Guidelines for Skin Care with Hormonal Acne Correctly Principles

Guide to Taking Care of Hormonal Acne Skin Correctly

Acne formed by many factors. And to get rid of these skin conditions completely, you need to know the cause of their formation effective treatment methods Because it's possible that acne appears because of you How to take care of your skin after makeup Yours is incorrect. Especially for skin problems endocrine acne, it is necessary to combine the parallelism between Skin care from the inside out This is the only way to get rid of this skin condition.

So, how to hormonal acne skin care the most correct way? Don't miss the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

1. What is hormonal acne? Why is it difficult to treat?

Hormonal acne Acne is a phenomenon that occurs due to changes Hormonal inside the body. when the Hormonal Sudden changes, sebaceous glands will secrete more excess oil, causing pores (⇒ . ). 7 ways to tighten pores) is prone to clogging. This is a favorable condition for bacteria to penetrate and form acne.

Status and Symptoms of hormonal acne can form in both men and women, especially during puberty and menstrual cycle (women). In addition, when our mood is unstable, often stressed, long-term insomnia is also easy to form endocrine acne.

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What is hormonal acne? The most common cause of hormonal acne today

Accurate identification of hormonal acne:

  • Appear white pustules , and cystic acne.
  • Acne has no nucleus, bigger and deeper Acne.
  • Unable to control the amount of oil on the skin despite having skin hygiene very often.

Endocrine acne including many types of acne such as whiteheads and types pustules. Traces endocrine acne will easily spread because not everyone can quickly find the cause and fix it in time. And especially, this acne situation is very difficult to get rid of if it is not treated in combination from the inside out.

Instructions for proper hormonal acne skin care

Note when taking care of skin with hormonal acne from the outside

Like Miss Tram VietNam mentioned then to quickly remove endocrine acne, you need to have skin care regimen Thoroughly die inside and out. With your skin care routine from the outside, keep a few important points in mind:

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Share and guide how to take care of your skin from the outside properly and properly

Simplify basic skin care steps

Focus clean skin , and moisturizing daily. Should choose mild cleaning products, with natural ingredients to avoid Irritation of the acne area. In addition, you also need to use sunscreen every day when going out – this skin care product will protect your skin very well against the effects of sunlight. UV rays.

Do not arbitrarily use special creams

You must not, should not arbitrarily use types special cream, but consult your doctor/dermatologist for advice on the best product for you skin.

Limit the use of masks when acne is thick and heavy

With thick and heavy acne then please limit the type of application nourishing mask. In this case, it's best to ask for help acne treatment center or dermatology hospital to ensure the safest for the skin.

Do not arbitrarily pop acne

Voluntary work squeeze acne This can lead to the infection spreading to other areas of the skin. Therefore, wait for the acne to ripen on its own and make sure to always clean and disinfect the crumb. More specifically, you can refer to the article about Requirements for acne treatment ours.

How to take care of hormonal acne skin from the outside?

Besides skin care from the outside, the process of taking care of the skin from the inside is very important, especially with endocrine acne. In addition to balancing hormones in the body, you need to ensure that you provide enough nutrients to the skin from the inside to strengthen the skin's immune system effectively.

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The secret to eating, supplementing with vitamins and nutrients to be able to take care of the skin from the inside in the most standard way

Some notes in the process of skin care with hormonal acne from the inside:

  • Psychological factors have a great influence on Hormonal in the body, so you need to always keep your mind relaxed to limit stress and prolonged stress. If not, acne condition Yours will be very difficult to finish.
  • Maintain a moderate lifestyle, especially sleep – because this is the time skin repair and regeneration the most effectively.
  • Establish diet Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, limit foods that are harmful to the skin such as foods high in sugar, fat and hot spicy.
  • Drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin hydrated Instructions to drink water properly for healthy skin), Effective skin detox.
  • Exercise regularly every day. The exercise will enhance the metabolism in the body, help the skin firm, healthy and the acne treatment process is also better supported.
  • For women, you can refer to a number of functional foods that regulate hormones.

In treatment time, you need to have Care mode, Diet for people with hormonal acne skin simultaneously from both inside and outside. In particular, with the severe acne condition, too thick or there is no remission, you need to consult a doctor or a dermatologist for advice and the best treatment.

Here are the shares beauty secret news of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about how to take care of hormonal acne skin. This is a difficult acne condition to treat because there are many causes and factors affecting both internal and external. Therefore, please be patient in parallel with skin care procedures and healthy living diet to improve acne skin condition quickly. Hope the sharing of Miss Tram will be useful to you. Wish you quickly have the most beautiful healthy skin!

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