the skin. At that time, sebum will be stimulated to secrete more, accumulating under the pores. Over time, it causes blockages and acne formations. This phenomenon mainly occurs when the body's hormones increase during puberty. Therefore, teenagers are more prone to blackheads on the nose.

In addition, environmental factors, our skin care habits are also the main cause of "involvement" for blackheads in the nose to appear. The environment is full of dust, bacteria, plus the fact that we abuse cosmetics, do not clean the skin properly, ... have caused pores to accumulate dirt, stimulate bacteria to grow, causing a series of problems severe on the skin. Blackheads are also easy to form when the skin is not sufficiently hydrated or you are often in a state of stress, prolonged stress.

How to treat blackheads on the nose quickly and effectively

1. Clean skin properly

As mentioned above, blackheads are formed mainly because the facial skin is not clean, causing the pores to become clogged. To solve this problem, you need to clean the skin properly to keep the surface of the skin clear.

  • Wash your face 2-3 times a day with a cleanser suitable for your skin type.
  • Care should be taken to remove makeup for the skin, because the remaining makeup residue will clog pores, cause acne and make the skin rough.
  • Twice a week, exfoliate to remove excess skin, help skin clear and easily absorb nutrients.
  • Cover carefully when exposed to sunlight, dust, pollution.
  • Absolutely do not touch your face or use your hands to squeeze pimples.
blackhead skin care
Wash your face 2-3 times a day with a cleanser suitable for your skin type

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2. Reasonable diet

In addition to proper skin care, you should also pay attention to your diet, as this greatly affects your skin.

  • Please remove foods and drinks containing a lot of sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine, ... from the menu, because these foods not only affect health but also increase sebum secretion, causing skin to appear Unsightly oil spills and clogged pores cause acne.
  • Drink a lot of water, at least 2 liters per day and increase green vegetables and fruits for the body.
  • Besides, you arrange a reasonable rest time, sleep early and avoid stress, anxiety and stress.
What to do for blackheads on the nose?
Eliminate foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine

3. Enhance skin care

There are 3 ways to take care of the skin today, that is using natural masks, using cosmetics and using cosmetic methods. Each method has certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • For natural masks like: lemons, potatoes, tomatoes, etc., have the advantage of being safe, easy to find and cost-effective. However, this method is laborious to perform and the treatment of acne requires a long time.
  • The second way is to use acne creams: This method is very convenient to use, and gives quite positive results. However, there are many fake and poor quality creams on the market today. Requires users to be very alert, choose quality cosmetics and suitable for their skin.
  • The third way is to use the intervention of modern acne treatment technologies: The advantage of this method is that it can treat acne quickly and completely, with high efficiency. However, this method is expensive, and you must choose a quality acne treatment center.

If you want things acne treatment Blackheads on the nose completely and prevent them from recurring, you should choose reputable acne treatment facilities such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. We have a team of experienced acne treatment experts, who will advise you on the appropriate treatment course.

Along with that, Miss Tram owns many prestigious acne treatment technologies such as Green Laser/Blue Light technology, Oxy Jet technology, Nano Skin Technology, BioLight technology Helps to effectively treat acne, and beautify the skin from deep within. Miss Tram also completely treats the consequences left by acne such as bruises, large pores, pitted scars... helps skin smooth and healthy.

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Let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center gives you smooth and bright skin, solves all worries caused by acne, helps you more prominent and radiant. Miss Tram accompanies you, for sublimated beauty.

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