How to Store Cosmetics Not Perishable In Summer Details

How to Store Cosmetics That Don't Perish In Summer

Nowadays, cosmetics Not only women use it, but men also use it a lot. Using cosmetics is common, but not everyone knows how to preserve them in the hot summer. Even those who use cosmetics regularly do not necessarily know all the ways to preserve cosmetics in the summer.

So let's go together Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Learn more about how to store cosmetics in summer In order to maintain the quality of the product when using it!

1. Why should cosmetics be carefully preserved in the summer?

How to store cosmetics in the summer?
Always keep cosmetics neat and tidy

Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, with extremely hot summers, high temperatures easily make cosmetics damaged, the ingredients in it are easily metamorphosed, bringing back effects for users. .

Not to mention, cosmetics are items that people, especially women, are willing to "sacrifice" from a few hundred to a million dong to own them. But just because you don't understand how to preserve them in the summer, letting them spoil is a pity, isn't it?

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2. Factors that make cosmetics perishable

Cosmetics will most likely be damaged by the following basic factors:

  • Climate, temperature, light and dirt…
  • Moisture, mold and bacteria…
  • Shock, strong impact…
How should cosmetics be stored in the summer?
Pay attention to factors that can damage cosmetics

3. What is the most effective way to preserve cosmetics in the summer?

To store cosmetics in the summer most effectively, you need to avoid storing them in the following places:

  • Window steps: It's easy for women to find a place with light to apply makeup, which often leads to conveniently putting cosmetics here and forgetting to put it away. From here, the sun, wind, dust and high temperature of the summer sun will make your cosmetics lose quality. So, remember to store your favorite cosmetics in more appropriate places in the bedroom or drawer…!
  • Where the bathroom: The bathroom is a place with high humidity that easily breeds mold and bacteria. Surely no one wants their favorite cosmetics to spoil too quickly, change color, fragrance and use, right? In addition, they are also full of bacteria and then apply to the skin and hair, which is not good, ladies.
  • Near heating appliances: Temperature is the number one factor that cosmetics should avoid. In addition to some products that need to be stored in the refrigerator to maximize their use, such as mineral sprays, rose water, masks, etc., other cosmetic products need to be stored at room temperature. It is necessary to stay away from heat-emitting devices such as microwave ovens, electric stoves, rice cookers ... to limit the temperature that reduces the quality of your cosmetics and harms the skin.
  • The trunk of a motorbike or car: Some women who forgot lipstick, foundation ... in the trunk of a motorbike or car encountered a situation where the lipstick melted into water because the temperature in it was too hot. So, please be careful not to store cosmetics in these places because high temperatures will cause your cosmetics to be damaged or degraded.

In short, you need to put cosmetics in cool, dry, clean places, avoid direct sunlight and avoid places with high temperatures to keep the quality of cosmetics used effectively. make full use of them.

Note when storing cosmetics in the summer
Use the refrigerator to preserve cosmetics

Particularly for some cosmetics with instructions for use on the package that "store in the refrigerator", you should follow. Because some handmade cosmetics, paper masks, mineral sprays and toners are products with a short shelf life and need to be stored in the refrigerator. Or if you want peace of mind for the preservation of cosmetics, please buy yourself a specialized cooler to store cosmetics.

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4. Signs that cosmetics have been damaged

You can check with your senses whether the product has the following signs of damage:

  • Change color, change smell...
  • Change form from solid to liquid, or from liquid to viscous...
  • The effect is clearly reduced or there are adverse reactions compared to previous uses

If your cosmetics have the above signs, you should immediately stop and quit these products should not be used to avoid harming your own health. If nothing changes, you can continue to use it and pay more attention to the preservation of your favorite cosmetics.

The secret to preserving cosmetics in summer
Put cosmetics in dry, airy places, avoid direct sunlight

Above, Miss Tram has told you some secrets of storing cosmetics in the summer. Hopefully, these small shares will be useful to those who like to use cosmetics but do not know how to preserve them!

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