The Secret To Owning Masculine Eyebrows

Criteria for Evaluation of Beautiful Men's Eyebrows. The Secret To Men Owning Beautiful And Masculine Eyebrows

The Secret To Owning Masculine Eyebrows

In this modern life, men's beauty needs are increasing day by day. In addition to basic needs such as "cutting hair, washing hair", men also have dozens of other concerns such as: Hair styling, skin care, eyebrow shaping, teeth whitening… Among them, one, eyebrows Beauty has a great influence on the face as well as exuding a man's temperament and bravery.

So how to own a pair of masculine eyebrows? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

The Secret To Owning A Manly Eyebrows

1. Criteria for evaluating a beautiful male eyebrow line

male if there is a pair beautiful eyebrows It is not only a strong point to attract women but also enhances the facial features, exuding a strong and masculine aura. In addition, according to anthropology, a man with beautiful and thick eyebrows is a person with strong reason and success in life.

Criteria for evaluating a beautiful pair of eyebrows
Owning a pair of beautiful eyebrows need to spend what evaluation?

So, let's see the criteria for evaluating a beautiful male eyebrow:

  • Bold, even, straight eyebrows, not too curved, not too long, not too short. With dark eyebrows, a man's face will become more attractive than pale hair.
  • Eyebrow color matches skin color and hair color.
  • The eyebrow shape is beautiful but not too stiff and must be suitable and in harmony with the face.
  • The first part of the eyebrow is not wide, the part between the eyebrow and the eyebrow is even.
  • The distance between the two eyebrows should not be greater than the width of the base of the nose.
  • The eyebrows must grow thick evenly (no sparse places).

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2. Choose the right eyebrow shape for your face

Not as picky as women, with men, eyebrow No need to be too fussy about the design, just Dark and medium-length eyebrows, the face was much more attractive. Some beautiful eyebrow shapes in men include:

Sword-shaped eyebrows

The sword-shaped eyebrow is quite recognizable, it is the eyebrow shaped like the tip of a sword or knife. Eyebrows sharp and neat.

Sword-shaped eyebrows
Sword-shaped eyebrows

This type male eyebrows There are rich and noble generals in anthropology. It is assumed that if there is sword nose eyebrows, you will have more intelligence and poise than people.

You often get the support of those around you because you are always responsible for life and often help people. You will also achieve a lot of success at work, if you don't have high authority, you will also have wealth and wealth.

Dragon Eyebrows

Dragon Eyebrows It is also one of the most beautiful and rich male eyebrows in anthropology. The distinguishing feature of this eyebrow is Long, thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows and higher eyebrow tails.

Dragon Eyebrows
Dragon Eyebrows

According to anthropology, men with dragon eyebrows are often very intelligent, talented and have a lot of luck on the path of career development. You will also have a rich, rich and happy family life.

Tiger eyebrows

Tiger eyebrows Also a beautiful and precious eyebrow shape in men, this eyebrow style is characterized by big eyebrows, The tail is long and slanted upwards.

Tiger eyebrows
Tiger eyebrows

Men with this eyebrow general often have a steadfast, strong, determined personality and have a career path of advancement - especially on the military career path. Their family life is also harmonious, peaceful and full.

Bushy eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows is the type of eyebrow with the same bushy eyebrow tip and eyebrow tail. This eyebrow style is also an impressive highlight on the face, increasing the attractive part for men.

Bushy eyebrows
Bushy eyebrows

According to physiognomy, the owner of this eyebrow has a generous, liberal, strong personality and is always active in his life. They are also very decisive and skillful in their behavior, so they are trusted by everyone and are easy to have success in both career and life.

The distance between the 2 eyebrows is wide

If you have beautiful eyebrows with the distance between the two eyebrows wider than an index finger and smaller than two knuckles, you already have a very precious male eyebrow.

own masculine eyebrows
The distance between the 2 eyebrows is wide

According to anthropology, men with upper eyebrows are intelligent people with outstanding talents, confident and open personalities, so they are loved by many people. This is also the foundation for you to advance in your career and achieve a lot of success in life.

 3. Daily eyebrow care

According to the criteria to evaluate a beautiful eyebrow, first, your eyebrows need to have a certain thickness and length. If you unfortunately have too thin eyebrows, you can fix it by taking care of your eyebrows daily by doing the following:

Daily eyebrow care
Take steps to take care of your eyebrows every day

Prepare: Natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil; or vitamin E or use specialized eyebrow serums.

Steps to take:

Step 1: Put 2 drops of solution (oil / vitamin / serum) into 2 rows of eyebrows.

Step 2: Use your ring finger to massage your eyebrows for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

You should apply this method every night before going to bed so that the eyebrows are best nourished. After a month of persistence, you will clearly notice the difference.

Note: Every day, you should pay attention to cleaning the eyebrows and exfoliating 2-3 times a week so that the hair follicles will be cleaned and absorbed the nutrients most easily.

In addition, you need to add a variety of foods so that your eyebrows are well taken care of from the inside. Foods containing vitamins A, B, E, Omega 3 and protein (in avocado, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, fish, green vegetables, legumes, ...) have the effect of stimulating eyebrows. grow fast and dense, and prevent significant eyebrow breakage. 

4. Shaping your eyebrows

When you have a couple long and bushy eyebrows, you can shape your eyebrows by trimming the hairs that grow out of place to have a neat and sharp eyebrow shape. Regular eyebrow trimming also helps stimulate the hairs to grow thicker and denser.

own masculine eyebrows
Shaping and shaping eyebrows

However, it should not be used eyebrow tweezers too much, because overusing eyebrow plucking will damage hair follicles. Instead, you can use specialized pruning shears or a razor to trim your eyebrows.

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5. Beautify your eyebrows with cosmetic methods

If your eyebrows are too thin, too short or you simply do not have the patience to take care of your eyebrows every day, the best option is beautify eyebrows by cosmetic methods. This is an effective way to overcome the defects of the eyebrows and own a beautiful eyebrow shape in the fastest and most effective way.

Beautify eyebrows with cosmetic methods

With the development of modern beauty technology, now there are many cosmetic eyebrow methods with different advantages and disadvantages, completely suitable for both women and men. In Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, with modern technology, techniques and high skill level of experts, Miss Tram is committed to giving you a natural, masculine eyebrow that best suits your face.

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If you really have a need for beauty, no matter how your eyebrows are, you have a solution, right? A beautiful eyebrow not only enhances the beauty of the face, exudes a masculine temperament, but according to anthropology, it also affects your future career path. So, spend a little effort, a little time to take care of your eyebrows. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you have such beautiful eyebrows!

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