How to take care of facial skin with pitted scars

How to Take Care of Facial Skin With Pore Scars Safely

Have you ever wondered how to facial skin care with pitted scars correct and scientific? Each person has a different body and living conditions, so facial care with pitted scars also needs flexibility to match. Do not ignore the 5 "golden" secrets Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Here are the following introductions, just work hard and you will quickly regain healthy, radiant skin!

How to take care of facial skin with pitted scars at home

Share how to take care of facial skin with pitted scars at home

Revealing 5 ways to take care of facial skin with pitted scars at home

1. Get into the habit of washing your face thoroughly

It can be said that this is the most basic secret that everyone must know to keep the skin healthy and bright every day. Especially for those of you with pitted scars, facial cleansing is always an important first step in the process Skin Care. However, washing your face too much or washing your face too little is not good for the skin. You should wash your face at least 1-2 times a day.

To Wash your face properlyYou should wash your hands thoroughly first and wet your face. Then, you put a sufficient amount of facial cleanser on the palm of your hand (note: you should use a cleanser with a low pH to avoid damaging the skin), beat and gently apply to the face, massage according to the instructions. spiral for about 30 seconds and then rinse with water. The last step, use a soft bristle towel or paper towel to wipe your face, avoid rubbing too hard to damage the skin.

Safe pitting scar treatment
Habit of clean face

2. Change the right diet

The cause of pitted skin can also come from an unreasonable diet. Therefore, the skin with pitted scars needs to have the right nutrition for the skin to recover and regenerate soon. During treatment, you should avoid smoking or stimulants. Instead, you should add foods that are good for your skin such as fresh vegetables, fish, yogurt, cereals, etc. In addition, you should drink 1-2 liters of water per day to provide enough water for your body. The body helps to keep your skin white and healthy.

The addition of vitamin C is an indispensable thing because vitamin C contains a high nutritional content that is very good for health pitted scar treatment. You can load vitamin C for your body with functional food tablets, vitamin C serums for the skin or fresh fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, strawberries, kiwis, etc.

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Reasonable diet

3. Limit makeup and use cosmetics when treating pitted scars

Many female friends, because they are afraid of defects on the face, resort to makeup to cover up the pitted scars. This makes your skin condition even more damaged because if you do not remove makeup, it will cause skin allergies. So, if you have a non-serious pitted scar, you can wear light makeup if necessary. As for those of you with severe conditions, it is best to limit makeup to avoid damaging the skin.

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In addition, you should combine with skin regeneration cream to help the skin quickly recover, fight oxidation, promote skin regeneration, and limit the formation of new scars.

skin care with pitted scars
Limit makeup during the treatment of pitted scars

4. Don't pop pimples and always remove makeup before going to bed

For those of you with pitted scars, absolutely do not squeeze acne because it will certainly make your skin condition more difficult to treat. In particular, you should take some time to remove makeup after a busy day of activities before going to bed to protect your skin from the bad effects of the environment.

5. Examination, analysis of skin condition and treatment according to the doctor's course

According to statistics in Vietnam, more than 60% of women are not aware of their current skin condition as well as neglecting appropriate skin care procedures. Therefore, going to the examination and analyzing the condition of the facial skin is also a very necessary job that you can not ignore with pitted scars.

Examination and treatment according to the doctor's schedule
Examination and treatment according to the doctor's schedule

No one wants to get worse and worse, so skin care with pitted scars should not be neglected or subjective. With a team of experienced professionals, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center confidently "turn" your current rough, ugly skin back to its original condition.

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