Endocrine Acne Symptoms You Never Knew Strategies for

Hormonal Acne Symptoms You Never Knew

No one wants their skin to always be rough, red and swollen because of acne, especially endocrine acne element. Because this is quite difficult to treat, making the skin rough and unattractive. Hormonal acne has many diverse manifestations that make it difficult to identify, thereby choosing the wrong treatment method.

hormonal acne treatment
What is hormonal acne? Causes and effective remedies

Hormonal Acne Symptoms You Never Knew

External manifestations of hormonal acne

Endocrine acne aka Acne usually appear in adolescent and has severe symptoms, swelling when approaching the menstrual cycle (common in women due to changes in hormone levels in the body). Acne usually starts in areas where the sebaceous glands are concentrated, such as the face, chest, chin, shoulders, and back.

You can rely on the following signs to be sure that acne appearing on your face is due to hormonal factors:

  • For women, acne that occurs at a specific time during menstruation is definitely hormone related. Chances are during ovulation or right during your period you will have hormonal acne.
  • In case you have amenorrhea or irregular menstrual cycles, the chances of hormonal acne are very high.
  • You are under stress or stress for a long time will cause hormone levels to be disturbed and that is the cause of hormonal acne.
  • Some women also experience hirsutism on the forehead, chin, and cheeks.
  • For men, changes in voice, clitoris swelling, and muscle growth are also linked to hormonal imbalances and acne.
  • Dull skin, with many wrinkles is also one of the signs to know if you have hormonal acne or not.
External manifestations of hormonal acne
External manifestations of hormonal acne

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How to treat hormonal acne effectively

Keep skin clean

A super easy way to prevent hormonal acne is to always wash your face regularly and use a clean towel and pillowcase. Although simple, it will help you a lot in the process of treating acne because towels and pillowcases are the two things you come into direct contact with the skin the most. By changing towels and pillowcases regularly, it will help protect your skin from harmful bacteria and dirt. Another small note is that you should always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face.

Causes of hormonal acne
Always wash your face everyday

Use green tea

Green tea is very good for health and supports the effective acne treatment process, helping to improve your skin visibly. The ingredients of green tea have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce acne swelling and promote acne breakouts. For best results you can use the following methods:

  • Drink 1-3 cups of green tea per day
  • Mask of green tea with unsweetened yogurt
  • Boil green tea water and use this solution to wash your face every day
home remedies for acne
Regular use of green tea

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Limit fats and oils in your daily diet

The fact that we often eat a lot of fast food and junk food is one of the reasons why acne is getting worse. Therefore, during the treatment you must apply a healthy diet, limit sugar, flour and hydrogenated fats, etc. If you follow a scientific diet well, you will make a difference. great for her skin.

Note when taking care of skin with hormonal acne
Limit oily and fatty foods

Provide nutrition for the body

Supplementing the body with foods containing many vitamins and nutrients (Zinc, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, ...) is very necessary in the process of treating acne. In addition to helping the body stay healthy, these substances also help you control the amount of sebum, promoting the detoxification process of the skin.

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Go to a reputable cosmetic center for examination and treatment

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Endocrine Acne Symptoms You Never Knew Strategies for
Choose a reputable, experienced beauty center

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