Signs of Premature Aging Skin Moderation

Signs of Premature Aging Skin

Usually after the age of 30 the signs old just appeared. However, due to the impact of environmental pollution and unreasonable diet and convalescence, aging can be rejuvenated in some people.

In fact, aging occurs throughout the body, but the skin is often the most obvious part that you can see with the naked eye. According to the Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterAlthough aging is a process we can't stop, you need to "understand" your body so you can take care of it to make aging slower.

Signs of premature skin aging
Signs of premature skin aging

If you notice these signs on your skin, it means you are facing skin aging.

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Look for Signs of Premature Aging Skin

Lines on the corners of the eyes

Also known as crow's feet. It will appear more and more as the production process collagen and reduced elastin. Because at this time, the skin will be softer and gradually lose its inherent elasticity to maintain a smooth state.

In terms of the causes of the current state of affairs, in addition to the deterioration of cell structure due to age, the impact of sunlight, polluted environment, smoking, frowning habits... are all factors. The main reason why young people are prone to crow's feet

Wrinkles appear on the corners of the eyes
Wrinkles appear on the corners of the eyes


Skin with a lot of Collagen and Elastin will have good elasticity, making it easy to regain the original smooth state regardless of whether you pinch or stretch.

And because of that, you can check the youthfulness of your skin by pinching a piece of skin under two fingers for a few seconds and then releasing it. The longer the skin takes to return to its normal state, the higher the risk of aging.

In addition, wrinkles appear more in the forehead area can also be a sign of cardiovascular disease and poor blood circulation. The reason is because the prefrontal blood vessels are very susceptible to damage, even a small change is clearly visible.

Causes of aging skin
Wrinkles begin to appear on the skin

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Dry skin

The skin always has a barrier made of natural fats called lipids to keep the skin hydrated. When the skin does not produce oil (because of age, environmental pollution, UV rays, chemicals from cosmetics, ..) this barrier is gradually damaged, creating small, invisible cracks in the surface of the skin, This allows moisture to escape, causing dry, cracked skin. On the other hand, cracks also make it easier for irritants to penetrate the skin – which is why dry skin is often accompanied by sensitization (numbness, itching, discomfort).

The decline of Collagen and Elastin also starts here. And as a result, the rate of skin aging will be accelerated to cause symptoms of wrinkles and pigmentation.

How to take care of aging skin
Skin is dry

Skin sagging

Collagen and Elastin are two forms of protein that play a role in making up a network of more than 75% of the structure and shape of the skin. Acting as a substance that creates tight connections in tissues in the body, Collagen accounts for 70-80% of the total protein in the skin and up to 30% of the total protein in the body.

Once again, it can be affirmed that Collagen is most concentrated in the dermis and its effect is to create firmness and smoothness for the skin, helping wounds heal. Therefore, when Collagen and Elastin are no longer massively produced by the body due to sun exposure, pollution, smoke, improper nutrition, etc., do not ask why your skin does not. sagging.

What to do with premature aging skin?
Sagging skin

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Dull skin – age spots

Periodically, the epidermis of the skin will be regenerated once every 28-30 days. But at the age of 25, this process will take place more slowly, and this creates conditions for more dead skin layers to accumulate on the surface of the skin. As a result, it will interfere with the emergence of new cells. Without proper exfoliation, over time, the skin's surface is uneven and rough, and dark spots are formed called age spots.

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