The Secret To Shaping Your Eyebrows From Real Soap Brows

The Secret To Shaping Your Eyebrows From Soap Brows

Do you know, goods eyesbrown is considered one of the highlights that make the facial contours the most harmonious and sharp? For anyone - woman or man, eyebrow shape is very important - it is as a tool to help enhance beauty to new heights. Therefore, to have a beautiful eyebrows, you need to regularly groom and take care of them more.  This paragraph, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center would like to share the secret of the "super" eyebrow shape from Soap browser.

What is Soap Brows eyebrow shaping technique?

As its name suggests, Soap Brows is a eyebrow shaping technique with soap-wax products – this is one of the methods to replace mascara that gel polish is trusted by many women.

Shaping the eyebrows with the Soap Brows technique
Shaping the eyebrows with the Soap Brows technique

It sounds "strange", doesn't it? But actually Soap Brows has appeared for a long time and is pocketed by many makeup artists as a beauty "trick". And by 2018, this eyebrow shaping technique has become famous thanks to the sharing of Priscilla Ono – singer Rihanna's personal makeup artist. Thanks to simple operations, long durability and good shape, Soap Brows is increasingly favored and has become a trend in recent times.

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Advantages of using Soap Brows to shape eyebrows

Why did Soap Brows suddenly become a formidable "rival" of eyebrow gel and mascara?

According to famous makeup artists, most gels or mascaras are not up to the standard they want because they cannot hold the eyebrows for a long time. In particular, for girls who often sweat, the durability of these gel layers will be affected.

Meanwhile, Soap Brows has a thicker texture, so the ability to hold the style will be longer, more durable and bring a more natural look to the eyebrows. In particular, the technique of using Soap Brows is quite simple, not complicated and has many steps like using gel or mascara.

Instructions for using Soap Brows to shape eyebrows

Using Soap Brows does not require too much technique, so anyone can get acquainted and use these wax products. Usage is as follows:

  • Step 1: Prepare wax soap and a clean mascara brush (buy at handmade cosmetics stores).
  • Step 2: Wet the mascara tip, then take the handcuffs and apply it to the eyebrows in the direction from bottom to top.
  • Step 3: Adjust the eyebrow shape.

Done, very simple right? But be careful, don't get too much soap to avoid clumping – using a thin layer of soap also makes it easier to control the broaching action.

Before and after eyebrow shaping by Soap Brows
Before and after eyebrow shaping by Soap Brows

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Like any other beauty trend or beauty product, Soap Brows also has some disadvantages such as:

  • Because it is a soap, Soap Brows cannot be used in combination with products with a liquid texture.
  • Soap Brows is more durable than eyebrow gel, but if the user sweats too much, this method should not be used - because they will cause the risk of soap running into the eyes.
  • If using Soap Brows, do not apply too much foundation – because soap will make the foundation layer easy to flow and “smear” very bad.
  • Not all Soap lines can be used, because products with high pH will cause irritation to the skin. It is best to use products with mild, natural ingredients and clear origins.

Highly appreciated for its use, but Soap Brows also has some points you need to keep in mind when using. Therefore, if you want to try this "super cool" eyebrow shaping formula, make sure to grasp the important features (pros and cons) of Soap Brows.

Who should use Soap Brows to shape eyebrows?

Many girls think that Soap Brows is only suitable for people with thick, hard-to-stick eyebrows. But according to makeup artists, Soap Brows is suitable for all eyebrow shapes, including those who own thin and medium eyebrows.

However, the durability and effectiveness of reshaping depends on: soap quality, skill in use and thickness of the eyebrows. Therefore, if you want to use Soap Brows perfectly, you need to practice a lot and choose quality soaps.

Soap Brows method to help attractive and luxurious eyebrows
Soap Brows method to help attractive and luxurious eyebrows

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the secret to shaping eyebrows with Soap Brows. To have a beautiful eyebrow, in addition to makeup skills, you must also have strong enough - thick enough - long enough eyebrows. So, don't forget to take good care of you from the inside out.

In addition, if you want to quickly have a perfect "brows" - lasting without makeup, you can use the method Spray embroidery sculpting aesthetic eyebrows. With modern technology, the source organic inkjet ink and professional technicians, Miss Tram will give you the most beautiful - durable - natural eyebrows for you. Any questions about the service as well as beauty secrets, please quickly contact Miss Tram for the fastest advice!

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