How to effectively take care of puberty skin

Skin Care For Puberty

Adolescent is considered a period with a lot of psychological and physiological changes, especially major changes in the body. Due to the excess development of hormones, the skin of boys and girls is often in an oily state, leading to "specific" conditions such as acne or freckles.

To take care of healthy skin and prevent acne spots from forming, you need to choose the right skin care products and have a routine. skin care for puberty right way. So, don't skip the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center .

Daily skin care steps

1. Sunscreen

Skin at any age needs sunscreen, because UV rays in sunlight are the root cause of 80% of skin diseases. If you know how to protect your skin early, you will minimize the bad effects later on such as bruises, freckles, aging... Moreover, using sunscreen will strengthen the skin's protective barrier, giving the skin more protection resistant to effectively prevent the formation of acne.

For puberty, you need to choose sunscreen lines that have a light texture, absorb quickly and do not cause greasiness on the skin. And especially, the less use the better, because sunscreen for puberty should only focus on sun protection.

How to take care of the skin for puberty safely
Choose a sunscreen with a light texture for puberty

2. Clean skin

Although you are going through puberty, many of you have practiced with makeup (but you should not wear makeup too often and too heavily - because this affects your skin health later on), plus the use of makeup. Use sunscreen every day, so you need to clean your skin in 2 steps: Remove makeup and use face wash. Thorough cleansing of the skin will balance excess oil and prevent acne from forming effectively. 

Although puberty skin often appears oily, but you should not choose products with strong bleaching properties. Use gentle makeup remover lines and cleansers so as not to strip the skin of its natural oils, making the skin more prone to oil secretion.

Note: Only use makeup remover in the evening cleansing step, and the cleanser is used in the morning and at night.

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3. Moisturizing

At the beginning of puberty, you need to fully moisturize your skin, because the growth of skin cells and environmental influences will make the skin easy to lose water. And when there is a lack of moisture, your face will be stimulated to produce more excess oil – thereby creating favorable conditions for acne-causing bacteria to multiply.

At this age, you only need to use product lines with light texture and specialize in moisturizing enough to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

skin care guide for puberty
Choose a line of moisturizers suitable for puberty

Additional skin care steps

1. Exfoliate

At any age, you need to exfoliate regularly every week, because when you remove old cells, your facial skin will be smooth, new pores will open, and new nutrients can easily penetrate deep into the skin. inside.

For teens, it's best to use natural exfoliating recipes like: brown sugar + coconut oil, oats + honey… because you only need to do the cleaning step once a week. 

skin care routine for puberty
Exfoliate once a week for puberty

2. Put on a mask 

At puberty, the skin often sheds a lot of oil, so you need to choose masks that have the effect of deep cleansing, oil control and tighten pores as effective as: clay mask, cucumber mask, aloe vera mask, lemon + honey mask,… Especially, these formulas are also very effective when your facial skin appears lithium acne spots.

Just regularly apply the face 2-3 times a week, you will have a healthy skin and quickly balance the excess oil on the skin.

3. Acne treatment

Acne is probably a very typical problem of puberty that surely everyone encounters. For mild acne breakouts, you can use a treatment cream to get rid of them quickly. However, you need to consult a dermatologist or pharmacist, because there are many acne creams on the market, and not all are suitable for your skin.

As for acne levels that are too severe, acne is too dense and there are signs of inflammation, it is best to ask a dermatology center for examination and appropriate treatment. (For more information, please refer to the article.) How to treat teenage acne?)

skin care for puberty
Depending on the acne condition to choose the right acne treatment method

4. Pay attention to diet and activities

Diet and lifestyle greatly affect the health of the skin. Especially, for teenagers, eating unhealthy or staying up late will make the skin quickly appear problems of acne and freckles. 

Therefore, pay attention to daily food sources, get into the habit of eating lots of green vegetables, drink lots of water and limit greasy snacks or carbonated drinks.

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What should puberty eat to protect the skin?
Follow a diet rich in green vegetables good for puberty

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about teenage skin care. The most important issue of this age is proper skin care and limiting acne. Therefore, just follow the basic skin care steps and have a healthy diet, you will have a beautiful and healthy skin. Hope the sharing of Miss Tram will be useful to you. May you always be the most beautiful and radiant!

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