The Secret To Detoxifying Acne Skin From The Inside Out Advice

The Secret To Detoxifying Acne Skin From The Inside Out

Food containing a lot of toxic substances, a dusty environment, using improper creams, etc. are the main causes of your skin being poisoned and producing rough acne spots. Only applicable detoxify Both the inside and the outside can remove all the toxins, nourish the healthy skin.

The Secret To Detoxifying Acne Skin From The Inside Out

The basic principle in the detoxification process is to load, to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. If taking care of the outside, it is impossible without using a mask, and taking care of the inside cannot be done outside of the diet. The problem is which formula you apply to get the best detox results.

Food detoxifies the skin from the inside

Paying a lot of attention to your diet is the first thing you need to consider. Scientists have found that vegetables and fruits help a lot in metabolism, thereby helping the body to better purify toxic substances.

detox for acne skin
Follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and vegetables

Specifically, the composition of red radish contains a lot of Iron, Calcium and Betaine - a substance with antioxidant capacity. In the body, when betaine is ingested, it will contribute to improving the structure of cells, especially the cells of the liver. Thereby helping the liver to be protected from the onslaught of toxins it is exposed to every day. With red radish you can cook soup or use it in salads to promote their abilities.

Fast foods are often high in acidity, so make sure your kitchen is stocked with cruciferous vegetables, kale, and other organic greens. Because simply green leafy vegetables contain Chlorophyll - a chlorophyll beneficial for the digestive tract. When entering the body, Chlorophyll will release energy, and also connect toxins with other free radicals to turn them into neutral materials.

Research by scientists in the United States has proven that Chlorophyll is really powerful in terms of cleansing and detoxifying the body. Some toxins, especially heavy metals, are complexed by Chlorophyll, preventing absorption into the body and being eliminated.

Nutritional nuts such as walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds… are also essential foods for a detox diet. Accordingly, if you want to get rid of the open infection, eat almonds. Walnuts are high in the acid Arginine, which helps the liver detoxify Ammonia, it also helps your brain function better.

Detox food for acne skin
Nuts are a very good food for the detoxification process

Flaxseeds can help boost your mood. At the same time, flaxseeds provide fiber, which helps push toxins out of the intestines. Magnesium and minerals in sunflower seeds support the body's metabolism quite well.

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The process of detoxification from the outside of the skin

How to detox steam for acne skin
Steam detox for acne skin

The surface of the skin is not only exposed to environmental dirt, but also dead cells, sebum and bacteria. After a long day of activity, the best and fastest way to remove these ingredients is to remove your makeup.

Besides products suitable for your skin, you can also use virgin coconut oil to remove makeup. The lauric acid in coconut oil will help you fight and kill bacteria but is miraculously mild, non-irritating. Because of the action of Lauric Acid, Vitamin E in the form of Toco-trienol will moisturize, fight against free radicals, reduce the rate of aging.

The next step in the detox process is to apply a mask. With masks, you can make your own or choose specially manufactured products. In vegetables such as tomatoes, aloe vera, potatoes, bananas, ... contain many nutrients such as vitamins, trace minerals, ... are also very suitable for you to prepare a detox mask without fear of effects. side use.

Apply detox mask for acne skin
Apply a detox mask

Because there are many pores on the skin, bacteria and dirt can get in if exposed, in this case, according to Miss Tram, the best way to detoxify is steam. You may not have thought of it, according to the principle of "hot expansion, cold contraction", sauna will be a therapy to help open pores so that your body can push toxins out easily. But because saunas will dehydrate your skin, it's best to only steam your skin twice a week.

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These are just a few tips of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center help you skin detox effective. Please refer to the best skin care method!

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