The Secret To Moisturizing Lips Effectively

With Miss Tram Share The Most Effective Secrets of Moisturizing Lips

The Secret To Moisturizing Lips Effectively

Lips The sexiest part of the face. For attractive lips, in addition to lipstick skills, you need to take care and lip moisturizer right way. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please share The secret to moisturizing lips effective.

The Most Effective Secret To Moisturize Your Lips Every Day

1. Remove lip makeup before going to bed

After a day of work, many girls mistakenly think that just wiping off the lipstick will make their lips clean and don't need to use it lip makeup remover products. But the truth is that the layer of lipstick still remains on the interstitial layers of your lips that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, most of the girls ignore it lip makeup remover their own every day. If you do not remove lip makeup for a long time, it will lead to dry, cracked, dark lips, and not up to the standard color.

Remove makeup for lips before going to bed
Need to remove makeup for lips before going to bed

On the market there are many types of lip makeup remover, you should choose reputable, branded products. Or you can use olive oil or coconut oil, these two oils are very effective in removing makeup.

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2. Exfoliate your lips

If you want a rosy, smooth lips, you can't skip this step Exfoliating lips. Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells and dirt accumulated on the lips. When the layer of dead cells is removed, it will stimulate the body to produce new cells, making the lips rosy and easier to absorb the nutrients from the lip balm.

Exfoliating lips
Regularly exfoliate your lips

However, you should not exfoliate your lips every day, you should only do it periodically from 1-2 times/week. Because exfoliating every day will make the lip cell layer Loss of natural moisture, easy to crack and very easy hurt.

You can use honey and brown sugar, or a slice of lemon, etc. to exfoliate your lips.

3. Drink enough water every day

Drink enough water every day
Drink enough water every day

Water plays a very important role, the first manifestation of dehydration is dry skin, and so are the lips. If you don't drink enough water for a long time, lips become dry and flaky. In particular, if you regularly work outdoors or sit in the air conditioner, your body will quickly lose water and make your lips chapped more quickly. At this time, as long as you replenish water and maintain the habit of drinking enough water every day, the body will balance itself and provide enough moisture for the lips.

4. Nourish your lips with a lip mask at night

You can use ingredients available at home such as olive oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, honey, yogurt, etc. moisturizing lips mine 1-2 times/week. Or you can also use lip masks available in the market. You will feel the effect immediately.

Nourish your lips with a lip mask at night
Nourish your lips with a lip mask at night

5. Apply lip balm regularly

Applying lip balm regularly will provide moisture to the lips, keeping the lips soft and smooth. When at home, you should only use tinted lip balm to give your lips a break.

moisturizing lips
Apply lip balm regularly

If you go out, you should use a specialized lip balm with sunscreen ingredients to make the inner lining and the outer layer of lipstick. The lipstick you use should also prioritize natural ingredients and stay away from lead-containing lipsticks - a cause of dry and dark lips.

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6. Provide enough nutrition

Eat healthy and full of nutritional groups to provide moisture from the inside to your lips. In particular, please fully supplement the vegetables containing:

  • B vitamins (found in cereals, nuts, eggs, milk, butter, etc.) prevent aging, treat dark spots and soften lips.
  • Vitamin E (found in many vegetable oils, almonds, green vegetables, papaya, mango ..) antioxidant, brightens lips.
  • Vitamin C (found in oranges, broccoli, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, ..) helps lips fight free radicals from ultraviolet rays, promotes metabolism and prevents aging.
have a scientific diet system
Complete nutrition with a scientific diet

In addition, consuming too much Vitamin A (found in animal liver, carrots, pumpkin, ...) will cause dry lips, so you should pay attention when the daily menu contains a lot of these foods. .

In addition to the above tips, you should limit habits that make your lips dry like licking lips, smoking, drinking alcohol… so that your lips are always plump. Hope this article will help you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you have a beautiful lips like that!

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