Minimalist Skin Care Process For Acne Skin Effectively Need To Know

Minimalist Skin Care Process For Effective Acne Skin

Acne skin very sensitive, because on the surface of the skin there are many lesions such as acne spots, bruises, rough, dull skin ... At this time, a skin care routine Complete but done quickly, simply and without clogging pores will make the treatment process take place most effectively. So how to acne skin care Full but minimalist? Don't miss the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Effective Skin Care Procedure For Acne Skin

1. Why does acne skin need a simple skin care routine??

How to take care of acne skin safely
Symptoms of oily skin acne? The best way to take care of oily acne-prone skin

Lane acne skin Skin is extremely sensitive, fragile and often shiny, especially those with severe acne. Using thick skin care products or multiple creams at the same time will make the skin more sticky and can make acne more difficult to treat. However, it is still necessary to ensure that the skin is nourished and cared for properly so that the skin can grow healthy and recover quickly.

So the work acne skin care It is best to "simplify" skin care steps - use quality products, the most necessary skin care steps for the acne treatment process to be effective.

Note when taking care of acne skin
Use effective skin care products for acne-prone skin

Notes in the process of acne skin care:

  • Gently cleans the skin, does not have a strong impact on the skin.
  • Texture of liquid or gel skin care products to limit clogging pores.
  • Always make sure to provide enough moisture and sunscreen for the skin every day.

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2. The "minimalist" cycle of acne skin care

Clean skin

Method double cleansing – Two-step cleansing will also be suitable for acne-prone skin. Because cleaning the skin is a basic and important skin care step so that the skin does not generate more acne - so it is not advisable to "simplify" this skin care step.

Spa standard acne skin care steps
Clean skin, skin care steps for acne skin

With makeup remover, You should use water-based makeup remover for acne skin, avoid using oil-based makeup remover because if you don't emulsify the oil - acne is easy to develop.

What about face wash?, You need to choose a mild skin cleanser, natural extracts and no fragrance to limit irritation of acne skin.

After washing your face, don't forget to balance your skin's pH with toner to balance the pH, tighten pores and stabilize the amount of oil on the skin's surface. If you use the right and correct toner, it will have a deeper cleansing effect, "pave the way" for nutrients to penetrate the skin faster and more effectively.

Should I exfoliate my acne skin?

This question makes many women wonder because there are many conflicting opinions on beauty forums. But, yes or no answer all depends on your acne condition:

safe acne skin care spa
Regularly exfoliate in the process of skin care steps for acne skin

If you have mild acne: blackhead, acne bran, hidden acneIf you have mild acne, you should still exfoliate your skin once a week. Because this skin care step will remove dead skin and stubborn dirt, helping the skin to be more open. Note, you should not use granular exfoliants - it can easily damage sensitive acne areas.

If you have severe acne: severe acne, cystic acne, pustules, beard acne, etc., it is best not to exfoliate on acne skin. Because of the strong effects of this skin care step, it can cause damage, making acne more and more serious.

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Special product: Serum

Skin care cosmetics for acne
Choosing the right acne serum for your skin skin care steps for acne skin

With ingredients that are ten times more abundant than normal creams, the serum is best suited for damaged skin that needs to be restored. In addition, the serum products have an essence-like texture, so all the nutrients will be easily absorbed into the skin quickly - helping to open the pores, without affecting the acne treatment process.

There are many types of acne serum with different accompanying uses such as: oil control, anti-aging, dark treatment, etc. You should learn carefully to choose the right product for your needs and skin condition. .

Moisturizing sunscreen: The best product for acne-prone skin

Use sunscreen step by step skin care process for acne skin
Use the optimal sunscreen for acne skin

With any skin, moisturizing - sun protection is very important, especially acne skin. Because of the lack of these two skin care steps, the skin will not be supplied and locked in moisture – this causes the skin to gradually dry out, stimulates the body to produce more excess oil and the acne will become increasingly difficult to control.

Usually, these are two separate skin care steps: separate moisturizer and separate sunscreen. However, with acne-prone skin, using moisturizing products with sun protection is probably the best choice because it will reduce one cream application - limiting the clogging of the skin.

You should invest in high-class sunscreen skin care products, with reputable brands and clear origins (avoid buying fakes and imitations) for the most effective skin care - acne treatment process.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the process Effective skin care steps for acne skin. Not only effective for acne skin, with other skin problems such as allergic skin, too sensitive skin or for girls who are too busy, this is also a complete and quick skin care. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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