How to Take Care of Perfect Eyebrows After Gratitude Sculpting

How to Take Care of Perfect Eyebrows After Sculpting


How to take care of your eyebrows

Many of you are worried about the care and convalescence after eyebrow sculpting. However, the care is really not complicated at all!

While technology tattooed eyebrows If you return, you must abstain from certain foods such as seafood, beef, eggs, glutinous rice, water spinach, soy sauce, etc. because of the invasiveness and damage to the tattoo area, the method embroidery spray or sculpting are just touching the outside of the skin, so it will not hurt, there is no need to abstain from food or rest.

Just remember and grasp a few notes below:

  • Limit water on the sculpted brow area for the first 3 days.
  • Apply Vaseline continuously on the eyebrow area to help keep the ink, avoid dirt sticking.
  • In case of rain water, just use a cotton ball to dry the water to clean.

And more importantly, you should choose the right reputable facility to avoid skin inflammation and itching caused by equipment that has not been properly disinfected.

Wish you have the perfect eyebrows!

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