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How to Treat Allergies to Lip Tattoo Ink

If there is a case lip tattoo ink allergy What is the most effective method of treatment? Please refer to the article below from experts at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center .

[Q & A] How to Treat Allergic Lip Tattoo Ink Now


I am allergic to ink spray. My lips often peel off young skin when I encounter water such as brushing my teeth, eating hot food or just taking a shower, etc. I have been to the lip spray for treatment for 1 month now but still not cured. I'm really scared and worried about my lips right now. Hope Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center help me with treatment. Thank you!

lip tattoo ink allergy

(Phuong Dung – 24 years old – Tien Giang)


Treating lips that are allergic to tattoo inkHello Phuong Dung, after hearing your sharing, we hope you can take some time to come Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for timely examination and treatment before it is too late.

Your case is called contact dermatitis, where allergic dermatitis is an ingredient in the lip spray. For treatment, it is necessary to completely eliminate skin allergens (this is difficult to do in small facilities, with less modern equipment because the ingredients of lip spray ink still exist on your lips).

In general, the treatment in your case, maybe the current focus is limited to relieving symptoms with topical or oral medications. According to Miss Tram's experience, you should regularly use moisturizing agents to help limit peeling and dry lips. You can use products containing safe ingredients that do not cause skin irritation such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, etc.

Causes of lip tattoo ink allergy

Skin infections often occur due to the condition that the tattoo ink tools are not sterile, the tattoo process is not medically hygienic, the use of tattoo needles for previous people, the skin is allergic to the tattoo tools or it may be caused by quality tattoo ink not guaranteed.lip care allergic to tattoo ink

In fact, ensuring the sterility of tattoo ink is often the least overlooked. Every step in the ink production process can be contaminated: non-sterile production, contamination of ingredients including water, glycerin, colorants.

Water used to mix ink (usually distilled water or boiled water to cool) once contaminated will contaminate tattoo ink. Ink can also be contaminated right from the point of distribution. Tattoo ink is classified as a beauty product (cosmetic) while the pigment used in the ink is a color additive that needs to be approved before being released on the market.

The Beauty Products Regulatory Agency requires that their ingredients be free of toxins, manufactured to strict standards, and stored under hygienic conditions.

Therefore, even if you go to a place to spray tattoos in a hygienic place, it is not certain that you will not have a skin infection after tattooing. If there are redness appearing at the tattoo site, you need to go to the nearest medical facility for examination immediately. Customers go Lip tattoo spray should ask the technician to ensure the correct process, for the customer to check the tools and ink used. In addition to us, it is necessary to comply with aseptic regulations and manipulate the correct technique for beautiful and safe results as desired.

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Preventing the risk of skin allergies when tattooing

To make sure to prevent the risk of skin infection when tattooing, you should note the following:

  • It is best to only choose to perform at reputable addresses and aesthetic establishments. Do not be greedy but choose poor quality places, not guaranteed to "lose money".
  • Make sure the tattoo spray place must clean tools, disinfect and clean the skin before tattooing.
  • After tattooing, you should have a rest and reasonable diet to avoid bacteria invasion during skin recovery.
  • If your skin is sensitive or allergic to chemicals, you should get permission from your doctor before deciding to go for tattooing.

spa treats allergies safely tattoo ink

Tattoo ink allergy If not treated properly, it will easily cause serious damage to the skin and leave complications later. So do not hesitate to come to us immediately to be examined and consulted the most suitable treatment course!

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