The Most Standard, Safest, All-Inclusive Anti-Aging Skin Care

The Safest, Standard Anti-Aging Skin Care

How to keep the skin from aging, or how anti aging skin it is not only your question anymore, but the brothers are also very interested in this issue. Because beauty is one of the standards that is to have beautiful, healthy skin without aging. The main cause of skin aging is collagen The decrease and the body's limited ability to regenerate Collagen by many factors, both from the environment and from daily life, will make your skin prone to sagging, melasma, freckles, age spots, also known as aging.

anti-aging skin care
The main cause of skin aging is a decrease in collagen

Because for the skin alone, collagen is considered as a glue that connects cells, determines the firmness and smoothness of the skin. If we do not want to age too soon, we need to have the secret to take good care of. 

Aging is actually a burden for both women and men, there is always a saying "prevention is better than cure", before it's too late, you can refer to the following sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for the best skin care.

4 Steps Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care

1. Supplement Vitamin C properly

One of the main components that make up collagen in the body is amino acids. And to perform its structural role well, Amino acids need the support of Vitamin C. Ironically, the human body cannot supplement or synthesize Vitamin C on its own. Want to get the amount of Vitamin C? this, we can only supplement through the diet.

Effective anti-aging skin care
Supplement enough vitamin C for the body

Therefore, in your daily diet, if you lack foods containing Vitamin C such as papaya, strawberries, oranges, bananas, mangoes, kiwis, lemons and dark green vegetables, don't ask later. chemical.

However, according to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization), every day you should only supplement up to 1000mg to synthesize Collagen is the best. Should not be used too much because it can create side effects.

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2. Amino Acid Supplement

In fact, collagen in the body is the form of protein. In order to maintain collagen in the body, you need to supplement with amino acids.

According to experts from the US, Threonine and Proline are 2 amino acids that function to form Collagen. In it, the body cannot produce Threonine can be synthesized through foods such as peanuts, eggs, milk, soybeans, asparagus, pork, beef and chicken. As for Proline, the body can produce it, but you can help your body by adding foods such as soy, milk, cheese, beef and cabbage.

anti aging skin food
Soy is a food rich in Threonine and Proline

3. Always get enough sleep

Dark circles under the eyes, dark skin, tired face, not a bright smile, etc. are obvious symptoms of trouble sleeping. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, only people who get enough sleep equivalent to 7-8 hours can have healthy and vibrant skin.

causes of skin aging
Sleep for 7-8 hours a day to ensure healthy skin

Simply, staying up late will make the circulatory system, nervous system and metabolism less efficient. Since then, amino acids and nutrients cannot be transported to the organs they need, gradually causing disorders. The skin is the first place to show signs of damage. Do not want to age, make the skin lose its beauty, practice the habit of sleeping early, waking up early will be one of the effective therapies to help you fight aging.

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4. Proper skin care

Do you understand the importance of skin care, especially after the age of 25 to prevent aging? Are you sure the method you applied is correct?

In fact, everyone's skin structure is different, some people have oily skin, some people have dry skin, and some people have combination skin. If you want to apply direct care methods on the skin such as using cosmetics, supplementing functional foods, using cosmetic procedures, etc. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center recommends that you go to a dermatology hospital or a cosmetic center to test before applying any anti-aging measures. This will be safe and give you better results.

Wish you always have a smooth, full of vitality skin! And a small but extremely important note is that you need to determine what your skin type is to conduct the most appropriate beauty treatments? You already know how skin classification yet? If not, please take the skin test at the following link:

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