Men's Skin Care Guide

Secrets To Help Men For Healthy Skin Tone At Home

Men's Skin Care Guide

In this modern life, when appearance is increasingly important, affecting work as well as relationships, men need to care more about their appearance. No need to be too fussy and meticulous like women. With just a little tweaking of costumes, hair and knowing how to take care of men's skin, the beauty of the boys has been significantly upgraded.

In particular, with the increasingly polluted environment today, men need a serious skin care regimen to ensure that their skin is always healthy and beautiful. Therefore, today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will guide all the steps of skin care for men.

Know your skin

Just like women's skin, men's skin is also divided into dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and normal skin. Each skin type has different properties and is suitable for different care products. Therefore, you need to understand your skin well to choose the best products for your skin type.

How to take care of men's skin at home effectively
Understanding your skin helps you choose the right skin care products

How to determine skin type:

Step 1: Wash your face with a mild cleanser, pat dry and wait for about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Apply oil blotting paper to the skin, then observe:

  • If your skin is normal and the paper is dry, your skin is normal. If your skin feels tight, it means you have dry or sensitive skin.
  • If your skin is normal and the paper is absorbent, it means your skin is oily. When your skin produces uneven oil, it means your skin is combination skin.

In addition, you can also do the test skin test quiz Simple to check exactly what type of skin you have. Once you have determined your skin type, you will be able to choose the right skin care products. In particular, because there are many differences in skin compared to women, men should only use specialized products for men.

Clean skin

How to wash face with face wash?

Washing your face is the most basic skin care step of men. Washing your face daily will help remove excess residue, dirt and bacteria from the skin, help clear skin and prevent acne and dermatological problems.

facial skin care for men
Washing your face is an important step in cleansing your skin

However, how to wash your face properly? You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose the right facial cleanser products:

On the market, there are many lines of skin cleansing products specifically for each type of men's skin. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose the product that best suits your skin.

If you are not familiar with cosmetics, you should choose to buy it at a supermarket or shopping mall. Because there, you will be sure to buy quality products as well as get more detailed advice from the staff about your skin type.

  • How many times a day do you wash your face with cleanser?

For men with oily skin, you need to wash your face with a cleanser twice a day in the morning and at night. If you have dry skin, you only need to use a cleanser in the evening, and in the morning, wash your face with clean water.

  • In the process of washing your face, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

First, do not use water that is too hot or too cold to wash your face.

Second, use a soft cotton towel to dry the skin instead of rubbing.

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Exfoliation is also very important

Besides washing your face, you need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove the outer layer of dead skin, making the skin softer and brighter. In addition, regular exfoliation helps to clear the skin, nutrients easily penetrate deep into the skin and effectively prevent acne.

Skin moisturizing

You don't need too many skin care products like women, but men should invest in at least one moisturizing product. Because of the bad effects of the environment and living habits, the skin loses moisture very quickly. If you don't replenish moisture every day, your skin will look dull. Not to mention, when you lose moisture for too long, your skin will be very prone to problems such as acne, dermatitis, peeling skin and signs of aging.

Effective skin care for men
Use moisturizer to protect skin

In the process of applying the cream, remember to simultaneously massage your face from bottom to top - from the inside out to help the nutrients quickly penetrate deep into the skin.

One note is that to keep the skin moist, you must always drink enough water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly. This habit will not only help your skin look younger, but your body will also be much healthier.

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Protect the skin

Sunscreen is extremely important for the skin, they will protect your skin against the "terrible" effects of UV rays from the sun, and also radiation from electronic devices. Without this protective layer, the skin will quickly become dull, lose moisture, destroy the structure, quickly appear signs of aging and especially skin cancer.

skin care for men
Men should also use sunscreen when going out

So, if you want to own a beautiful skin, you must not skip this step. At first, you may mind applying sunscreen every day, but with just a few minutes a day, your skin will be absolutely protected. So, well worth the time investment, right?

To own a healthy and beautiful skin, men do not need to spend as much time and effort as women. Because of the nature of the men's skin structure, they are very healthy. However, you need to follow basic skin care steps to ensure that your skin is always clean and moisturized. This way, your skin will always be healthy, beautiful and smooth.  Hope this article will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always the most satisfied with your appearance!

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