Makeup Secrets for Middle-aged People to Always Look Young Investigate

Makeup Secrets For Middle-aged People Always Young

Walk through middle ageWomen's skin will begin to show obvious signs of aging. The crow's feet, dull, less elastic skin make women seem to lose confidence and depend more on makeup. However, whether makeup covers all defects and brings youthful features on the face depends on the "level" of each person's makeup.

Therefore, to help you have a light and youthful makeup without being too flashy or fussy, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the following tips

Makeup Secrets "Hack" Age For Middle-aged People

1. Use the right amount of primer – foundation

Note before applying makeup: You need to make sure your skin is well-moisturized and protected from the sun. After a few minutes, the nutrients penetrate the skin, you just start the makeup process.

When using primer, it is necessary to apply a thin layer just enough. This keeps the skin from clogging and the foundation is also softer when applied – not sticky or moldy.

With foundation, you should use products with a light texture and lighter than the skin from ½ - 1 tone. When hitting the skin, you also only use a light base layer. Because middle-aged skin is often dry, if the foundation is thick, it will easily cause skin discoloration or patchy skin, looking very unsightly.

One point you need to pay attention to is that when using foundation, you need to spread evenly on dark skin areas such as the nose, eye area, forehead and neck area. This makes the skin areas more even and the face is also fresher.

makeup tips for middle age
Pay attention to the amount of primer - suitable foundation

2. Pay attention when using powder

Often, makeup artists will not recommend using powder, because this product often makes the foundation become drier and the skin lacks vitality. However, for skin with many defects such as melasma, freckles, you can apply a thin layer of powder and spread evenly over the entire skin on the face and neck. Powder will contribute to cover these defects effectively.

Remember that you should only use a light layer of powder, because they can dry out the skin, stimulate the skin to produce oil, or make your face white and lifeless.

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age hack makeup for middle-aged people
Always pay attention when using powder for skin

3. Focus on eye concealer

At the age of 35, women's eyes often tend to droop and have more dark circles. Not to mention crow's feet will also make the youthfulness of the eye area significantly reduced. Therefore, you can conceal eye defects by:

  • If your eyes have dark circles, be sure to use a light-colored concealer to cover them. 
  • Using eyeliner, draw a thin line along the lash line (both upper and lower). This drawing will make your face bigger and deeper.
  • You should use light brown color to line both the upper and lower eye area. Then choose a darker eyeshadow (brown or coffee) to give depth to the eye area.

The use of light colors for the eye area will make the eyes both seductive, gentle and luxurious. 

Note, Do not choose eyeshadow colors that are too bright or glittery. Because this type of makeup is not suitable for age, it also makes the crow's feet around the eyes more prominent.

how to do makeup for middle aged people
Know how to properly care for the skin around the eye area

4. Draw lips

If young girls often wear makeup to cover their lips to make their face more natural and attractive. For middle-aged women, lip liner is a very effective way to conceal imperfections around the lips. In addition, this makeup also makes their lips much more attractive.

You should use lipstick colors that are gentle, not too light, not too dark, nor too prominent. Because this will make your face look a few years older.

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5. Just enough blush

Applying blush in middle age is really "dangerous", because just a little bit of force will make the whole face become extremely unrefined. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following 2 points so that the blush is gentle, just enough in the "yes but no" style:

  • Use brown-orange or pink-orange tones to make blush both natural and luxurious.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the cheekbones – just apply on the cheekbones and blend. The way to focus on the cheekbones makes your face slimmer.

Makeup tips for middle-aged peopleApply the right blush to help the skin look younger

6. Eyebrow accent is very important

Eyebrows are a very important part, it affects the mood and harmony of the entire face. To help the face become youthful and harmonize the lines in the most natural way, you should trim your eyebrows neatly. Then use a brown eyebrow pencil to create sharper lines for the eyebrows.

However, the eyebrow should not be too bold and too sharp. Because the eyebrows are too prominent, it will make your face look more unnatural and "ferocious".

makeup tips for middle ageAlways know how to take care of your eyebrows

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about how to make makeup hack extremely effective age for women U40-50. However, aging is a natural process, so you Don't be too dependent Apply makeup to cover the signs of time. Because this method only helps you stay young for a short time, they even cause your skin some trouble if you don't know how to use makeup and remove makeup properly.

What you need to do now is skincare good basic – when you have healthy and smooth skin, crow’s feet will only make your smile more radiant. Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram will be useful to you. Wish you always have a youthful skin!

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